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This article is about the in-universe trash compactor. You may be looking for Wookieepedia's votes for deletion, Wookieepedia: Trash compactor.
"One thing's for sure. We're all gonna be a lot thinner!"
Han Solo

A garbage compactor (or trash compactor) was a chamber used to store and compress refuse. The walls would come together and compress and crush the garbage. The doors to the compactors were usually magsealed.

The garbage compactor that Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia fell into aboard the Death Star I was under the category of recyclable waste.

They were attacked by a dianoga, which were known to have been kept in compactors by the Galactic Empire.

Behind the scenes

The number for the garbage compactor in Star Wars: Episode IV, is 3263827.

In George Lucas in Love fanfilm, the waste bin in future Star Wars director's room has trash compactor writing on it.


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