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Gar Stazi
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Legacy era[1]

"I will surrender, Admiral, when I can no longer fight!"
―Admiral Gar Stazi, to Grand Admiral Morlish Veed at the Battle of Caamas

Gar Stazi was a Duros admiral serving in the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet at the time of the Sith-Imperial War, as commander of the Core Fleet. His actions at the Battle of Caamas, a Sith victory, preserved a portion of the Alliance to continue the fight against the Empire, making him a legend among the Imperial officers he faced in battle. Following the escape from Caamas, Stazi became the leader of the Galactic Alliance Remnant. He served as its Supreme Commander and led the Alliance from the bridge of his personal flagship, the Scythe-class battle cruiser Indomitable. To maintain his fleet's ability to harass the Sith, Stazi regularly sought out supplies, new recruits, and even tried to capture major Imperial warships to bolster his forces.

Later, in 137 ABY, part of his fleet participated in the Battle of Mon Calamari. In what turned out to be a major Alliance victory, Stazi's forces managed to capture the Imperious, a prototype Imperious-class Star Destroyer, and cripple the Mon Calamari Shipyards, thus hampering the Sith's ability to construct new ships, and damaging their efforts to control the galaxy.




Command during Sith-Imperial War

Admiral Stazi and Captain Yorub, during the Battle of Caamas.
"I think it's a trap. I think we were fed the intelligence."
―Admiral Gar Stazi, to the Alliance Triumvirate two days prior to the Battle of Caamas

Admiral Stazi was a male Duros who served in the Galactic Alliance Defense Force during the Sith-Imperial War as the commander of the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet. A prestigious command, the Core Fleet was assigned the crucial role of defending Coruscant and other key Core Worlds. Due to his role as defender of the Alliance capital, Stazi was present during a critical meeting of the Alliance Triumvirate in 130 ABY. At the meeting, the Triumvirs Gial Gahan, Nu Toreena, and Bail Antilles listened to a proposed plan by recently promoted Rear Admiral Piers Petan to ambush Emperor Roan Fel at Caamas. According to the intelligence that Petan had gathered, Fel was scheduled to meet with representatives of the Hapes Consortium and Chiss Ascendancy to discuss plans for joining forces against the Alliance.[3]

On the advice of Jedi Master Kol Skywalker, Gial Gahan voiced his opposition to the proposed ambush. Skywalker argued against sending Alliance forces to Caamas, stating that the New Jedi Order believed it to be an Imperial trap. Stazi agreed with both Skywalker and Gahan, expressing his opinion to the Triumvirate that he believed Caamas to be an Imperial ploy. However, with the support of Nu Torenna, Petan's arguments swayed the third Triumvir, Bail Antilles. Fearing that the Alliance's control if its star systems was slowly bleeding away, Antilles agreed to approve Petan's plan. Still wary of the battle plan proposed by Petan, Stazi confided in his friend and fellow officer Jaius Yorub, and told him of his intention keep the Core Fleet in a position to cover the main fleet's escape, in the event that Caamas turned into an Imperial ambush.[3]

Remnants of the Core Fleet, under Stazi, escaping the Ambush at Caamas.

During the Battle of Caamas, Stazi watched as his worst fears were realized—the Empire had begun an ambush of the Alliance fleet. As the battle raged, any hopes of Jedi aid were dashed when news was received that the Jedi Order had thwarted a Sith feint near Coruscant. While the Jedi's action was successful, their forces were now out of position to link up with the Alliance at Caamas. Late in the battle, Grand Admiral Morlish Veed, possessing the advantage, called on the Alliance fleet to surrender.[4] Feeling that the situation was hopeless, Alliance Admiral Piers Petan ordered his forces to accept Veed's terms.[2]

Refusing to surrender, Stazi instead called on any forces willing to follow his lead. Other Alliance commanders such as Admiral Nict of the Pride of Corellia, an old friend of Stazi's, responded to his call, forming up with the Indomitable, Stazi's flagship, and other Alliance warships.[2] Stazi led the remnants of the Alliance fleet in a fighting withdrawal—keeping his remaining ships together and escaping using a secret hyperspace route.[2] His performance at Caamas made him a legend among the Empire.[5]

Opposition to the Sith Empire

"Better to die in the blazing core of a sun than to surrender to the Imperials and their thrice-damned Sith allies!"
―Gar Stazi, to Admiral Nict
The Indomitable, Stazi's flagship.

By 137 ABY, Stazi was in command of the Galactic Alliance Remnant. Composed of the surviving warships of the Core Fleet, as well as other Alliance units, this force was all that remained of the Galactic Alliance following the surrender of its government. During the seven years prior, Stazi maintained a campaign of harassment against Darth Krayt's Sith Empire. Krayt, who led a coup to take control of the Empire from Roan Fel, faced opposition from both Fel's Empire-in-exile and Stazi's Alliance forces.[6] From the bridge of the Indomitable, Stazi focused on keeping his fleet a constant threat to Krayt's rule of the galaxy.[3]

In addition to numerous battle cruisers and escort vessels, Stazi's fleet also included one of the galaxy's most elite starfighter units—Rogue Squadron. Led by Weequay Commander Jhoram Bey, the Rogues flew the Alliance's CF9 Crossfire starfighters. Beyond the standard duties associated with fighter pilots, some Rogues, such as Monia Gahan, were periodically assigned to supply runs.[3]

The Mon Calamari, longtime supporters of the GA and its Rebel Alliance and New Republic predecessors, supplied Stazi with spare parts, supplies, bacta, and new recruits.[3] This helped to keep Stazi's fleet combat-ready, though supplies were increasingly hard to come by, due to similar actions undertaken by Roan Fel's Loyalist forces. Like Stazi, Fel also had need for military supplies as he gathered forces loyal to him at Bastion.[5]

Meeting on the Wheel

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Admiral Stazi. You're a legend among us, you know."
―Captain Mingo Bovark

Over time, the Sith continued to tighten their grip on the galaxy. Already engaged in his own actions against the Sith, Emperor-in-exile Fel decided to approach Stazi with the offer of an alliance. Fel dispatched an Imperial fast frigate under Captain Mingo Bovark to meet with the Duros admiral. Stazi chose to directly represent the Alliance Remnant during a meeting held on the space station known as the Wheel. Arriving at the Wheel aboard a shuttle, Stazi's only companions were three Alliance soldiers, unarmed due to restrictions set in place by the Wheel's administrator, Pol Temm.[1]

As the meeting commenced, Stazi expressed his reluctance to join Fel's Loyalist forces, expressing his opinion that Fel had little to offer the remnants of the Galactic Alliance fleet. Furthermore, Stazi pointed out that both the Alliance Remnant and Fel's forces were often competing for the same scarce resources. However, the revelation that Fel had captured Bastion convinced the admiral that discussions of an alliance were valuable. Once allied with Fel, Bastion would provide something that the Alliance did not have: a safe world from which to launch strikes at Krayt's empire. As such, both Bovark and Stazi commenced negotiations.[1]

Stazi lunges at Mingo Bovark.

Meanwhile, Sith assassin Jor Torlin had been dispatched to the Wheel by Darth Maladi in an effort to find Cade Skywalker, the last known surviving Skywalker and son of Jedi Master Kol Skywalker. Unknown to the Sith, Director of Imperial Intelligence Nyna Calixte, under the guise of her alter ego, Morrigan Corde, also had a vested interest in finding Skywalker, as the man was actually her son. It was while searching for Skywalker on the Wheel that Calixte discovered the meeting between Stazi and Bovark. After saving Torlin from a gang of criminals, Calixte convinced the Sith agent to work with her to sabotage the conference, arguing that it was their duty to prevent an alliance between Stazi and Fel's forces for the good of the Empire.[1]

Their plan involved using advanced technology known as the Command Override Limpet Droid. The C.O.L.D.s would attach themselves to a vehicle's hull, hack into the onboard computer, and order it to open fire. After attaching to Bovark's Nune-class Imperial shuttle, the C.O.L.D.s caused the vessel to open fire on Stazi's Alliance shuttle. Warned of the attack over his personal comm unit, Stazi assumed the entire conference had been an elaborate Imperial ruse. His experiences at Caamas and subsequent years-on-the-run had ingrained deep Imperial suspicion within his heart. Revealing a vibroshiv he had managed to hide in his sleeve, Stazi thrust his blade at Bovark. However, the timely arrival of Bovark's bodyguard, Imperial Knight Antares Draco, prevented Stazi from seriously harming Fel's ambassador. Arriving on the scene with guards of his own, station administrator Pol Temm instructed Bovark to leave the Wheel, forbidding him or any other of Fel's forces to ever return. Stazi was allowed to return to his shuttle and depart the station.[5]

Battle of Mon Calamari

"Only one choice is left to you now—surrender or be destroyed. Which will it be, Stazi?"
―Admiral Dru Valan

Sometime after the meeting on the Wheel, Stazi learned of the Imperious, a new advanced class of Star Destroyer. Under construction at the Mon Calamari Shipyards, the warship was larger and more powerful than the Empire's Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer. Always in need of additional forces to carry on his opposition, Stazi planned to capture the Star Destroyer and add it to his fleet. Rogue Squadron pilot Monia Gahan provided intelligence on the Imperious, courtesy of her uncle, former Triumvir and longtime friend of Stazi, Gial Gahan. Gahan had been supplying the Alliance with matériel ever since the end of the Sith-Imperial War. His plan was to access the central computer of the shipyard's defensive systems and shut them down, moments before Stazi's fleet appeared. This would allow Alliance commandos to board the Imperious, disable its skeleton crew, and flee the system before any Imperial forces could arrive. Knowing that the capture of an advanced warship was a good way of keeping the Alliance a threat in the eyes of the Empire, the Admiral put the operation into motion.[3]

However, Imperial Admiral Dru Valan of the Outer Rim Third Fleet was waiting for him.[3] Valan, the Imperial commander that failed to prevent Stazi's forces from escaping the debacle at Caamas, had spent the years since working to defeat Stazi. Expecting that Stazi would try to capture the Imperious, Imperial stormtroopers were ready for both Gahan's sabotage attempt and the Alliance commandos. With both fronts of Stazi's plan foiled, it appeared to Valan that Stazi and his fleet were trapped between the defensive systems on Mon Calamari and the Imperial fleet. Valan offered Stazi's fleet a chance to surrender. Echoing his decision seven years prior, Stazi refused to accept the offer.[2]

Despite the appearance of an Imperial advantage, it was the Alliance who, in turn, trapped the Empire. Forming his fleet around the Indomitable, Stazi ordered all Alliance forces to open fire on Valan's fleet. Despite the sudden onslaught, Valan was confident that the orbital weapons batteries on the Mon Cal shipyards would make short work of Stazi's fleet. Unbeknownst to him, however, the Alliance had a back up plan. With Gial Gahan acting as the diversion, Monia Gahan hacked into the shipyard's central computer and ordered the weapons to target the Imperial fleet. The major batteries on the shipyard inflicted heavy damage to Valan's fleet, including severe damage to the frigates Ironstar and Verpine.[2]

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Imperious, it became apparent that it was the Alliance that had tricked the Imperials. Disguised as stormtroopers and Imperial officers, Alliance commandos led by ex-stormtrooper Hondo Karr took control of the Advanced Star Destroyer. As Karr's crew piloted the Imperious out of the docks, Stazi ordered them to fall back to the secret rendezvous point and link up with the other Alliance warships already waiting there. Angered by the audacity shown by Stazi, Valan ordered all of his forces to converge on the Indomitable. As the Alliance capital ships fell back behind the shipyard defense systems, Rogue Squadron intercepted and destroyed several Predator-class starfighters. The Rogues' crucial cover kept swarms of Imperial fighters from making attack runs on the Alliance's larger vessels.[2]


Stazi: "You struck a superior officer, Jhoram Bey."
Bey: "For the good of the service, Admiral. And under the implied orders of Captain Yorub."
Stazi: "Still, such an act cannot be permitted without consequence. I'm appointing you to Captain Yorub's position as my second. Teach you not to hit an admiral."
—Gar Stazi and Jhoram Bey, after the Battle of Mon Calamari
The Indomitable is destroyed.

With his primary objective of capturing the Imperious achieved, Stazi turned to covering the escape of his fleet. Knowing that Valan would ignore other Alliance warships and target him, Stazi and the Indomitable stood firm, taking withering fire from the Imperial fleet. One powerful blast struck the bridge, wounding Captain Jaius Yorub and crippling the ship. Over the comm, Valan gave Stazi one last chance to surrender. Instead, Stazi informed Valan of his intention to disable the Mon Cal shipyards, strategically depriving the Empire of their shipbuilding capacity.[2]

As the Rogues covered the escape of the last remaining Alliance capital ships, Rogue Leader Jhoram Bey decided to return to the admiral's flagship and attempt a rescue. Making his way to the bridge, Bey discovered Stazi. Stazi explained to Bey that it was his duty to remain behind and crash the Indomitable into the shipyards, and the admiral ordered him to escape with Yorub instead. Still lying wounded on the bridge, Yorub begged Stazi to escape, saying that the admiral was more than a typical officer—he was a living symbol for the Alliance. The Duros refused to budge, however, arguing that his life was no more important than any other Alliance officer. Taking matters into his own hands, Bey knocked Stazi unconscious at Yorub's behest. Relieved that Stazi would now be taken off the Indomitable, Yorub ordered Bey to take the admiral back to his fighter and flee the ship. Following orders, Bey escaped with Stazi.[2]

While an unconscious Stazi traveled to the rendezvous point, Yorub sacrificed himself by slamming the Indomitable into the shipyards. Despite the loss of the Indomitable and several fighters, the battle was a major Alliance victory. The Alliance was further aided by the incompetence shown by Valan, who chose to concentrate his efforts on destroying the Indomitable instead of attacking the rest of the Alliance fleet. Realizing his obsession with Stazi cost the Empire the battle, Valan considered suicide his only option. Later, at the rendezvous point, Stazi confronted Bey on his actions during the battle, but instead of punishing him, he promoted him to his second-in-command. Stazi also warned his crew that their actions would undoubtedly lead to an Imperial reprisal. However, determined to keep the cause of the Galactic Alliance alive, he ordered his crews to ready the fleet for further battle. Stazi told them that only when the fleet was ready, would there be time to mourn those lost.[2]

Tragedy and new hope

"They will be looking for a banner under which they can unite against Krayt and his rule. And it is for those like us, like Fel, like the Jedi who survived, to provide one."
―Gar Stazi, upon announcing his plan to help unify the galaxy against the Sith
The newly-christened Alliance, in formation with other GA warships.

Three days following his victory at Mon Calamari, Stazi, along with beings across the galaxy, witnessed an atrocity live over the HoloNet. Angered by the recent capture of the Imperious, Krayt left Coruscant, bound for Mon Calamari. Transmitting from the Mon Calamari capital of New Coral City, Darth Krayt broadcast a message: one-tenth of all Mon Calamari would be executed and the rest placed in forced labor camps. After issuing this proclamation, stormtroopers and Sith Lords led by Darth Azard slaughtered the assembled members of the Mon Calamari Council, both Calamari and Quarren.[7]

Upon seeing the broadcast, former Rogue Leader Jhoram Bey wanted the Alliance fleet to head back to Mon Calamari to aid its citizens. However, knowing that such an attack would be futile, Stazi overruled him. Unknown to Stazi, factors were already in play to help both the Alliance and the Mon Calamari. On the planet since her successful sabotage mission, Monia Gahan encountered two Imperial Knights—Treis Sinde and Sigel Dare. Upon saving Gahan from a squad of stormtroopers, Sinde explained that it was their intention to get her off planet and back to Stazi's fleet. Both Imperial Knights had been dispatched to the world prior to the Battle of Mon Calamari to sabotage the Imperious. However, due to it being captured by the Alliance fleet, the Knights intended to send Gahan back to Stazi to warn him of the danger: if he activated the weapons systems on the warship, it would explode.[7]

At Gahan's insistence, Sinde and Dare agreed to help her rescue several Alliance pilots imprisoned on the planet, including her fellow Rogue, Ronto. Disguising themselves as Imperial officers and stormtroopers, the group managed to capture the personal shuttle of Darth Azard. However, during the escape attempt, Azard arrived, intent on preventing the Alliance personnel and Imperial Knights from escaping. Knowing that the escape of the shuttle could possibly save the lives of Stazi and everyone on the Imperious, Sinde leapt from the shuttle to confront Azard. As the duo dueled across the hangar, Dare ordered the shuttle to open fire on a refueling station. The subsequent explosion allowed the shuttle to escape, while Sinde jumped from the platform to his apparent doom. However, Sinde survived, linking up with the new Calamari resistance to aid them in their efforts against Krayt's harsh rule.[7]

Back at the rendezvous point, Stazi learned of the efforts of the Imperial Knights to save his officers, an act that deeply impressed him. Furthermore, their timely arrival allowed Stazi's crew to disarm all bombs on the Imperious, saving the ship from destruction. Despite his own distrust of the Fel's Empire-in-exile, Stazi realized that the Sith were the greatest threat to the safety of the galaxy. Putting aside his own prejudices, Stazi instructed Dare to contact Roan Fel and inform him of his willingness to work together against their common enemy. With his fleet secure, Stazi announced that the Imperious would be his new flagship, and he renamed the vessel Alliance.[7]

On the offensive

"I am Admiral Gar Stazi, last Admiral of the Galactic Alliance! I do not, have not and will never take an order from any Imperial"
―Admiral Stazi
The Alliance leading a large formation of GA capital ships in a operation against the Sith.

In the weeks following their victory at the battle of Mon Calamari and the subsequent Genocide of Mon Calamari, the Galactic Alliance Remnant experienced increased support from the galaxy at large. While some worlds were cowed by the murder of one-tenth of the Mon Calamari population, many worlds began to provide covert support to the GA. Several key star systems allowed warships from their planetary defense fleets to join Stazi's fleet. In addition, the ranks of the Alliance were swelled by numerous Mon Calamarians who were off-planet during the genocide. This combination of new ships and crews significantly increased the overall size and strength of the Alliance fleet.[8]

At the same time, Stazi held successful negotiations with Roan Fel's forces to form a coalition against the Sith. It was agreed that a joint strike was to be undertaken to weaken the Sith's hold on the galaxy. The target of this operation was the planet Ralltiir, one of the galaxy's leading financial centers and former member of both the New Republic and Galactic Alliance. Due to it's strategic and financial importance, the Coruscant based Sith Empire had deployed the Coruscant Third Fleet to defend the world. The Third Fleet was also aided by extensive anti-ship ion cannon batteries deployed on several of Ralltiir's moons. The objective of the operation was two fold. First, the loss of a key battle fleet would force the Empire to redeploy another fleet, thereby stretching their naval forces even further. Second, that efforts would be taken to capture the bulk of the Third fleet intact, with the surviving ships being equally split between the GA and Fel. Admiral Stazi decided to personally lead the GA fleet, while Roan Fel dispatched Admiral Edouard Fenel and the Bastion Second Fleet.[8]

The battle over Ralltiir started as planned, with Gar Stazi's fleet surprising the Coruscant Third Fleet and its commanding officer, Admiral Peto Kelsan. Stazi ordered his capital ships to target the engines and weapon systems on the Imperial warships, mindful of his secondary goal of capturing the ships intact. Rogue Squadron, under the command of Anj Dahl following the promotion of Jhoram Bey, targeted and detroyed a ion cannon battery on Ralltiir's twelveth moon. To the displeasure of Stazi, Admiral Fenel and the Second Fleet arrived late at the battle. When confronted by Stazi over the tardiness of the Second Fleet, Fenel attempted to goad Stazi into an argument by insinuating that the Alliance admiral's only claim to fame was retreating from battle. Stazi retorted by mentioning the fact that Fenel's main role at the battle of Caamas was to pick off crippled Alliance cruisers.[8]

Posessing the advantage in number of ships and firepower, Admiral Fenel called on the Sith Imperial forces to surrender their vessels and defect from Krayt's empire. Surrounded on all sides by Alliance and Fel loyalist warships, Admiral Kelsan ordered his ships to stand down and avoid complete destruction at the hands of the allied forces arrayed against him. This threat appeared to work until Captain Vaclen Tor of the frigate Steadfast broke into the comm channel and argued that it was the duty of every being serving in the fleet to remain loyal to the throne on Coruscant. As such, Tor reasoned that they were duty bound to fight to the death or scuttle their ships. Angered by the audacity of Captain Tor's call to fight, Admiral Fenel instructed Kelsan to open fire on the Steadfast. This proved to be to much for the defeated admiral, who countermanded his own order to surrender and instead instructed his ships to commence auto-destruct sequences and abandon ship.[8]

Admiral Fenel contacted Stazi and attempted to order him to position his fleet between Ralltiir and the Third fleet and destroy any escape pods. Stazi refused, stating that the Galactic Alliance would never take orders from the Empire. Instead, Stazi ordered Rogue Squadron to cover the Steadfast and positioned his fleet between Fenel and the escape pods. Admiral Kelsan stayed behind on his flagship Avenger as his ships exploded, thanking Stazi for his efforts to save his crews. When Fenel ordered his Predator squadrons to attack the Steadfast, the GA fleet unleashed a barrage of cover fire and forced the fighters to return to Bastion Second Fleet. On the bridge of the Alliance, Stazi received a communication from Roan Fel. The admiral confronted Fel over his decision to send Fenel to the battle, stating that it was nothing more than a move to "test" Stazi's commitment to an alliance. Roan Fel responded sternly that as an emperor he was superior to Stazi in rank and authority. Determined to prove to Fel once and for all that the GA would not become vassals of his empire, Stazi held firm and countered that he was head of state of the GA until the Alliance formed a new government. Fel seemed pleased by the response, though Stazi noted ruefully to Captain Bey that the alliance between their forces was far from being built on mutual trust and friendship.[8]

Betrayal in the Arkanis sector

"If Admiral Stazi is dead, we have lost !"
―Captain Jhoram Bey
Gar Stazi was betrayed by a member of his crew.

In the aftermath of Krayt's supposed death, Stazi's fleet arrived in the Arkanis sector, where they rendezvoused with four Jedi, Te Corso, Sayar Dun'La, Asaak Dan and Drok and Imperial Knight Sigel Dare. Stazi learned of Cade Skywalker's involvement in the assassination, making Stazi very interested.[9]

Dare requested a shuttle to help her travel to Dac to retrieve Treis Sinde. Dan offered to accompanied to her, to which she refused. However, Stazi pointed out that the shuttle belonged to him, therefore if she wants it, she'll have to allow it.[9]

After Dare and Dan left, the Alliance fleet is ambushed by the Imperials, catching them by surprise. Then suddenly, one of Stazi's Mon Calamari subordinates, Tealart shoots him in the back. Bey took de facto command and had the fleet flee from their attackers while Stazi was taken to sickbay. However, the Imperials kept following them Stazi is stabilized by Dun'la, but refused to go into a bacta tank until he spoke to Bey. Over the comm, he weakly stated that its their frequency vibrations that are allowing the Imperials to track them. This allowed Bey to set a trap for the Imperials, having the Alliance come out of hyperspace first, before the rest of the fleet to ambush the Imperials, forcing them to retreat.[9]

A week later, a recovering Stazi interrogates Tealart, demanding to know why he betrayed him. Tealart answers that he did it to save his family, who are on Dac. Stazi tells him that he'll inform the Mon Calamari Rangers to locate them and that he'll be court-matialized and then executed as an example to others.[9]

Personality and traits

Gar Stazi, Alliance admiral.
"The Galaxy is more important. If I were to fall, the battle must still go on. No one being can be more important than the cause."
―Admiral Stazi, to his aide, Captain Jaius Yorub

Wily and determined, Admiral Gar Stazi was a successful fleet commander.[6] He was outspoken, and would often propose unorthodox courses of action.[10] His fighting withdrawal from the debacle at Caamas made him a legend with Imperial commanders, as well as revered by those that served under him. Stazi showed tactical and strategic prowess, demonstrating an ability not only to win battles, but to see the larger strategic picture. This was evidenced by his decision to cripple the Mon Calamari Shipyards, which deprived the Sith of a major source of capital ships, as well as a major base of operations in the Outer Rim Territories.[2]

Seven years of fighting the Sith-controlled Empire gave Stazi little patience, as well as a distrust of Imperial motives, evidenced by his reluctance to trust Roan Fel's representative during negotiations on the Wheel. This was also echoed by Alliance personnel like Rogue Squadron commander Jhoram Bey, who warned his subordinates not to keep the admiral waiting for critical information.[1] However, Stazi was compassionate, as evidenced by his concern for the Mon Calamari people following the Massacre of Mon Calamari.[7]

Committed to defeating the Sith, Stazi made clear to the officers and crew serving under him that no one individual was more important than the cause—freeing the galaxy from the oppression of the Sith.[3] Despite his reputation, Stazi refused to see himself as an icon, wanting the Galactic Alliance to go on should he be killed.[10]

Aside from his command abilities, Stazi was also a multilinguist, capable of understanding Basic, Binary, Bocce, Durese, High Galactic, and Huttese.[10]

Behind the scenes

Admiral Gar Stazi was created by John Ostrander, writer of the Star Wars Legacy comic series, for the Trust Issues story arc. Ostrander originally intended to only include Stazi in Trust Issues, using the character to explain what had happened to the remnants of the Galactic Alliance. However, due to positive fan reaction and his own enjoyment in writing the character, Ostrander decided to expand the character further and create an arc that revolved around him,[11] Indomitable. In his first appearance, Stazi was drawn by Colin Wilson; subsequent appearances were drawn by Omar Francia and Alan Robinson. Jan Duursema has said on the Dark Horse message boards that Stazi's name is pronounced STAH-zee.[12]

Gar Stazi was the first Galactic Alliance character specifically named in Legacy.[1] Prior to his appearance, the only hint or mention of the Alliance in the Legacy series was a brief mention of the CF9 Crossfire starfighter and the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet.[13] Stazi is one of only four Duros admirals developed in the Expanded Universe. The other three were also affiliated with the New Republic/Galactic Alliance: Darez Wuht,[14] Tarla Limpan,[15] and Kir Vantai.[16]


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