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Gandle Ott

Outer Rim Territories


Kathol sector


Ott system



Rotation period

25 standard hours

Orbital period

367 local days




Type I





Primary terrain
  • Plains
  • Forest
Surface water

Sanche Ocean

Immigrated species


Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard

Major cities

Montrol City

Major imports
  • High technology
  • Luxury goods
Major exports
  • Low technology
  • Mid technology

Gandle Ott was the primary planet of the Ott system in the Kathol sector. Located at the end of the Trition Trade Route, Gandle Ott was the last major settlement in the sector.



Gandle Ott was a beautiful world with abundant natural resources. The planet was self-sufficient, producing enough to sustain its citizens. However, with little exports, the planet was credit-poor which in turn led to it not being as influential in sector politics and business as it could have been. The capital of the planet was called Montrol City.


Gandle Ott was settled around 592 BBY by Human colonists. The planet had near perfect conditions to support Human life, and was regarded as a "gasper". A consortium of corporations promoted the planet, and gave it large resources for settlement, development, and promotion. Gandle Ott attracted wealthy settlers, and developed into a developed civilization inside a hundred years. Locally, it was referred to as "little Coruscant". When the sector was formally inducted into the Galactic Republic, it was overlooked as the sector capital due to its relative remoteness. Eclipsed by younger colonies such as Kal'Shebbol, Gandle Ott was still relatively mature and sophisticated for its age and location.

Following the Battle of Kal'Shebbol, Moff Kentor Sarne fled with his forces to Gandle Ott. Gathering a large fleet, he claimed to be forming an expeditionary force to hunt down pirates and Rebel terrorists. Sarne took on supplies from Crimler Naval Base, and took loyal Imperial personnel and most of the defense force before leaving the system. He also activated override command protocols for the planet's BRT Supercomputer in an effort to delay and disrupt any New Republic pursuit.

Soon after Sarne's fleet departed the planet, newsnet courier droids arrived bearing word of Sarne's defeat at Kal'Shebbol. Discovering that Imperial officials - including the planetary governor - had departed, the population began to feel abandoned by the Empire. Near defense-less, the planet was worried about the New Republic. The civilian administration began to take the reigns of power, and were tentatively interested in establishing relations with the New Republic.

Several days after Sarne's departure, the New Republic corvette FarStar entered the system after receiving newsnet reports revealing the presence of Sarne's forces. Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum, representing the New Republic, spent several days meeting with planetary officials and establishing good relations with the planet while searching for navigational data that could lead the FarStar deeper into the Kathol sector. The city’s central computer, Cuthbert, acting under orders from Moff Sarne, attempted to delay the FarStar, and eventually tried to kill them using an assassin droid. Despite this, the crew of the FarStar survived the ordeal, and set diplomatic wheels into motion.


The inhabitants of Gandle Ott were independent and proud. They spoke Basic with a pronounced accent, and ended nearly every sentence with mab. The population also wore a lot of animal leather in their day to day clothing. They tolerated the Imperial presence due to the fact that Sarne never took much notice of the world.




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