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Gandara, the Moon Fortress
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Kourna
Pogahn Passage

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General Description

Gandara, the Moon Fortress is a city in Kourna, with well-guarded gates. Enemies of Varesh Ossa have no chance of breaking in, though there have been attacks from the sea and infiltrations that have gotten through its defensive barriers. The explorable area is on the shores north of the city, at the mouth of the river Elon, mostly in the river's delta and the shallow waters between islands. The city itself is situated on the largest island, giving it a distinctive crescent shape. Locations of note include docks on the west point and in the south, and the Plaza of the Five Gods, a large square in the eastern part of the city. There is a prison on another island, to the east.




Shrines and Blessings

(all sunspear)






Gandara, the Moon Fortress


  • Vanquisher Title: 64-125 foes. Varies if the following quest is active: A Thorn in Varesh's Side.
  • If aiming for Vanquisher title - don't bother with skills that knock-down. Most of the enemies have counter-skills that reap benefits from having such a condition forced upon them. However, MM's will storm through this area.
  • It is highly recommended to have the Quest A Thorn in Varesh's Side completed (you might do it in Normal Mode) before you attempt to clean this area in Hard Mode. Otherwise you have to slay twice as many foes.
  • This area can spawn 2 or more chests. Exact circumstances unclear but A Thorn in Varesh's Side completion status may play some role in the number of chests. Either way, 2 chests can be considered a lot for such a small area.
  • After completing A Thorn in Varesh's Side in hard mode 2 additional chests appear in the area.
  • Exploring this area accounts for approximately 1.5% of Elona.
  • Before A Thorn in Varesh's Side is taken, the NPC enemies for the quest still show up. All NPC's (heroes, henchmen, and enemies) exhibit non-standard behavior that seems very much like a bug.
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