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Gamma Company is the third generation of SPARTAN-IIIs. Gamma Company was trained with the help of the only two surviving Spartan-IIIs from Beta Company, Spartan-B292, Spartan-B091 and SCPO Mendez, along with other Drill Instructors from the previous Companies that were "washed out". [1] 330 candidates were selected, and at the request of Kurt, all 330 of those who passed through the selection process were approved. [2] Every one of them survived the training and augmentations. In addition, they were injected with illegal drugs that altered the frontal lobe of their brain to enhance aggression, strength, endurance, and tolerance to injury. [3] These Spartans received deployment orders only a few weeks after The Battle of Reach, and many left Onyx before the Battle of Onyx occurred. It is unknown where they presently are. Only fifteen remained on Onyx for war games when the Battle of Onyx began, and of them, seven were KIA, and eight escaped into the Shield World. Of the eight, five of them are trapped in a Slipspace Pod -a Forerunner device which is holding the bodies in both Slipspace and normal space, but is keeping the bodies inside perfectly safe, a technologically superior counterpart of the UNSC's Cryo Tube.


Known Gamma Company Spartans


Just like Beta Company, Gamma Company was equipped with the SPI Armor Mark II, while Alpha Company wore the Mark I version.


Main article: Project CHRYSANTHEMUM

Gamma Company received the same bio-enhancement procedures as Alpha Company and Beta Company. However, frustrated with the deaths of his previous two classes of Spartans, Kurt-051 added the following illegal drugs to their augmentation procedures:

This was against the recommendation of Deep Winter, Onyx's smart AI, thus Kurt removed all traces and documents regarding the drugs.


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Gamma Company was a company of clone commandos trained by Kal Skirata for use in the Grand Army of the Republic.


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