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Appearance / Type: Near-Human
Also known as: Time Lord (not technically correct), Dominus temporis
Affiliated with:
Place of origin: Gallifrey
Appearances: DW: All episodes (excluding Mission to the Unknown)
Notable Individuals: The Doctor
the valeyard
the woman
The Master
The Rani
The Monk
Susan Foreman

Gallifreyans (Dominus temporis) were a near-Human species native to the planet Gallifrey. (NSA: The Last Dodo) The powerful Time Lords originated from this species.


Appearance and biology

Gallifreyans were externally identical in appearance to Humans.

See Gallifreyan physiology

Culture and society


Gallifreyans and Time Lords

The term Gallifreyan is often used interchangeably with Time Lord, despite indications that not all Gallifreyans are members of that august society. The Gallifreyan species existed for eons before the time of Rassilon and Omega, the founders of Time Lord society.

Most of our knowledge of this species pertains to the Time Lords, specifically in regards to a single Gallifreyan, the Doctor. The matter is confused by the fact that the terms Gallifreyan and Time Lord have sometimes been used interchangeably. We have done our best to allow for this bias.

There have also been at least two non-Gallifreyan Time Lords: the renegade known as the Master, who in the later stages of his life changed species on at least two occasions (DW: The Keeper of Traken, Doctor Who) and Donna Noble, who was originally a human, but became a human/Time Lord hybrid after a metacrisis. (DW: Journey's End)

Another, possibly apocryphal account, portrays a Human, Ace growing in her knowledge and understanding of the cosmic order and attaining the position of Time Lord. (WC: Death Comes to Time)

It was known that a quarter of Gallifreyans on their homeworld worship the higher Eternals such as Death and Time. (NA: Happy Endings)

Within the Capitol

Even within the Time Lord sanctum of the Capitol, "plebeian classes" exist. (DW: The Deadly Assassin)

This reference may well indicate the presence of ordinary Gallifreyans, rather than just Time Lords, in the Capitol. In fact, it remains unclear whether particular groups, like the Chancellory Guard belong to the Time Lord or one of the common Gallifreyan classes.

Outsiders and outcasts

A Gallifreyan Outsider (DW:The Invasion of Time)

Living in the wild lands outside the Capitol, bands of Gallifreyans called Outsiders lived a primitive lifestyle, wearing fur skins and using weapons like bows, arrows and spears for hunting in order to eat. (DW: The Invasion of Time)

Within the Capitol, rebels known as Shobogans committed petty acts of vandalism. (DW: The Deadly Assassin)


See Gallifreyan history.

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