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Galenth Dysley
"You saw the fools. A mindless mob drunk on fear of a few l'Cie."
—Galenth to the party.

Galenth Dysley is the main antagonist in Final Fantasy XIII, seen with an owl like familiar called Minerva which is actually an extension of his power. He is the leading figure of the Sanctum, voted into the position by Cocoon's citizens. Though appearing a well-respected man of the people, promising them peace, this is actually a mask which Galenth assumes to hide a darker element of his true nature. He is voiced by Masaru Shinozuka in the Japanese version.



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Though appearing human, Galenth is actually Baldanders, king of the Pulse fal'Cie who waged war against the Cocoon fal'Cie Orphan. Centuries after Ragnarok failed to destroy Cocoon, Galenth secretly brought the crystallized Vanille and Fang to Cocoon in order to have them lay waste to it.

He soon revealed his true nature on the Palamecia upon killing off Jihl Nabaat and the crew maintaining it, stating that Cocoon is an ideal haven for the evils of humanity before Lightning accuses him of being the one who entices it. Seeing them to believe him to be a l'Cie, Galenth assumes his true form and battles them in an epic boss fight before he leaves, revealing the existence of Orphan and that their Focus is to use Ragnarok to destroy it and Cocoon with it.

After his second bout with the protagonists on Gran Pulse, Galenth leaves Minerva behind to give the party the means to return to Cocoon if they wish to defeat Orphan. When the party reached the innermost depths of Orphan's Cradle, Galenth appeared in a throne overlooking a pool concealing the sleeping Orphan, with the crystals of Dajh Katzroy and Serah Farron in front of him. Seeing that they still refused to help him in his plan to destroy Cocoon, Galenth shattered Dajh's and Serah's crystals before assuming his true form in a final confrontation. Defeated, Baldanders sinks into Orphan's pool as the Cocoon fal'Cie awakens. Baldanders ends up being assimilated into Orphan's armored form, allying with his former enemy in an attempt to destroy the party.


Like all fal'Cie, Galenth views humans as tools to achieve his ends. He is also sadistic in personality as he tells the party his intent to kill everyone dear to them and later carrying the deed out by shattering the crystalized Serah and Dajh in front of them.



Baldanders (Boss)

Baldanders is fought as a boss three times in the game.


  • Galenth's true form, Baldanders, is based on a shape-shifting creature of Germanic literary myth that is conceived by Hans Sachs from the Greek god Proteus as described in Homer's epic Odyssey.


  • Galenth is 185 cm tall according to the Ultimania Guide.
  • He was designed by Tetsuya Nomura (as opposed to Nao Ikeda).

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