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"Though the Emperor has been forced to eliminate funding for the museum, due to costs incurred in snuffing out the damaging rebellion against his rule, he has given his verbal support for the museum to continue to preserve the heritage of his subjects."
Pollux Hax
The Galactic Museum c. 3,998 BBY.

The Galactic Museum was a museum and a vast repository of data that was established on Coruscant over twelve thousand years before the Galactic Civil War. A branch of it was located in Coco Town near the Dewback Inn, and it had archives on the Frozen Moon of Improcco.



Mara Jade in the Galactic Museum.

Originally established more than twelve thousand years before the Battle of Yavin,[1] the museum contained information and artifacts from almost every known planet in the Galaxy, as well as a hall devoted to information about the Sith. A sealed wing contained Jedi artifacts, including Nejaa Halcyon's lightsaber. There was also some darker, obscure pieces of information that could be found in the Galactic Museum, including the near-extinction of the Ewoks (caused by falling debris from the second Death Star). However, much of this information may have simply been Imperial propaganda.

During the Clone Wars, its Master Curator was Asran Headows. [2]

The Galactic Museum's new display on Imperial Intelligence was toured by several members of Rogue Squadron prior to the fall of Coruscant, and provided them with much insight into the Empire, especially the Empire's propaganda machine. The display featured holograms of Vyn Narcassan, Armand and Ysanne Isard. [3]

The Galactic Museum was destroyed during the fall of Coruscant, however it was rebuilt eventually, detailing a fairly neutral depiction of the Galactic Civil War.


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