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Galactic Hunters

Galactic Hunters is the second expansion of Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, released on March 12, 2009. It includes more than 200 new cards, including more than 20 new Loot cards, such as the exclusive Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack.

This set features on the Bounty Hunters, introducing classic characters like Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, Zuckuss and 4-LOM with enhanced keyword abilities Target, Shield and Sentry.

The story mode of this set, represented in Scenarios, resolves around a bounty-themed quest arc. Disturbed by the recent successes of Rebel espionage activities within the Corellian system, Darth Vader has lost confidence in the integrity of the Imperial Army. Determined to squash this Rebel activity once and for all, Vader has contracted the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy to capture key Rebel officials, a task his own Imperial forces have been unable to accomplish. The efforts of the cunning bounty hunters have been successful, leaving the leadership of the Rebel Alliance in disarray. To ensure the survival of the Rebellion, the captured leaders must be located and freed. The Alliance quickly regroups and deploys a team of less than desirable operatives of their own to defeat the bounty hunters and rescue the Rebel leaders!

The Heroic Encounter of this set focuses around a group of spacers trying to defeat Exar Kun and his cult, after Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn send them to learn about the fate of University of Corellia students, recruited from the Corellia University research outpost on Talus to join the cult on Yavin IV.


Card List

  1. Cautious Nature
  2. Cho Mai Jung Ma
  3. Contention
  4. Enhanced Constitution
  5. Enhanced Stamina
  6. Exacting Strikes
  7. Fidelity
  8. Jedi Ready
  9. Lightsaber Barrier
  10. Perseverance
  11. Resilience
  12. Trial of Skill
  13. Belt of the Force-sensitive
  14. Jedi Interceptor
  15. Jedi's Wristguard
  16. Meditation Crystal
  17. Padawan Lightsaber
  18. Padawan Robe
  19. Alter Damage
  20. Faalo's Will
  21. Jar'Kai
  22. Moderation
  23. Shun
  24. Sun Djem
  25. Chief Chirpa
  26. Gungan Guard
  27. Gungan Hunter
  28. Gungan Light Scout
  29. Jawa Healer
  30. Jawa Leader
  31. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  32. Singing Mountain Arch Witch
  33. Singing Mountain Councilwoman
  34. Singing Mountain Guardian
  35. Singing Mountain Rancor Trainer
  36. Wookiee Brawler
  37. Bacta Concentration
  38. Dioxis Grenade
  39. Environmental Purge
  40. Explosives Expert
  41. Footwork
  42. Hasty Resuscitation
  43. Misdirected Anger
  44. Pistol Overcharge
  45. Rally Point
  46. Side Arm Accuracy
  47. Stim-Shot
  48. Toughness
  49. DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  50. Issued Officer Boots
  51. Marine Rebel Armor
  52. SFOR Republic Carbine
  53. Vital Bandolier
  54. X-wing
  55. Bacta Efficiency
  56. Close Combat
  57. Elusive
  58. Grim Blows
  59. Hasty Retreat
  60. Stasis Field
  61. Alliance Supply Officer
  62. Chewbacca
  63. Colonel Panaka
  64. Medical Nurse
  65. Rebel Collaborator
  66. Rebel Conspirator
  67. Rebel Corporal
  68. Rebel Diplomat
  69. Rebel Honor Guard
  70. Rebel Intelligence Officer
  71. Rebel Private
  72. Rebel Trooper
  73. Blast Resistance
  74. Cheap Strikes
  75. Concealed Weapon
  76. Covert Mastery
  77. Fiery Strike
  78. Imperial Death Mark
  79. Keen Eye
  80. Setup
  81. Shock Tracer
  82. Strong Arm
  83. Suppression Efficiency
  84. Timer Reset
  85. Agent's Pistol
  86. Imperial Boots
  87. Imperial Medal of Honor
  88. Modified T-21 Rifle
  89. TIE Fighter
  90. TIE Pilot Helmet
  91. Burst of Shadows
  92. Careful Observation
  93. Hose Down
  94. Muscle Spasm
  95. Position Secured
  96. Voltage Overload
  97. General Otto
  98. Imperial Celebration Organizer
  99. Imperial Courier
  100. Imperial Data Officer
  101. Imperial Pilot Coordinator
  102. Imperial Staff Corporal
  103. Imperial Surface Marshal
  104. Inquisitorium Dark Trooper
  105. Pfilbee Jhorn
  106. Scout Trooper
  107. Shadow Stormtrooper
  108. Swamp Trooper
  109. Blastwave
  110. Bolt
  111. Crumple
  112. Enhanced Agility
  113. Enhanced Strength
  114. Grapple
  115. Grasp
  116. Hurricane
  117. Pummel
  118. Shock
  119. Sith Death Mark
  120. Treachery
  121. Dark Jedi Enforcer Robe
  122. Dark Jedi Lightsaber
  123. Nightsister Force Crystal
  124. Palpatine's Personal Shuttle
  125. Sith Amulet
  126. Sith Gloves
  127. Aggression
  128. Cho Mai
  129. Determination
  130. Lightsaber Throw
  131. Sai Tok
  132. Spinning Attack
  133. Dark Side Savage
  134. Force-sensitive Renegade
  135. Forsaken Force Drifter
  136. Lord Hethrir
  137. Mara Jade
  138. Nightsister Elder
  139. Nightsister Sentry
  140. Nightsister Witch
  141. Novice Force Mystic
  142. Sith Shadow Mercenary
  143. Treasure Hunter Bodyguard
  144. Treasure Hunter Mercenary
  145. Bounty Check
  146. Covering Fire
  147. Cruelty
  148. Death Mark
  149. Jolting Blow
  150. Return Fire
  151. Sudden Strike
  152. Tripwire
  153. Fallann Hyper-Rifle
  154. IG-2000
  155. Mandalorian Gloves
  156. Mist Hunter
  157. Power Converter
  158. Relby-v10 Micro Grenade Launcher
  159. SG82 Rifle
  160. Snoova's Vibro-Ax
  161. Adaptive Biology
  162. Entertain the Wounded
  163. Keren Street Race
  164. Nashal River Race
  165. Antagonize
  166. Bleed
  167. Caltrops
  168. Concussion Shot
  169. Fan Shot
  170. Fumble
  171. Preservation
  172. Beedo
  173. Beldonna's League Scout
  174. Beldonna's League Soldier
  175. Bossk
  176. Chunker Bruiser
  177. Dannik Jerriko
  178. Dengar
  179. Jodo Kast
  180. Thuku

Fixed cards

  1. Bull Rancor
  2. Mark of Altruism
  3. Serpent Shard
  4. Turning the Tables
  5. Business as Usual
  6. Lady Hutt's Delivery
  7. Smuggle Contraband
  8. Top of the World
  9. Catch the Escaped Murderer
  10. Drugged Prisoner
  11. Moisture Thieves
  12. Righteous Revenge
  13. Gungan Smuggling Gang
  14. Hrath Koo Must Die
  15. Jinzu Razor
  16. Nightsister Kidnapping
  17. BlasTech HSB-200 Hold-Out Blaster
  18. Hound's Tooth
  19. Slave I
  20. Snoova's Heavy Blaster Rifle
  21. Valken-38 Blaster Rifle
  22. 4-LOM
  23. Boba Fett
  24. Boushh
  25. IG-88
  26. Zuckuss
  27. Massassi Sword
  28. Thermal Detonator

Promo cards

  1. Borvo the Hutt
  2. Bib Fortuna
  3. Merchant Trainer
  4. Bane Malar
  5. Droopy McCool
  6. Clan Mother Gethzerion
  7. Jawa Beads
  8. Womp Rat
  9. Pooja Naberrie
  10. Ree-Yees
  11. LE Repair Droid
  12. C-3PO
  13. Breakdance
  14. Fiscal Policy
  15. Galactic Hunters Choose a Loot

Heroic Encounter Special Cards

  • Caretaker of the Lost
  • Embraced Chaos
  • Exar Kun
  • Exar Kun Cultist
  • Exar Kun Wordbearer
  • Gackle bat
  • Hallway of Doom
  • Kun's Insight
  • Lingering Harmony
  • Massassi Sword
  • Minder of Weak Wills
  • Mother Luresh
  • Outer Chamber
  • Prisoner of Exar Kun
  • Promised Vengeance
  • Skreeg
  • Temple of Doom
  • The Executioner
  • Throne Room
  • Tomb Flier Bat
  • Unquenchble Wrath
  • Vin Rith
  • Walter Emanus' Lost Journal

Loot cards

  1. Armored Bantha Mount
  2. Battle Droid Greeter
  3. Boba Fett Statuette
  4. EmPal SuRecon Center Medical Table
  5. Gargan's Hands of Seduction
  6. General Grievous's Gutsack
  7. HH-15 Torpedo Warhead
  8. IPG-X1131 Longtail Engine Podracer
  9. Jango Fett Memorial Statuette
  10. Jedi Meditation Room
  11. Koro-2 Exodrive airspeeder
  12. Mandalorian Skull Banner
  13. Massiff House Pet
  14. Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack Blueprints
  15. Mustafar Travel Advertisement
  16. Nightsister Vendor
  17. Sith Meditation Room
  18. Swamp Speeder
  19. Target Dummy
  20. Toydarian Greeter
  21. Wampa-Skin Rug
  22. Wookiee Ceremonial Pipe
  23. Battle Droid Vendor
  24. Guise of the Master
  25. Hoth Travel Advertisement
  26. House Sign
  27. Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi Diorama
  28. Emperor Palpatine Statuette


This is the list of notable artists, who provided original art for the third game expansion.

Wookieepedia has a collection of images related to Galactic Hunters.

The complete list of artists can be found here.

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Up to date as of February 04, 2010

From SWG Wiki

Galactic Hunters is the third card game in the SWG Trading Card Game and was released in March 2009.

Galactic Hunters

Table of contents

General Infomation

The Galactic Hunters card sets include 10 new bounty hunter based quest cards, 180 bounty hunter

based play cards, and over 20 new loot cards for in-game play. You can now play with iconic stars such as

Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk and more.

   Some of the new loot cards included in the third set are the Armored Bantha, the Zam Wesell (KORO-2)
Airspeeder, and more. Want a complete list of loot cards click the link -- Galactic Hunters Loot Cards

Or loot card. Loot cards are randomlly inserted into Booster packs, although random it is said the the average

for insertation of loot cards in the Galactic Hunters expansion is 1 in 5. This has not been confirmed.

The Galactic Hunters Expansion also includes four new starter decks, one jedi, sith, imperial, and rebel.

Another addition to the Trading Card Game (TCG) is two new playable avatar species, Trandoshans and Ithorians.

Each include customizable stats and abilities.

Also See

loot card

Trading Card Game

Other Card Sets

Champions of the Force

Squadrons Over Corellia

Agents of Deception

External links & Resources

This article uses material from the "Galactic Hunters" article on the SWG Wiki wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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