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Intelligence Officer (center-right)

The Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service (GAIS) was the intelligence organization of the Galactic Alliance. Details of its internal structure are few, though it appears to have been similar to its predecessor, the New Republic Intelligence Service.

Dif Scaur was its director from its formation until 30 ABY, when he was replaced by Belindi Kalenda.

It is believed to be related to Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence.

During the Second Galactic Civil War, Cha Niathal absorbed the Intelligence Service into the Galactic Alliance Guard, alongside members of the Coruscant Security Force and the Galactic Alliance Special Forces. She than asked former Intelligence officer Heol Girdun to assume command to assist in a smooth transition.



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Galactic Alliance Intelligence, often abbreviated as G.A. Intel or GAI, was the branch of the Galactic Alliance that concerns general military intelligence matters. Its transmission prefix was INTEL, another common abbreviation for Galactic Alliance Intelligence.



Galactic Alliance Intelligence, more specifically, was responsible for obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, organizations and individuals, and disseminating such information to the various branches of the Galactic Alliance government, often State (for political responses to a situation), and also to the Army or Fleet Command (for miltary responses to a situation).

However, its purpose was not purely for intellectual information, as Galactic Alliance Intelligence appeared to have been a military or paramilitary organization, providing its officers with military ranks and operating units such as Blackmoon Squadron, an E-wing squadron with skills on par with that of Rogue Squadron's. Whether this overstepped its bounds set by the Galactic Alliance Constitution were ambiguous, as such matters were encouraged to be not meddled with by high-ranking GAI officers.

Galactic Alliance Intelligence should not be ambiguated with its related subdivision, Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence.



35-39 ABY: Beginnings

Galactic Alliance Intelligence was the successor to New Republic Intelligence after the New Republic's decline and eventual collapse in the Yuuzhan Vong War. After the resignation of GA Intel's first director (Dif Scaur) after the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Belindi Kalenda took the prestigous title as Director of Galactic Alliance Intelligence. However, after the ending of the Swarm War, a greivous faux pas by Director Kalenda compelled her to resign, and her seat was taken by the renowned warhorse General Carlist Rieekan, a General of great renown for his valiant efforts in the Battle of Hoth in the Galactic Civil War.

40 ABY: Kuat Crisis

Galactic Alliance Intelligence participated in numerous intelligence-gathering operations against the Kuati, helping to plan the Galactic Alliance Guard attack to retrieve the four Jedi hostages at the beginning of the crisis. Further details can not be revealed at this time as of G.A. Intel's operations during the rest of the Kuat Crisis.

However, after the resolution of the Kuat Crisis, it was known that the macabre operations of Jacen Solo, a subdirector of the Galactic Alliance Guard, a branch of Galactic Alliance Intelligence, encouraged the complete disbanding of the intelligence agency as Peace once again took the reins of the Galactic Alliance and the Galaxy.

43 ABY: OPERATION: Crimson Storm

In 43 ABY, elements of former Galactic Alliance Intelligence, without pay, rank, nor loyalty to their former government, came under the employ of the infamous ex-General Dunal Holtz, a former Galactic Empire general during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Holtz had joined the Galactic Alliance under the leadership of Pellaeon, but during a strike mission, Holtz and his commandoes were pinned down, and subsequently abandoned by ex-New Republic forces that were part of the Galactic Alliance.

Holtz had become a slave pit worker for the Vong, and it had taken several years for the Reconstruction Police to find him, still working under the hand of a renegade Yuuzhan Vong force that had refused to give in. Even though rescued by the G.A., he had lost an arm while under the Yuuzhan Vong, and saught revenge against the G.A. for abandoning him on Kessel to be captured by the Vong.

By 43 ABY, he had hired a substantial force of assault mercenaries and thugs, and needed a final piece to begin his attack: knowledge of inner Galactic Alliance protocols. Former G.A.I. personnel were hired to furnish the protocols and to assist Holtz in the attack, and they agreed.

Dunal Holtz committed in a dozen skirmishes against the G.A. with the help of the disgruntled G.A.I. personnel, even going as far as to plant a tactical nuclear device in the midst of a Kuati public monorail nexus and detonate it, murdering hundreds of thousands.

Galactic Alliance military forces were able to corner Dunal Holtz, however, in a raid on a Bonadan war droid factory. The subsequent operation was named OPERATION: Crimson Storm. There was a 12-hour shootout as General Holtz threatened to kill the factory manager, who he'd taken hostage, and in the meanwhile, G.A.I. personnel were even able to hack into the COM channels of the Galactic Alliance cordon outside, falsifying orders to allow Holtz to escape.

The ensuing chaos killed hundreds on both sides, but in the end, as Holtz and a pair of G.A.I. commandoes made their way to a landed Galactic Alliance three-manned bomber, Jaina Solo, who'd been trailing them (she had been brought in after the mayhem had escalated to its apex), was able to fling her lightsaber at the last moment, bisecting a nearby proton torpedo rack besides the bomber and destroy it, ending the miniature rebellion.

Galactic Alliance Intelligence
New Republic Intelligence
27 ABY
1st Director:
Dif Scaur
27-30 ABY
2nd Director:
Belindi Kalenda
30-35 ABY
3rd Director:
Carlist Rieekan
35 ABY-40 ABY
4th Director:
Jaina Solo
44-Before 54 ABY
5th Director:
Nek Ontrell
Before 54-66 ABY
6th Director:
Alona Solo
66-?? ABY
Incumbent; eventually the Galactic Alliance Core Forces
140 ABY
Galactic Alliance - Galactic Alliance Army - Galactic Alliance Fleet Command - Galactic Alliance Intelligence - Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence - Galactic Alliance Guard


Galactic Alliance Intelligence was one of the three major military branches of the Galactic Alliance, alongside Fleet Command and the Army. Since G.A. Intel was a broad division, it further bifercated into Fleet Intelligence and the infamous Galactic Alliance Guard, which both handle more specific intelligence matters.

  • Galactic Alliance
    • Galactic Alliance Army
    • Galactic Alliance Fleet Command
    • Galactic Alliance Intelligence
Assets of Galactic Alliance Intelligence Agencies
Title Ground Assets Space Assets Duty
Galactic Alliance Intelligence
  • Undercover agents
  • Paramilitary commandoes (unauthorized)
  • Hired bounty hunters (unauthorized)
  • Elite paramilitary starfighter squadrons (unauthorized)
  • General intelligence
  • Counterintelligence military operations (unauthorized)
Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence None

Starship-related intelligence

Galactic Alliance Guard
  • Undercover agents
  • Stormtroopers
  • Special Tactical Assault Reconnaissance Corps
  • Elite paramilitary starfighter squadrons (unauthorized)
  • Counterterrorism intelligence
  • Counterterrorism military operations


40 ABY

  • General Carlist Rieekan - Galactic Alliance Intelligence director

This article uses material from the "Galactic Alliance Intelligence" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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