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Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence or Galactic Alliance Naval Intelligence was the intelligence department of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet.

It was formed from New Republic Fleet Intelligence, and likely carried out the same duties. In 40 ABY, it was tasked to keep an eye on Thrackan Sal-Solo's plans for Centerpoint Station during the Second Galactic Civil War.


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Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence, often abbreviated as Fleet Intel, was the branch of the Galactic Alliance that concerned fleet-related military intelligence matters. Its transmission prefix was FLEETINTEL, another common abbreviation for Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence.



Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence was a subdivision of its parent branch, Galactic Alliance Intelligence. While Intelligence was responsible for general informational matters, Fleet Intelligence specializes in military intelligence regarding starships, and was tasked with maintaining the Prime Codex - the Galactic Alliance compendium of the billions of starships of the Galaxy, with detailed tracking information on as many as possible. It also recorded warship and starship production, especially on worlds that were ripe for rebellion.




Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence was in command of the prowlers of the Galactic Alliance, dispatching these 200-meter stealth electronic intelligence-gathering starships to investigate astrological anomalies, enemy fleet positions, and to conduct general reconnaisance. While on active duty, if within the proximity of a Galactic Alliance Fleet Command unit, prowlers may have been temporarily placed under the joint command of the local Fleet Command commander and the Fleet Intelligence operations controller. One such prowler was the Voyager, which during the first days of the Kuat Crisis, was not only under the jurisdiction of Fleet Intelligence, but also of Commodore Gavin Darklighter, a nearby Fleet Command officer.


While prowlers were by far the most efficient and effaciant ways to conduct recon, specific circumstances may have required the usage of standard starfighters. For undercover inconspicious recon of space traffic branches over major worlds, such as Corellia or Coruscant, Fleet Intelligence had standard XJ3-wing starfighters mounted with covert recording and sensor devices where standard Fleet Command starfighter patrols would be. The inherent danger of their mission led to blackout of the identities of these undercover pilots.

However, for the most prodigiously important and risk-fraught recon ops, Fleet Intelligence worked in conjunction with the Jedi Order, with Jedi in StealthX starfighters running recon runs and transmitting their data to Fleet Intelligence.


  • Director Ayddar Nylykerka - Fleet Intelligence Director, 27-30 ABY
  • Admiral Veers - Fleet Intelligence Director, 30-40 ABY

Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence
New Republic Fleet Intelligence
27 ABY
1st Director:
Ayddar Nylykerka

27-30 ABY
2nd Director:

30-40 ABY

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This article uses material from the "Galactic Alliance Fleet Intelligence" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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