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Gae Bolg is a recurring spear in the series. It is often a high-ranked spear with decent Attack power, and is gotten late in the game that it appears in. It was also a powerful special attack in the Square Enix game, The Last Remnant.




Final Fantasy X

Called Gae Balg, it is a weapon that Kimahri can acquire if the dominant abilities on any weapon are Overdrive -> AP and Triple Overdrive.

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XIII

The Gae Bolg is a Spear that can be equipped by Fang.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Gae Bolg is the third strongest spear in the game, providing 29 Attack and 15% Defense. It costs 10 gil, and can only be gotten in Multiplayer Mode.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Gae Bolg is a mid-ranked spear that teaches the skill Bolt Breath. It provides 39 Attack and is Lightning-elemental.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Gae Bolg is a mid-ranked spear that provides 35 Attack and is Lightning-elemental. It teaches Thunder Breath to Dragoons for 300 AP.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Gae Bolg is a high-ranked spear that provides 136 attack and +25 Stun. It takes 1 slot and cannot be bought

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Gae Bolg is a level 92 spear that provides +64 Attack, +1 Defense, and Wall Rush Bravery +40%.


"Gáe Bulg" has a variety of translations, including "lightning spear" and "notched spear". The Gáe Bulg was the weapon wielded by Cúchulainn in Irish mythology.

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[[Image:|200px|center|Slaughter (spear)]]
Official Name

Bloodthirsty spear.

Current Owner

First appearance

Thor: Blood Oath #4



While fulfilling a wyrd, Thor and the Warriors Three had to claim Slaughter in Ireland. They were tricked by Froud into taking both the spear and what appeared to be a human child. The child was actually Chulain in disguise, who savagely attacked them. The skin of Dionysus's pig was able to calm the spear while apples from Yggdrasil cured fatal injuries to Thor and Volstagg.

After the weird was fulfilled, it was returned to Ireland.

Slaughter was kept in a pot of boiling blood to satisfy its hunger.


Slaughter is the Gae Bolg in mythology, although it also has the bloodthirsty traits of Luin.


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