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"Silence! All was stripped from me. Only hatred for the brother who fled our homeland, remains mine!"
—Judge Gabranth

Judge Gabranth (ジャッジ・ガブラス Jyajji Gaburasu) is a character in Final Fantasy XII. A major antagonist, he is a Judge Magister, the highest rank possible in the Archadian Empire's military. While he appears to serve the Empire faithfully, a torn and broken man lies behind his lordly false.



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"Why do you hesitate? The cryst is a blade, it was meant for you. Wield it. Avenge your father!"
—Judge Gabranth

Born Noah fon Ronsenburg (ノア・フォン・ローゼンバーグ Noa fon Rōzenbāgu), he is the twin brother of Basch fon Ronsenburg. They lived and grew up in the Republic of Landis, before it was invaded by Archadia. During the invasion, Basch fled their hometown to the Kingdom of Dalmasca, while Noah moved with his sickly mother to Archadia, her homeland. There, he adopted his mother's surname Gabranth, and joined the Archadian Military. He quickly climbed the ranks, and with the backing of Emperor Gramis became Judge Magister.

Two years before the main events of Final Fantasy XII, Gabranth was present at the Dalmascan counter-attack at Nalbina Fortress. However, he wasn't involved in the fighting. Instead, he killed King Raminas of Dalmasca while impersonating his brother, Basch. This was part of a ruse to trick all survivors of the Dalmascan side into believing that their captain had turned traitor, and to give Archadia an excuse to take over Dalmasca. For the next two years, Basch would be locked up in the Nalbina Dungeon framed for regicide, where Gabranth would be his interrogator.

The 9th Bureau that Judge Gabranth leads is primarily concerned with the gathering and dissemination of information. As a result, many of the bureau’s activities are shrouded in secrecy. Serving as right hand to the Emperor, Gabranth reports Vayne's activities to him and vows to the emperor that he would protect Larsa so that he may never have to see the violence of war. After Gramis' subsequent passing, Judge Drace correctly accuses Vayne of killing his own father. To test Gabranth's loyalty, Vayne appoints him as Drace's executioner. Reluctantly, he kills the Judge, but with her dying breath, she asks Gabranth to guard Larsa in her place, to which Gabranth promises that he would.

While at the Pharos at Ridorana, the party encounters Gabranth at the Sun-Cryst. Though charged by Larsa to see if Ashe can make peace with the Empire, he incites her to take the nethicite and avenge all those who had fallen. However, when Ashe refuses, Gabranth is confounded, demanding that the Princess take back what is rightfully hers. Her further refusal to do so causes Gabranth to fall into a maddening rage and viciously attack the player's party. However, he is defeated, at which point Dr. Cid interrupts, telling Gabranth that he is pitiful for failing Larsa and that he no longer serves any real purpose. This greatly hurts the Judge, who is forced to retreat back to the Bahamut in disgrace.

Aboard the Bahamut, Gabranth is now a broken man and torn between his duty and honor, heavily wounded after fighting his own brother. Angered that Basch still retains his pride and honor after having abandoned Landis years prior, Gabranth demands an explanation, himself possessing little self-worth at having joined the enemy of his homeland. Basch tells Noah that by having something worth protecting, one can still hold onto his honor. Gabranth then witnesses Vayne fighting the player's party, where Larsa gets hurt. After Vayne's transformation, the former asks Gabranth to protect Larsa while he fights. He does so by raising his sword to his former master. During the fight, Gabranth stabs Vayne through the chest, causing the latter to retaliate by fatally wounding the Judge. After the fighting is done, Gabranth is taken aboard the Strahl, where he dies. With his dying breath, he apologizes to Basch and asks that he protect Lord Larsa for him, which Basch promises to do by donning his brother's armor and taking his place as Judge Magister.

Personality and Appearance

A proud warrior possessing immeasurable strength and infallible resolve.

He wields a unique sword that divides into two, allowing him to execute consecutive attacks with ease.

In FINAL FANTASY XII, he was Judge Magister presiding over the judicial branch of the Archadian Empire.

A man driven by deep feelings of anger and revenge, specifically towards Basch, Gabranth relentlessly pursued the princess Ashe and her companions who were wanted for conspiracy against the Empire.

Gabranth is a tall man; being Basch's identical twin brother, they share facial features, though as a Judge Gabranth lacks Basch's beard and longer hair.

Through Final Fantasy XII Gabranth demonstrates a ruthless and cruel demeanor, imprisoning his brother and keeping him alive while informing him of every failure his former knights suffer after the Archadian occupation, also while dispatching Reks he takes his role further by taking all hope the young boy had to save his kingdom and after releasing Ba'gamnan from his duty after Balthier and Vaan are taken to the Nalbina Dungeon.

Despite his cruel attitude, Gabranth remains as a respectful follower to Emperor Gramis. Upon the leader's assassination, Gabranth becomes a faithful attendant to Vayne Solidor, despite the later seeing him as a dog that follows his beck and call. Performing his duties as a defender to Lord Larsa, he confides in Judge Drace, who appears to be the only person he trusts.

As a lone warrior, Gabranth chooses to act on his own, his mood becoming more poetic as he taunts the party atop the Pharos. Even though he acts as a faithful soldier to the empire, Gabranth's motivations are related to his profound hatred towards his believed dishonorable failure at protecting Landis, which in turn directs his hatred to his brother.

By the end of the story, Gabranth is a broken man, regretting even more his defeat to his brother and failing to protect his master Larsa. After his showdown with Basch, he regains his motivations, fighting alongside the party and protecting Larsa from danger.


Gabranth's appearence in Final Fantasy XII's bestiary.
Main article: Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII Boss)

The party fights Gabranth twice, at the Pharos at Ridorana and on board the Sky Fortress Bahamut.

Gabranth focuses on Basch if he is in the active party. Sentence and Guilt are strong hits on one party member. Innocence and Circle of Judgment damage the entire party.

During the second battle he will automatically Renew at 50% HP (while several abilities trigger) and boost himself with Enrage.

He is also present in Trial Mode, at Stage 100 in the International version.


Michael E. Rogers as Gabranth
Image:GabranthVoice 1.ogg
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In the English version of Final Fantasy XII, Gabranth is voiced by Michael E. Rogers, while he is played by Keith Ferguson in the English version of Dissidia, who had previously voiced Gabranth's brother Basch. In the Japanese versions of Final Fantasy XII and Dissidia, he is voiced by Akio Ohtsuka.

Other Appearances


Dissidia Final Fantasy

Main article: Gabranth/Dissidia

Gabranth appears in Dissidia Final Fantasy representing Final Fantasy XII, and plays as a special character, assumed to oppose Shantotto. He has very little influence on the story, being an extra character as well as the only one appearing from Final Fantasy XII, appearing only once in the main storyline.

In the bonus storyline he appears in, Gabranth is the guardian of a hellish dimension where warriors slain in the cycle of conflict are entrapped when they perish. The player's character is trapped here as well, and fights to escape. Gabranth then battles the player to determine if they truly deserve the right to live or not.


A Judge in Fortress
  • As revealed in the Final Fantasy XII Ultimania Guide, Gabranth's larger blade is named "Chaos Blade", and the smaller weapon is named "Highway Star".
  • A Judge who looks like Judge Gabranth appears in concept art for the Final Fantasy XII spinoff game Fortress, although he wields a lance rather than a sword. It is unknown whether this character is Gabranth, Basch or an unidentified character.
  • Although Gabranth and Cidolfus Demen Bunansa are not related, their Japanese voice actors are, as Cid is voiced by Chikao Ohtsuka, the real-life father of Akio Ohtsuka, the japanese voice of Gabranth. This is ironic, since the two characters interact before the player faces Cid the second time.
  • Gabranth's biography in Dissidia Final Fantasy reveals he is the younger twin, and Basch is the older twin. Final Fantasy XII does not specify which of them is the older.

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