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Dialogue file
This is the transcript of a dialogue file, a file which contains ingame messages related to scripts and items or the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game.
{100}{}{You see a rotund midget.}
{101}{}{You see Gretch, Doc Morbid's assistant.}
{102}{}{What you down here for?}
{104}{}{Your boss sent me down.}
{105}{}{Don't talk to me like that, cretin.}
{106}{}{To see how you're doing.}
{107}{}{Nothing. Goodbye.}
{108}{}{I know you . . . right?}
{111}{}{Never mind.}
{112}{}{Um . . . okay.}
{113}{}{What are you doing?}
{114}{}{Okay? Does that mean that you're almost done?}
{115}{}{You're a little slow, aren't you?}
{116}{}{Yes, yes, almost done.}
{117}{}{With what?}
{118}{}{It's about time.}
{119}{}{Great. I'll see you later.}
{120}{}{Body parts almost ready to go to Hub.}
{121}{}{For what?}
{122}{}{Of course. That's why I'm here.}
{123}{}{I don't think I want to hear about this.}
{124}{}{Iguana man Bob send you . . . he happy, lots of good meat . . .}
{125}{}{He's selling human body parts for people to eat?}
{126}{}{You sick little scab, I'm gonna cut you up and sell you as meat!}
{127}{}{Of course . . . I'll be back in a minute.}
{128}{}{For Bob to sell . . . to eat . . . why you ask what we use for?}
{129}{}{No reason. Goodbye.}
{130}{}{I wasn't sure this was where Bob got his human meat from.}
{131}{}{Sometimes I have a little trouble thinking.}
{132}{}{Me have trouble thinking, too . . . what we talk about?}
{133}{}{I don't remember. Goodbye.}
{134}{}{You were telling me what you're doing.}
{135}{}{We were talking about how stupid you are.}
{137}{}{I don't talk to you any more.}
{138}{}{Yes . . . Doc Morbid has best human bodies around. None better.}
{139}{}{Uh . . . I'll be back to pick up the . . . bodies . . . in a little
 while. Goodbye.}
{140}{}{I go back to work now.}
{141}{}{Don't be messing with the Doctor's stuff!}

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