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The Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test (G.O.A.T.), is an occupational assessment test that every resident of Vault 101 is required to take at the age of 16. During the tutorial quest, the G.O.A.T. serves to mark the player's tagged skills.



During the quest "Future Imperfect" in Fallout 3, the player participates in a G.O.A.T. The test consists of a sequence of questions about how he or she would act in certain situations. The responses to these questions determine the job the Lone Wanderer is best suited for and which three skills are recommended for him or her to tag.

You can skip the entire test by talking to Mr. Brotch and telling him you don't want to take the test. Then you can skip the "presentation", pick your tag skills and leave right after. If you opt to do this, you will not receive the G.O.A.T. Whisperer achievement.


Here are the questions, the answers, and which skill each counts towards tagging.

Question 1

You are approached by a frenzied vault scientist, who yells, "I'm going to put my quantum harmonizer in your photonic resonation chamber!" What's your response?

  • 1 "But doctor, wouldn't that cause a parabolic destabilization of the fission singularity?" - Science
  • 2 "Yeah? Up yours too, buddy!" - Speech
  • 3 Say nothing, but grab a nearby pipe and hit the scientist in the head to knock him out. For all you knew, he was planning to blow up the vault. - Melee
  • 4 Say nothing, but slip away before the scientist can continue his rant. - Sneak

Question 2

While working as an intern in the clinic, a patient with a strange infection on his foot stumbles through the door. The infection is spreading at an alarming rate, but the doctor has stepped out for a while. What do you do?

  • 1 Amputate the foot before the infection spreads - Melee
  • 2 Scream for help - Speech
  • 3 Medicate the infected area to the best of your abilities - Medicine
  • 4 Restrain the patient, and merely observe as the infection spreads - Science

Question 3

You discover a young boy lost in the lower levels of the vault. He's hungry and frightened, but also appears to be in possession of stolen property. What do you do?

  • 1 Give the boy a hug and tell him everything will be ok - Speech
  • 2 Confiscate the property by force, and leave him there as punishment - Unarmed
  • 3 Pick the boy's pocket to take the stolen property for yourself, and leave the boy to his fate - Sneak
  • 4 Lead the boy to safety, Then turn him over to the overseer - Nothing

Question 4

Congratulations! You made one of the Vault 101 baseball teams! Which position do you prefer?

  • 1 Pitcher - Explosives
  • 2 Catcher - Big Guns (possibly in reference to the recoil anything in the 'Big Guns' category would posses)
  • 3 Designated Hitter - Melee
  • 4 None, you wish the vault had a soccer team - Unarmed

Question 5

Your Grandmother invites you to tea, but you're surprised when she gives you a pistol and orders you to kill another vault resident. What do you do?

  • 1 Obey your elder and kill the vault resident with the pistol - Small Guns
  • 2 Offer your most prized possession in exchange for the vault resident's life - Barter
  • 3 Ask for a minigun instead. After all, you don't want to miss. - Big Guns
  • 4 Throw your tea in granny's face. - Explosives

Question 6

Old Mr. Abernathy has locked himself in his quarters again, and you've been ordered to get him out. How do you proceed?

  • 1 Use a bobby pin to pick the lock on the door - Lockpick
  • 2 Trade a vault hoodlum for his cherry bomb and blow open the lock. - Explosives AND Barter
  • 3 Go to the armory, retreive a laser pistol, and blow the lock off. - Energy Weapons
  • 4 Just walk away and let the old coot rot. - Sneak

Question 7

Oh no! You've been exposed to radiation, and a mutated hand has grown out of your stomach! What's the best course of treatment?

  • 1 A bullet to the brain - Small guns
  • 2 Large Doses of anti-mutagen agent - Medicine
  • 3 Prayer, Maybe God will spare you in exchange for a life of pious devotion. - Speech
  • 4 Removal of the mutated tissue with a precision laser - Energy Weapons

Question 8

A fellow Vault 101 resident is in possession of a Grognak the Barbarian comic book, issue number 1. You want it. Whats the best way to obtain it?

  • 1 Trade the comic book for one of your own valuable possessions - Barter
  • 2 Steal the comic book at gunpoint - Small guns
  • 3 Sneak into the resident's quarters, and steal the comic book from his desk - Sneak
  • 4 Slip some knock out drops into the resident's Nuka Cola, and take the comic book when he's unconscious. - Medicine

Question 9

You decide it would be fun to play a prank on your father. You enter his private restroom when no one is looking, and....

  • 1 Loosen some bolts on some pipes. When the sink is turned on, the room will flood. - Repair
  • 2 Put a firecracker in the toilet. Thats sure to cause some chaos - Explosives
  • 3 Break into the locked medicine cabinet and replace his high blood pressure medication with sugar pills - Sneak
  • 4 Manipulate the power wattage on his razor, so he'll get an electric shock next time he uses it - Lockpick.

Question 10

Who is indisputably the most important person in Vault 101: He who shelters us from the harshness of the atomic wasteland, and to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives? - This question has no standing on your TAG skills, Nor the test results, and appears to be on the G.O.A.T simply as propaganda

  • 1 The Overseer.
  • 2 The Overseer.
  • 3 The Overseer.
  • 4 The Overseer.

The version that appears on the Prepare for the Future website (Channel 5) only has questions #2, #5, and #7.


The results are determined by a very simple formula: Each of the above questions (minus #10 obviously) adds 1 "point" towards the skill it represents. The skill with the most "points" at the end of the test is your result.

The results are as follows:

Vault Chaplain "They say the G.O.A.T never lies. According to this, you're slated to be the next vault ... Chaplain. God help us all."

  • Prevalent skill: Barter

Laundry Cannon Operator "Well according to this, you're in line to be trained as a laundry cannon operator. First time for everything indeed."

  • Prevalent skill: Big Guns

Pedicurist "It's nice to know I can still be surprised. Pedicurist! I might have guessed Manicurist, or even Masseuse. But apparently you're a foot person"

  • Prevalent skill: Energy Weapons

Waste Management Specialist "It says here you're perfectly suited for a career as a Waste Management Specialist. A specialist, mind you, not just a dabbler. Congratulations!"

  • Prevalent skill: Explosives

Vault Loyalty Inspector "Huh. "Vault Loyalty Inspector"... I thought that had been phased out decades ago. Well, sounds like a job right up your alley, hmm?"

  • Prevalent skill: Lockpick

Clinical Test Subject "Interesting. "Clinical Test Subject"... sounds like something you should excel at. I guess you and your dad will be working together."

  • Prevalent skill: Medicine

Fry Cook "Looks like the diner's going to get a new Fry Cook. I'll just say this once: hold the mustard, extra pickles. Ha ha ha."

  • Prevalent skill: Melee Weapons

Jukebox Technician "Thank goodness. We're finally getting a new Jukebox Technician. That thing hasn't worked right since old Joe Palmer passed."

  • Prevalent skill: Repair

Pip-Boy Programmer "Well, well. Pip-Boy Programmer, eh? Stanley will finally have someone to talk shop with."

  • Prevalent skill: Science

Tattoo Artist "Huh. I wonder who will be brave enough to be your first customer as the vault's new Tattoo Artist? I promise it won't be me."

  • Prevalent skill: Small Guns

Shift Supervisor "Apparently you're management material. You're going to be trained as a Shift Supervisor. Could I be talking to the next Overseer? Stranger things have happened."

  • Prevalent skill: Sneak

Marriage Counselor "Wow. Wow. Says here you're going to be the vault's Marriage Counselor. Almost makes me want to get married, just to be able to avail myself of your services."

  • Prevalent skill: Speech

Little League Coach "I always thought you'd have a career in professional sports. You're the new vault Little League coach! Congratulations."

  • Prevalent skill: Unarmed (Male)

Masseuse "Looks like you'll be putting your ... physical talents to good use as the vault's new Masseuse."

  • Prevalent skill: Unarmed (Female)

Preset outcomes

There is the choice of asking Mr. Brotch to fill out the G.O.A.T. for you. You will be given a list of options, asking about your interests. Select an option and you'll be taken to the tag skill menu with three choices already selected.

  • "I love using the computers and talking to my father's patients in the clinic." - Medicine, Science, Speech.
  • "Well, I shoot my BB Gun any chance I get. I can fix that thing blindfolded, too." - Energy Weapons, Repair, Small Guns
  • "Look, I like blowing stuff up. I just love that... 'kaboom'! Ya know?" - Big Guns, Explosives, Unarmed
  • "Mr. B, if I told you what my 'interests' are, you'd have me locked up." - Lockpick, Melee Weapons, Sneak

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The G.O.A.T. only appears in Fallout 3.


  • Occasionally, the G.O.A.T will not start when sitting down, standing up and sitting down again.
  • Occasionally just before the G.O.A.T when Mr Brotch tells Butch to "keep his eyes to himself" and Butch laughs, the dialogue will stop here and you cannot leave your seat (confirmed PC, PS3 and 360). This glitch only occurs when you sit in the second row seat on the right side of the classroom.
  • If you jump on the desk at the front of the classroom, you can get stuck and have to reload the game (And do all of the G.O.A.T again)


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