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G-59 Cannibalizer
Production information

SoroSuub Corporation[1]


G-59 Cannibalizer




11.8 m.[2]


1 pilot[2]

Minimum crew

1 pilot[2]

Cargo capacity

85 kg[2]


1 day[2]


Patrol starfighter


Rise of the Empire era


SoroSuub Corporation

The G-59 Cannibalizer was a starfighter that was designed by Syub Kyak[3] and manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation on Edic Bar during the last years of the Old Republic. It was similar to Incom Corporation's Z-95 Headhunter.[1]

SoroSuub sought to diversify and expand its production into the starship market, and took note of the popularity of the Z-95 Headhunter. SoroSuub bought several Headhunters and reverse-engineered them. It wasn't as easy as they first thought it would be based on the ship's simplicity, because the software of the Headhunter would automatically wipe large sections of the ship's memory when tampered with. They went through eight Headhunters before they were satisfied, and even then there were a number of engineering difficulties they had to sort out in the production of the Cannibalizer.[1]

When the first unit finished production, Director of Formal Activities Miim Te'Suub gave the workers the rest of the day as free time. The workers got carried away and partied for four days at Tolea Biqua. They also decided to celebrate yearly the anniversary of the first Cannibalizer produced with a similar party, in what would be known as the Festival.[1]

SoroSuub marketed the G-59 as a "cost effective snub fighter on par with Incom's Headhunter," which provided them with solid sales. They also made claims that their fighter was much superior to Incom's "shoddy product." Incom did not respond to the statement or the possible violation of their intellectual property, but increased production on the Z-95.[1]

Being locally produced, the G-59 was known to be used by the Cularin system's pirate groups.

Blood Raptors pilot Gael Kinner also used a Cannibalizer as his ship of choice, racing across the moon of Eskaron with it as of 31 BBY. At this point, Kinner used his Cannibalizer to destroy Arraxx's ship.[2]

Later that year, three Cannibalizers of the criminal organization The Cell vainly assaulted one of Nirama's recruitment transports when it approached Nirama's public asteroid. Although the attack was unsuccessful, Nirama understood it as a warning for himself.[4]





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