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"His only consistent position was on the matter of the Jedi, whom he has always opposed."
Nom Anor

Fyor Rodan was the New Republic Senator for Rachuk sector, and was a member of Borsk Fey'lya's Advisory Council.

He was Prime Minister of Commenor as of 40 ABY.




Yuuzhan Vong War

Rodan was also part of the anti-Jedi majority, and possibly the most anti-Jedi member of the Council, calling it a "quaint philosophy" right in front of Luke Skywalker. During the Fall of Coruscant, Rodan acted rather bravely (Mara Jade Skywalker even thought it may have been heroic), and Rodan was one of the few members of the Council to reach Borleias, and supported self proclaimed Chief Pwoe. He soon realized that Pwoe was out for himself, so he rejoined the rest of the Senate on Mon Calamari. Rodan became a candidate for Chief of State, but lost the election to Cal Omas, who formed the High Council, which included Jedi. Rodan was offered the option of retaining his seat on the Advisory Council, but he refused both the appointment or to consider Omas the legitimate Chief of State. Nevertheless, he remained loyal to the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance.

Like Niuk Niuv, Rodan was rumored to connected to smuggling interests in Commenor, which many believed was the source of his opposition to the Jedi. In truth, it was actually his elder brother, Tormak, who was running illegal smuggling he absolutely hated. Rodan's opposition to the Jedi stemmed from a belief that they demanded government favors, while the Senate had no oversight. Even Luke Skywalker admitted Rodan's arguments were legitimate.

Second Galactic Civil War

By the time of the Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY, Rodan was the Prime Minister of Commenor and had openly expressed sympathies for the Corellian cause. He was manipulated by a disguised Lumiya, who convinced him with outdated but detailed plans held by the Galactic Alliance to invade Commenor, to overtly join forces with the Corellians by lending Commenor's fleet alongside the Bothans in an effort to break the Galactic Alliance blockade.

It is presumed that Rodan became one of the leaders of the Confederation following the successful rout of the blockade.



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