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18 BBY, the Jedi asteroid[1]

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Rise of the Empire era

"A word I've been hearing more and more lately."
Ferus Olin and Dexter Jettster

Fy-Tor-Ana was a female Human Jedi Master in the waning years of the Galactic Republic. An instructor at the Jedi Temple, she was graceful and had quick reflexes. She taught Obi-Wan Kenobi the Art of Movement exercise. Solace was the name she gave herself when she hid underneath the bedrock of Coruscant after the Great Jedi Purge and establishment of the New Order. Solace was first thought to be a place, but as Ferus Olin traveled on, he met up with a guide who was to lead him to "Solace." Later on, he discovered his "guide" was Fy-Tor-Ana.



Following the end of the Clone Wars, Fy-Tor-Ana was one of the survivors of Order 66. She escaped the Great Jedi Purge and hid in the Crystal Caves on Ilum with fellow Master Garen Muln. Determined to look for other hidden Jedi, she told him that she would go to Coruscant, where she hoped to infiltrate the Jedi Temple and learn more about the state of the galaxy. She promised to return, however that did not come about.

Fearing that she had died, Garen relayed the information of Fy-Tor-Ana's plans to Ferus Olin so that he might attempt to locate and rescue her. It was rumored that she was being held captive in the Jedi Temple, but this proved to be a lie meant to attract other surviving Jedi to Coruscant.

In truth, Fy-Tor-Ana had hidden herself under the crust of Coruscant and started going by the name of Solace, assuming control of a settlement located near a vast underground ocean. Ferus Olin, Trever Flume, and the Erased found her under the crust with a group of people who were worshiping her. She was reluctant to go with Ferus at first, but when he told her that the Galactic Empire had stored away all of the lightsabers, she changed her mind. She, Ferus, and Trever went to the Jedi Temple in her makeshift spacecraft. They encountered stormtroopers, however, and had to flee, but Ferus was captured. She and Trever returned to her underground base, and Trever was furious at her. The two then realized that the base was under attack by stormtroopers. Solace fought off the stormtroopers until a member of the Erased, the Bothan Oryon, along with Trever, threw charges up to her platform, and she was the only one to escape the platform. She escaped her base along with Oryon, Trever, and Keets Freely.

The group returned to Dexter Jettster's hideout and asked him for help finding Ferus. They located him on a ship with his friend Clive Flax, escaping the prison world of Dontamo. They followed the Inquisitor Malorum to the planet of Naboo and were aided by Boss Rugor Nass and the Gungans in their attempt to take back Naboo.

Later, when Ferus had to help Emperor Palpatine on the planet Samaria, Solace went to Bellassa to rescue Roan Lands and Dona Telamark, two of Ferus's friends, from execution. She went with Oryon and Trever and got help from The Eleven, and was able to succeed. They went to Samaria to help Ferus save Astri Oddo and her son Lune from stormtroopers. They all escaped except Ferus, who stayed on the planet, knowing that Palpatine would have more things for him to do.

Solace died on the Jedi's hidden asteroid when Darth Vader discovered its location and had it destroyed by the Empire's new superweapon.


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