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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Sprite(s) SNES menu portrait GBA and FF4TAY menu portrait Fusoya's DS portrait Battle sprite Fusoya's battle sprite in the Mobile Phone version and The After Years
Japanese name Fusuya
Kana フースーヤ
Romaji Fūsūya
Voice actor(s)
Banjou Ginga
Voice actor(s)
Michael McConnohie
Job Lunarian
Skill White Magic
Black Magic
Regen (SNES and GBA)
Bless (Nintendo DS and After Years)
Birthplace Red Moon
Laterality Right-handed
Final Fantasy IV Character

Fusoya, also known as FuSoYa, is the final player character in Final Fantasy IV. He is a Lunarian from the Red Moon, and it is his job to watch over the sleep of the Lunarians. He is the brother of Kluya, and is thus the uncle of both Cecil Harvey and Golbez. He is the oldest and wisest of the main characters. In the English localization of the Nintendo DS version, Fusoya is pronounced [fuˈsɔɪ.ə].



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Final Fantasy IV

Fusoya was supposed to watch over the Lunar Sleep. However, a Lunarian named Zemus wanted to raze the Earth so the Lunarians could take it over. Fusoya waited on The Moon for the one who would help defeat Zemus to arrive. This person just happened to be his own nephew Cecil Harvey, who was accompanied by Rydia, Rosa Joanna Farrell, and Edge at the time. Fusoya told them of Zemus' plan. Zemus was gathering the Crystals in order to activate the Giant of Babil, which was a wish granting giant who would destroy the world on command. He told the party that Zemus was manipulating Golbez in order to achieve this goal. He then told the party to return to the Tower of Babil in order to stop the Giant. However, because it was shielded, Fusoya joined the party in order to deactivate it.

The party returned to Earth. However, they were too late. The Giant began its wave of destruction. However, Cid Pollendina mobilized the entire world to join the battle in a fleet of newly remodeled airships. Cid helped the party enter the Giant. The party then worked their way to the CPU. However, on the way, they had to fight the Archfiends one last time. When they finally reached the CPU and destroyed it, an angry Golbez appeared. However, Fusoya was able to break Zemus' control of Golbez, and revealed that Golbez and Cecil were brothers. Golbez agreed to help Fusoya defeat Zemus, and the two returned to The Moon together, using the teleporter in the Tower of Babil.

Fusoya's DS model

Fusoya and Golbez are next seen battling Zemus in The Moon. They are able to defeat him by casting Meteor together. However, Zemus' hatred, Zeromus, rises from Zemus' corpse and attacks Fusoya and Golbez. They try to cast Meteor again, however, it does not work. Fusoya orders Golbez to use a special Crystal to defeat him, however, Golbez's darkness makes the Crystal have no effect. Zeromus then casts Meteor on Fusoya and Golbez, defeating them. This leaves Cecil and his party to fight Zeromus, and the prayers of former party members, including Fusoya and Golbez, help them succeed.

In the ending, Fusoya and Golbez return to the Lunar Sleep as the Red Moon leaves Earth's orbit.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Fusoya appears in Golbez's chapter. He fights a revived Zeromus with Golbez, before the monster destroys the Crystal Palace with a Big Bang. Fusoya teleports Golbez out of there, so that he can continue to fight against the evil that is attacking the world. His fate is unknown. During the ending, Golbez says he will go to look for him and the other Lunarians.

Equipment and Stats

Fusoya's stats are relatively low, and his MP does not increase above 190 except past level 70. His stats are weighted towards magic. His equipment is limited to rods, staves, hoods, and robes.

In the DS remake, Fusoya's stats don't increase at all on a level-up. Though Bless helps his low MP, his spellcasting is hindered by it.


Fusoya in battle in The After Years

Fusoya has access to both Black and White Magic. He joins the party knowing every spell in the game, but his 190 MP pales in comparison to the party's other spell casters and limits his efficiency. Fusoya is unique in that he knows every White and Black Magic spell in the game as soon as he joins the party.

Fusoya can also use Regen, which restores a very small amount of HP to each party member over time. This ability does not appear in the American SNES version. In the DS release, Regen is replaced with Bless, which restores a very small amount of MP to each party member over time (similar to Regen, only with MP).

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Bless restores both HP and MP. Fusoya has only one Band ability with Golbez, Double Black Magic, which casts Double Firaga, Double Blizzaga, Double Thundaga or Double Meteor. He is only playable in the Lunarian chapter and knows every spell in the game.

Musical Themes

Fusoya's theme is The Lunarians.


Fu and Su are Chinese words that respectively mean "good fortune" and "longevity". Ya in Chinese is an affix which is used to mark some person names.


  • In Final Fantasy IV, Fusoya is the only party member whose in game portrait has him facing to the right. Everyone else looks forwards or to the left.
  • He's also the only character in The After Years not to get a new portrait, with the exception of the portraits for the characters in their Pig or Frog status.

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