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The name or term Cannon refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Cannon (disambiguation).
This article is about the bigger one. For the smaller one, see Fusion pistol.
A release of lubricant is quite common when seeing this.

The Fusion Cannon is Megatron's ultimate weapon. It is attached to his right arm and is devastatingly powerful, as demonstrated by its sudden removal of Ironhide's head. (It's at least as powerful as Fortress Maximus's hands, then.) It strikes fear into the sparks of both the Autobots and the Decepticons, for any who challenge it will surely fail.

Except Optimus Prime. Only he appears to be able to survive a shot from the fusion cannon, considering how many times Megatron has shot Prime.




Generation One

Marvel Comics

Presumably, this cannon is powered by some sort of nuclear fusion reaction. Sometimes Megatron has been able to link up extradimensionally to a black hole to augment this power, increasing it astronomically, and making him look real cool and space-rippy in the process. Most bodacious!

Galvatron had a big cannon, too, but it didn't work by fusion.

Generation 2

As part of an agreement with Cobra, Megatron's body was rebuilt to resemble a human tank, with his fusion cannon being replaced with a magnetic rail gun.

Generation One cartoon

Megatron could remove his cannon from his main body. One time, Brawn stole it from him and used it against him. Megatron was not amused. Fire on the Mountain

Fusion cannons are also oddly useful when you just wanna kick your lieutenant for shooting you in the back but don't want to have to walk over to him...yeah, we don't question that. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3 Starscream's Brigade


The fusion cannon was a gift from Starscream Megatron Origin issue 4. How ironic how Megatron decided to pay him back a few hundred thousand years later by blowing a huge hole in his torso Infiltration issue 6.

Beast Wars

A whole new meaning of the term: IMA FIRIN MAH LAZAH.
  • Megatron loved his fusion cannon so much, he had another fusion cannon installed on the Nemesis. The blast radius from the weapon is massive. Most kickass. It requires a power up time to fire again. Less kickass. Nemesis Part 2
  • Although not Megatron's, according to Beast Wars, the Ark's cannon was a fusion cannon. The Agenda (Part III)

Beast Machines

Megatron's personal chariot, Mechatron, comes equipped with a fusion cannon to nullify any accursed Maximal that comes across.

Transformers (2007 film)

now this thing is long.

Megatron's cannon is presumably telescopic, as he keeps it stored in his left arm when not in use. Its powerful blast is enough to knock Optimus Prime back three city blocks and requires Megatron to use both arms to steady the aim. Because Megatron is always concerned about collateral damage (or it could be so powerful that without balance it could knock him backwards a slight distance). Transformers

After returning from the dead, Megatron had a new fusion cannon that was stored in his right arm. The new cannon was shorter and larger than the old one and also had a bayonet-like spear attached to it's underbelly. The most notable use of this cannon was during Megatron's forest battle against Optimus Prime, where he impaled the Autobot leader through the chest and then fatally blasted through him at point-blank range.

It is also mentioned on Ironhide's packaging that he also has a fusion cannon; presumably it is the blue glowing laser weapon on his left arm, and it is obviously much smaller than Megatron's (and most likely far less powerful).


Given time, Starscream may simply develop an immunity to the cannon.

Megatron's iconic cannon served admirably as a cutting torch when Megatron sought to gain access to the Autobots' ship. [1] Transform and Roll Out!. After Megatron's revival his newly rebuilt fusion cannon proved even more effective against the Autobot ship, knocking it clean out of the sky in under a minute with some help from Lugnut and Blitzwing. It also has a lense. sometimes. Megatron Rising - Part 2 It was last seen repeatedly killing the newly-immortal Starscream. Mission Accomplished It finally blasted an Autobot (SERIOUS) but was later smashed into pieces by the said Autobot (also SERIOUS). Endgame, Part 2

Notably Megatron has only fired four shots directly at the Autobots, missing each time. The writers are likely reluctant to have half the cast atomized in the space of five seconds.


  • The deep percussive note at the beginning of the iconic fusion cannon sound effect (used throughout G1 and Animated) is an old "stock" sound used frequently in American animation, most notably within Hanna-Barbera's "Scooby Doo" where it was used to signify cast members or objects falling on the ground, running into walls, etc.


  1. Use of sound-effects from the original cartoon only served to enhance the weapon's coolness.

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