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"There is little time. You know what you must do..."
―Maggie Harris
Fury from the Deep
Series: Doctor Who - TV Stories
Season Number: Season 5
Story Number: 42
Doctor: Second Doctor
Companions: Jamie McCrimmon
Victoria Waterfield (departure)
Setting: England, circa 1968
Writer: Victor Pemberton
Director: Hugh David
Broadcast: 16th March - 20th April 1968
Format: 6 25-minute Episodes
Previous Story: The Web of Fear
Following Story: The Wheel in Space

Fury from the Deep was the penultimate story of the fifth season of the 1963 version of Doctor Who. It was notable for being the final serial in which Victoria Waterfield appeared as a regular member of the cast, and concluded her overarching story arc by ostensibly giving her foster parents to replace the father she had lost in her introductory story, The Evil of the Daleks. It was further notable for introducing the sonic screwdriver.



The TARDIS lands on the surface of the sea, just off the east coast of England. The time travellers use a rubber dinghy to get ashore, where they are shot with tranquiliser darts and taken prisoner by security guards as they have arrived in the restricted area of a gas refinery.

At the refinery base, run by a man named Robson, the Doctor learns that there have been a number of unexplained problems with the pressure in the feed pipes from the offshore drilling rigs. It is later revealed that one of the rigs has sucked up a parasitic form of seaweed, which is capable of releasing poisonous gas or a strange kind of foam that allows it to take control of the minds of those it touches.

The weed spreads rapidly and seems set on establishing a huge colony centred around the rigs. The Doctor makes the chance discovery that it is very susceptible to high pitched noise; consequently he is able to use the amplified sound of Victoria's screams to destroy it. Victoria elects to stay with the family of one of the refinery workers, Harris.

The Doctor, although sharing Jamie's sadness at her departure, understands her decision to settle down to a quieter life.


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Story Notes

  • This story had a working title of; The Colony Of Devils.


  • Episode 1 - 8.2 million viewers
  • Episode 2 - 7.9 million viewers
  • Episode 3 - 7.7 million viewers
  • Episode 4 - 6.6 million viewers
  • Episode 5 - 5.9 million viewers
  • Episode 6 - 6.9 million viewers


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Filming Locations

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • Why does the Doctor rely on Victoria's hairpin to open doors rather than using the Sonic screwdriver? (The sonic screwdriver is new to the Doctor, at least in terms of carrying it around with him. He clearly had not yet thought to use it in its later regular role as a lockpick.)



DVD, Video and Other Releases

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