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Fury Tactical Nuclear Weapon
Production information

Nuclear Warhead

Technical specifications

30.5 centimeters (12 inches)

Ammunition Type

Fissile Material


1.2 km blast radius


Human-Covenant War


United Nations Space Command


The Fury Tactical Nuclear Weapon is a weapon used by the United Nations Space Command.


The Fury Tactical Nuclear Weapon (nicknamed TacNuke by the UNSC) is the closest thing the UNSC has in its arsenal to a nuclear grenade. It is the size and shape of an over inflated football. It delivers and distributes slightly less than a megaton yield, and is extremely clean [1]. It is easy to use and effective at destroying anything from an enemy stronghold to a Covenant Cruiser, although you would have to get the Fury inside and planted first. Then beginning the detonation sequence would be required if not already set. One other notable fact is that the blast radius of a Fury nuclear explosion is about 1.2 km, which may be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the given situation.

Operational History

During the attack on Reach, Spartans Frederic-104, Kelly-087, and Joshua-029 (AKA Red Team) destroyed a Covenant Cruiser by capturing a trio of Banshees and throwing a Fury into its Grav-lift during the First Battle of Reach. The reason for this style of attack was due to the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) given off by the warhead. By throwing the Fury nuclear weapon into the gravity lift the Fury entered the Cruiser's hull. This tactic used the Covenant Cruiser's own shield to buffer most of the EMP and essentially prevented damage to the generators powering the MAC guns orbiting Reach. Another reason, for this tactic was that the Fury's explosion rebounded upon itself inside the cruiser absolutely gutting the cruiser and protecting the three Spartans flying away. Kelly-087 remarked that "It'll also turn that ship into the biggest fragmentation grenade in history," [2]. By destroying the Covenant Cruiser, they halted an initial invasion force, killing over ten thousand Covenant troops.[3] This description shows how the three Spartans kept the Covenant fleet from being able to reinforce their troops or at the very least delayed them. Additionally, this allowed the UNSC to attempt to hold out in the space battle for Reach.


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