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There are two parts to Fur 'n' Seek, the quest itself and the wishlist mini-quest that is unlocked on completion of the quest. The pelts and shell needed for the first quest part are much easier to obtain than the bones, spines, and teeth required for the second wishlist part. The second part comprises a list of items, mostly bones, posted on the right wall of the Odd Old Man's hut. The bones in this wishlist will be crossed off as they are turned over to him. The second part is essentially a continuation of the first part, but is not a quest (does not reward any quest points, therefore not needing to be completed to obtain the Quest cape).



Official quest description: Now he's got some body, the Odd Old Man wants you to give him some skin. Not in the high-fiving sense, mind, but in the hide/fur/fluffy animals sense. One problem, though: the animals aren't so fluffy this time.
Release date: 10 August 2009 (Update)
Start: Go east of Varrock, through the gate near the earth altar, to Paterdomus. The Odd Old Man is in the limestone mine just north of the path.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Short-Medium
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
Monsters to kill:


  • To start the quest talk to the Odd Old Man. He will tell you that the museum of Varrock has contacted him because they want some stuffed animals and they want him to get the furs for the animals. But he is too busy talking to his Bonesack so he needs you to get the furs.
  • He will give you a list of the required furs and tell you that you need to buy a bag of salt from any Slayer Master, scrub the furs, and then prepare them on his fire. Using the Fairy ring code AJR is extremely helpful for its quick access to Rellekka and the fairy Slayer Master Chaeldar in Zanaris who supplies salt and a mirror shield. Alternately you can use a Slayer Ring which will take you directly to the slayer cave in Rellekka and to Sumona who can supply salt and mirror shield.
  • Kill the monsters and creatures from this list, and collect their furs.

You need to kill the following monsters:

Monster Fur Location
File:Black unicorn hide.png Black Unicorn Black unicorn hide East of Rellekka. (Only adults.)
File:Unicorn Hide.png Unicorn Unicorn hide South-East of Rellekka. (Only adults.)
File:Bear pelt.png Grizzly Bear Bear pelt South-East of Rellekka.
File:Fox Pelt.png Fox Fox pelt South of Rellekka.
File:Fenris wolf pelt.png Fenris wolf Fenris wolf pelt South of Rellekka.
File:Hobgoblin skin.png Hobgoblin Hobgoblin skin North of the city of Rellekka, but still within the city walls.
File:Rock crab carcass.png Rock crab Rock crab carcass North East of Rellekka. (Does not need tanning, only salting.)
File:Cave crawler skin.png Cave Crawler Cave crawler skin Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. (Antipoison recommended.)
File:Cockatrice skin.png Cockatrice Cockatrice skin Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. (Mirror shield required.)

(Note: The Adult Unicorn, Grizzly Bear, Black Unicorn, and Hobgoblin do NOT have to be killed in the Fremennik Province)

A map showing the locations of all monsters.

Fastest walk through (5 to 20 minutes):

  • Use fairy Ring code A-J-R (or slayer ring), enter the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
  • Kill a Cockatrice (remember to equip the mirror Shield) and a Cave crawler (bring antipoison)
  • Go back out of the cave (fastest with slayer ring), turn left to the south coast, then walk west
  • Kill a fox and an adult unicorn at agility shortcut (log bridge)
  • Walk straight north (Past the Swaying tree) and kill an adult black unicorn
  • Walk west a bit, kill a grizzly bear
  • Keep going west, past Rellekka village gate (or use an enchanted lyre), and south a little, and kill a Fenris wolf
  • Go through the gate and to the north-east part of town (past the mine) for the rock crab and hobgoblin
A player tanning fur with the fire
  • Use a bag of salt on the hide: You scrub the inside of the hide with salt. - The rock crab carcass doesn't appear to have skin. You scrub the inside of the carcass with salt instead. The item name changes to Scrubbed xx. Examine: It has been scrubbed with salt.
  • Once you have collected all of the hides and salted them, bring them back to the Odd Old Man along with 8 logs and a tinderbox.
  • Tan the hides:
    • First, 'Add-logs Fire pit' or use one of your logs on the fire pit on the east side of the Odd Old Man's hut.
    • Then, 'Stretch-skin Massive ribs' which will take first Scrubbed hide in inventory or use one of the Scrubbed hides on the massive ribs located next to the fire pit.
    • Then 'Light fire pit' or use a tinderbox on fire pit. The fire will burn for around 8 seconds.
    • Last 'Collect-fur Massive ribs' to take down the Tanned hide from the ribs. Examine: This fur/hide/skin is ready to be turned into a stuffed animal.
    • Repeat for the other 7 hides. (The rock crab does not require tanning: You can't see how you would stretch that on the rack without damaging it, so you decide not to try.)
    • Doing any of the steps out of order will get an error message: You must place logs on the fire pit first. You need to stretch a scrubbed fur on the rack before lighting the fire. You can't remove a skin while it's drying. You should remove the prepared skin from the rack before preparing another fire.
  • Speak to the Odd old man. Congratulations! Quest complete!




The Wish List

Official quest description: The Odd Old Man will reward you for finding any other bones - there is a Wishlist you can click on behind him to see the list of bones he requires. This section is much longer, requires you to kill many different types of creature, including slayer monsters.
Release date: 10 August 2009 (Update unknown) edit
Start: Read the wishlist on the shack after the completion of the quest.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Very Long
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
Monsters to kill:

The wishlist is an 'extra' quest that is given by the Odd Old Man. This does not need to be completed to wear the Quest Cape


The full list is:

  • Foot bone of a large ape-like creature.
  • Sabre-like teeth.
  • Long, sharp claws.
  • Fibula bone of the third leg on an adult three-legged creature.
  • Very large hand.
  • Tail-bone of 9 different members of the dragon family.
  • Neck bone of a camel.
  • Shoulder of a Giant
  • Spine of a giant snake.
  • Pelvis of a four-legged, magic-casting water creature that dwells in caves.
  • Femur of a large follower of Bandos.
  • Humerus of a large tortoise.
  • A Golden Fleece.

The creatures are (in order of the list):

The wishlist on the shack is also listed in the quest log for Fur 'n' Seek. As each bone is obtained, the following is added after its listing: (I have an unprepared one with me.) If item is banked, the sentence ending changes to 'in my bank'. As each bone is prepared with vinegar and fire, the word 'unprepared' is removed. As each bone is given to the Odd Old Man, that quest log entry is removed.

For the dragon tail-bones, an additional line is added below the entry: Tail-bone of 9 different members of the dragon family. I have an unprepared (name of dragon) tail-bone with me. After each prepared tail-bone is given to the Odd Old Man, the entry changes to (Name of dragon) tail-bone with a line through the name. The number decreases for each bone given to the Odd Old Man.


  • None of the bone drops are 100%, but they are fairly common.
  • Not more than 40 kills should be required for any special bone.
  • The monsters you need to kill are mentioned on the wishlist.
  • There are 20 bones to collect for the wishlist.
    • There is 1 other non-bone item to collect for the wishlist.
Monster Drops Information
Monkey Guard
Cave horror
Jungle horror
Foot bone Monkey Guard is found on Ape Atoll inside the Monkey Guard Temple. Cave horrors and Jungle horrors can only be found on Mos Le'Harmless island. Yeti can be only found in the Trollweiss Dungeon.
Big Snake
Sea Snake Young
Giant snake spine Five spawn in a pit (dungeon) located on Crash Island, bring anti-poison. Sea Snake Young are found in the Miscellania & Etceteria Dungeon.
Any Giant Shoulder bone Moss giants. Fire giants, Hill giants, the Cyclopses in the Warriors' Guild, and Ice giants all drop this bone.
Nail beast
Giant Mole
Wild Kebbit
Long sharp claws Nail beasts are encountered during the Temple Trekking minigame. Goraks can be found in the God Wars Dungeon or in the Gorak Plane accessible by Fairy Ring code DIR. The Giant Mole is found by digging the mole hills in Falador Park. Wild Kebbits can be found near Eagle's Peak in the Piscatoris Hunting Area Fairy Ring code AKQ (not recommended caused by very low drop rate, probably around 1 in 100).
Adult Turoth Fibula bone Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. The Turoth must be lvl 87, 88 or 89.
Crawling Hand
Zombie hand
Skeletal hand
Hand bone Morytania Slayer Tower Ground Floor
Bronze Dragon Tail-bone Brimhaven Dungeon or Chaos Tunnels
Iron Dragon Tail-bone Brimhaven Dungeon or Ghorrock or Kuradal's Dungeon
Steel Dragon Tail-bone Brimhaven Dungeon or Ghorrock or Kuradal's Dungeon
Green Dragon
Brutal Green Dragon
Tail-bone Green Dragons are East of Clan wars in the Wilderness, Chaos Tunnels; Brutal Green Dragons are in the Ancient Cavern
Blue Dragon Tail-bone Taverley Dungeon, Ogre Enclave, Heroes' Guild, Kuradal's Dungeon
Red Dragon Tail-bone Brimhaven Dungeon, Red Dragon Isle in the wilderness
Black Dragon
King Black Dragon
Tail-bone Taverley Dungeon, Lava Maze, Evil Chicken's Lair; King Black Dragon in the King Black Dragon Lair
Mithril Dragon Tail-bone The Ancient Cavern
Skeletal Wyvern Tail bone Asgarnian Ice Caves
Ugthanki camel Neck bone Kharidian Desert
General Graardor
Femur Bone God Wars Dungeon, Chaos tunnel
Aquanite Pelvis Bone At the end of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
Warped tortoise
Humerus bone Battlefield of Khazard, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon
Sabre-toothed kyatt
Nail beast
Sabre-like teeth Sabre-toothed kyatts are found in the Trollweiss Hunter area, Fairy Ring Code DKS. Nail beasts are found in the Temple Trekking minigame in Mortyania as a random event. Wallasalkis can be found inside Waterbirth Dungeon.
Item Location
Golden fleece Pay Lalli 1000gp (1k) Near the Golden Apple Tree south and east of Rellekka

Brimhaven Dungeon

Items: Any Hatchet, 875gp, Dragonfire shield or Anti-dragon shield
Travel method: Teleport to Brimhaven (using amulet of glory), teleport to your house if it is located in Brimhaven, or take a boat-ride for 30gp from Ardougne.
Tactics: Once in the dungeon, you can kill the moss giants which are located near the front of the dungeons. Once you venture further in, you can then kill the bronze, iron, steel and red dragons. It is recommended that you use melee and prayer pots, since it can be difficult to range the red dragons safely. You should then go deeper into the dungeon and kill the three metal dragons located here.

Ape Atoll

Items: Monkey Greegrees, decent food, prayer boosting gear.
Travel method: Teleport to Ape Atoll, otherwise speak to Daero.
Tactics: It is recommended to first switch on protect from melee and kill the Big snake on Crash Island. Then, continue towards Ape Atoll and attack the monkey guard using protect from melee and a high-hitting weapon.

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon

Items: Leaf-bladed spear or Leaf-bladed sword or Magic Dart or Broad arrows/Broad-tipped bolts, magical resistant armour, decent food, 1000gp.
Travel method: Use your Enchanted lyre to teleport to Rellekka (or house teleport) and walk east to the caves. Players can get there via the Fairy ring. (Code: A-J-R). The Slayer ring teleport to the Relekka slayer caves also can be used very effectively.
Tactics: Before entering the caves, ensure that you pay Lalli 1000gp for the golden fleece. Lalli is located near the golden apple tree. Upon venturing into the caves, it is recommended to bring Black dragon hide here and range the turoth and use a strong melee weapon against the aquanite.

Mos'le Harmless

Items: If fighting a Cave Horror: Witchwood icon, Light source, decent food and armour.
Travel method: Players can get there via the Fairy ring. (Code: C-K-S). Players can teleport to Canifis using the Ancient Magicks spell Kharyrll Teleport. Walk from Varrock. Using a Slayer ring and teleport to the tower. Empty ectophial and walk west from Port Phasmatys.
Tactics: Decent armour, a light source and a witchwood icon are necessary to fight a cave horror. Simply teleport using your ectophial and from the island, access the caves. If you don't need to fight the cave horror (if you plan to fight a Monkey Guard), then you can skip this step and proceed to the slayer tower and kill the crawling hands, which are extremely easy to kill.


Items: Dragonfire shield, Anti-dragon shield, decent food and armour.
Travel method: Use a Games necklace and teleport to Clan Wars. Wilderness Obelisk
Tactics: A Forinthry brace will prevent you from being teleblocked by revenants. Decent armour and food are vital to survive from revenants or pkers. An anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield is essential. Teleport to clan wars and kill the hill giants (if you need to) nearby in level 20 wilderness. Then walk slightly north-east and kill the green dragons located nearby. You can then walk north and head to Red dragon isle if you need to kill a red dragon. It is strongly recommended to fight Red Dragons at Brimhaven Dungeon. Green dragons can be replaced with Brutal green dragons in the trip to the Ancient Cavern to kill the Mithril dragon.

The Ancient Cavern

Items: Dragonfire shield/Anti-dragon shield, decent food and armour, a strong weapon, prayer potions, ranging potions/super sets (depending on your method for killing mithril dragons), teleport for emergencies.
Travel method: Teleport to barbarian assault using a Games necklace
Tactics: Teleport to barbarian assault and run south to the whirlpool, and jump into it to enter the Ancient Cavern. Drink any potions you need and descend the steps into the main area. If you have not killed a green dragon during the wilderness section (which is not recommended), kill the brutal green dragons until you obtain the green-dragon-tail-bone, and then ascend the steps to the south of the way you entered and kill a mithril dragon

Finishing Up

  • After you have obtained and polished all the bones (using the method from Rag and Bone Man), the old man will summon a Skeletal horror, a level 320 monster, to the platform North-East of him.
  • The monster loses bones as you battle it. You must quickly collect these bones and bury them to weaken the monster. if you don't collect them, the fallen bones crawl back to the monster and restore its life. You should use protect from magic whilst engaged in battle.
  • After defeating the monster, you will have finished the miniquest, and can talk to the Odd Old Man to receive your reward.




  • On the day of release, the spoilers for the quest read "The rewards for this quests are mumblemumblemumble...". The spoilers for the secondary wishlist read "I said the rewards are mumblemumblemumble!"
  • On the day of the quest's release, a game crash affected all players walking by the clock tower near Ardougne.
  • "Fur 'n' seek" is a reference to the game "Hide and seek", although it could also be a reference to forensic.
  • The reward for the wishlist was revealed through the quick chat.
  • The newly released music track 'Exhibit A' has the unlock hint: "This track can be unlocked when confronting the Odd Old Man's 'exhibit'".
  • Killing the Black Unicorn, the Cave Crawler and going into the slayer cave unlock achievements in the Fremennik Achievement Diaries.
  • The Golden Fleece is a reference to the Greek tale of Jason and the Argonauts - a famous mythical Slayer related tale.
  • The quest and associated wishlist of Fur 'n' Seek echoes the form of the quest and associated wishlist of the earlier Rag and Bone Man.
  • It is possible to obtain more than one foot bone from Jungle Horrors.
  • The examine information for Long, sharp claws used to incorrectly read, "These needs a good polish."
  • The Fenris Wolf is probably a reference to Fenris Ulf, a character in the Narnia series, or a creature from Norse mythology.
  • When incomplete and on a Free to Play world, the quest journal will say member's object for every piece instead of the object's actual name.  This is different from the Rag and Bone Man quest, which will show the name of the object regardless.
  • It is possible to keep a fur after the quest, this is done by killing two of the creatures and taking both furs, tanning one then dropping it and tanning the other, then drop one before turning it in.
  • Before the release of the quest, the Fenris Wolves were ordinary wolves. And although their name and examine changed, their look and drop tables didn't (with an exception of the Fenris wolf pelt).
  • In addition, there was only one, not attackable Fox wandering around the log balance shortcut to the Sinclair Mansion, a little bit west of General Khazard during Shadow Sword.

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