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The options screen.

File:Options button.png Options is a screen which allows players to change various in-game settings, such as the brightness, audio and video settings, and toggle between fullscreen and normal browser resolution.

Other options include the settings for the house, chat effects display, private chat settings, "Accept aid" settings, player-owned house settings and run energy levels.


Graphics options

Graphics Options in HD mode.
With the introduction of RuneScape High Detail, Jagex has introduced various options to the way graphics are rendered in RuneScape.

Software/Hardware Acceleration

One of four display modes may be chosen.

The current Graphics options are as follows:

Screen Sizing

The screen size may be adjusted as follows:

  • Fixed
  • Resizeable
  • Fullscreen
    • 800×600
    • 1024×768
    • 1280×720
    • 1280×800
    • 1440×900
    • 1280x1024
    • 1680x1050
    • 1600x1200

Advanced Options

  • Brightness: A slider control to adjust between four brightness levels within the game screen from darkest, on the left, to lightest, on the right. (Note: The control appears at the top of the graphics options while not logged into the game, and at the bottom when logged in.)
  • Remove roofs: Always -or- Selectively
  • Idle animations: Few -or- Many
  • Character shadows: On -or- Off
  • Lighting detail (HD only): High -or- Low
  • Anti-aliasing (HD only): None, 2x, -or- 4x
  • Custom cursors: On -or- Off
  • Particle effects: High, Medium, -or- Low
  • CPU usage: Very low, Low, Normal, High -or- Maximum
  • Ground decoration: On -or- Off
  • Flickering effects: On -or- Off
  • Scenery shadows (HD only): None, Static, -or- Dynamic
  • Water detail (HD only): High -or- Low
  • Fog (HD only): On -or- Off
  • Visible levels: Current -or- All (For HD: Always "All")
  • Texture detail: Low -or- High
  • Ground textures: Few -or- Many (For HD: Always "Many")
  • Resizable window (HD only): Off -or- On

Audio options

The "Audio Options" selections.

The audio options can be set from the screen by selecting "Audio Options" in the panel prior to the logon screen.

What can I change?

  • Music Volume: How loud the background music is. The background music the music that is currently playing in the jukebox. By turning down the Music volume, you hear the ingame sounds more easily which is useful for some fights where the monster makes a noise before it attacks.
  • Sound Effects: How loud the sound effects are, such as the noise of the player attacking a monster and the High Alchemy noise. Turning down the sound effects is good if you are doing something like high alching for hours straight and the noise that sounds every time you do one action starts to get on your nerve.
  • Ambient Sounds Volume: How loud the surrounding area sounds are. The surrounding things are things like birds chirping and the noise of the ocean going in and out which you can only hear when you are in a certain area.
  • Mono/Stereo: Switch between Mono and Stereo sound. When the noise is mono, all the speakers play exactly the same thing. With stereo though some of the speakers will play certain instrument's noises while the other speakers play the other noises.


Mouse Buttons: Toggles between one-button or two-button configuration. If the mouse has one button only, especially in the case of Apple computer mice. If one-button configuration is chosen, clicking will bring up a list of options just like when a two-button mouse is right-clicked.
Chat Effects: Enables chat effects that players can add to their chat text. If chat effects is set to OFF, it will be the normal yellow colour, otherwise chat effects will display as intended by the players.
Split Private Chat: Toggles the position of the private chat. If the Private chat is set to ON, it will be displayed in blue in the lower-left corner of the game screen. If it is set to OFF, it will be displayed in the main chat area in red text.
Accept Aid: Toggles the Accept aid option. "Accepting aid" means that players can be affected by special Magic spells that affects another player, such as the Teleother spells, Cure Other spells, and Tele Group spells. Players with "Accept Aid" set to OFF cannot be recruited for the Barbarian Assaultminigame.
Run Energy: Toggles between running and walking. Whenever a player stops moving, run wil gradually energy regenerate back to 100%. The button also displays how much run energy a player has left. This used to be the only way to toggle run, but it isn't now.
House Options: Opens up another interface to control a player-owned house where players can turn on and off Building mode, expel guests, leave their house, and see how many rooms their house currently has.

House options

The house options screen.
An image from the RuneScape KB, showing what is presumed to have been an early version of the options buttons for RuneScape HD.
The "House Options" screen allows the player to enter or leave Building mode, expel their guests, or to leave the house without the need for a portal. Only the "Leave House" option can be used from this screen when a player is not in their own player-owned house.

The "Expel Guests" button played a part in the World 111 Glitch.

If a player is not in their house and selects 'Expel Guests', they get the message "You're not in a house. You can't expel people from the world, even if you don't like them!".
The message you receive if you're not in your POH and select 'Expel Guests'.

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A player walking with the "Run" option off.

A player running with the "Run" option on.

Run energy goes up and down as it is used and restored.

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