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Dr Who

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Race: Human
Home Planet: Parallel Earth
Home Era: 1963 (parallel)
Appearances: DWM: Lunar Lagoon

Fuji was a Japanese soldier from a timeline in which World War II was still being fought in 1963. His home was in Okinawa where he was a fisherman and his boat was called "Flush of Dawn". He took the Doctor prisoner until an American fighter attacked the area. Afterwords, the Doctor tried to treat his wounds. After the Doctor left, he was killed by Gus Goodman. (DWM: Lunar Lagoon)

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DC Comics

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Character Template Character Template

[[Image:|200px|center|Toshiro Misawa (Earth-50)]]
Real Name
Toshiro Misawa
Current Alias


Yoshi Misawa (father)


Base Of Operations


7' 0"




Unusual Features
Cybernetic Suit


Marital Status

Government Agent, former Sumo wrestler


Place of Birth
Tokyo, Japan


First appearance

Stormwatch #1



The nickname Fuji was given to him in high school, because of his extraordinary size and Japanese origin. He spent some time as a Sumo wrestler in his teens but developed a strange condition which caused his body's structure to deteriorate. His father, Yoshi Misawa, was a wealthy businessman and invested a lot of that money into curing his son but was told it was incurable. Stormwatch then stepped in to help. However, when his powers were fully activated, Fuji's body reverted to plasma and only quick thinking by Stormwatch scientists saved his life. Now, he is unable to live outside his specially built containment suit, a fact which affects him emotionally though he often hides it behind a cheerful exterior.

Life With Stormwatch

Fuji's containment suit has changed many times over the course of his Stormwatch duties. Despite inherent problems, such as his fingers being too big to operate communication devices, Fuji still enjoys bragging about how beautiful he considers himself to be.

Fuji once assisted the Wildcats, where rogue team-member Tao caused him severe mental damage by trapping him in a mental loop. It took some time to recover from this.

Fuji's deep patriotism is highlighted in Stormwatch as he breaks protocol to personally confront a Japanese madman who is causing widespread death in Tokyo and beyond with the intention of having other countries taking over Japan. After an ideological confront, the madman died in the hands of his own genetically engineered soldiers. Fuji never spoke about that day again.

During downtime in Clark's Bar, a hangout for superpowered people, Fuji tells of a secret unique to his physical makeup. The random vibrations of every day life build up inside the gas of his body. Every five minutes, they 'erupt', giving him an orgasm. His teammates are duly shocked and or envious.


Fuji was killed when his containment suit was destroyed during an attack by Xenomorphs on Skywatch, along with Fahrenheit, Hellstrike, and others.[1]


When the Authority's Doctor resurrected Winter, his teammates were resurrected as well, including Fuji. According to Fahrenheit's memories, one of the Monitors played a role in this, specifying that they would be needed. Though it could also be suggested that Fuji and the others were saved by a possible future version of Jackson King. Fuji has rejoined the reorganized Stormwatch Prime.

World's End

Fuji's new form.
Fuji serves under Jackson King's new StormWatch, as a member of StormWatch Team Alpha. While Stormwatch was helping the stranded Authority in UnLondon, both teams battled The Eidolon and his forces. Eidolon confronted Fuji and ruptures his suit, putting him on the verge of death.[2] After Eidolon and his forces were defeated, Fuji was see to my Angela Spica (The Engineer) and allowed to have some of her nanite blood to flow into Fuji's suit, repairing. Fuji remained in a comatose condition on Skywatch while being looked after by Link. Fuji's gaseous condition changes due to The Engineer's nanites that are still in Fuji's suit, which encased him in an oval-shaped structure. When Skywatch was severely damaged by Kheran terrorists, Fuji finally emerges out of the structure as a man completely covered in silver, which is not unlike that of The Engineer. With his newfound powers, Fuji saved Skywatch from burning up in Earth's atmosphere and placed it back into orbit.[3] Following this, Link confronted Jackson King and tells him that he learns very well that King had expected Fuji's transformation since repairing the Authority's Carrier, and suggested that he plans on violently replacing the Authority, which explains Fuji's form that is similar to Angel Spica's.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Gaseous Sentient Posthuman Entity: He's a living weapon of pure energy, what the scientist call a gaseous sentient posthuman entity. As living plasma energy he is highly Radioactive.

  • Superhuman Strength


Containment Breach: he is unable to control his molecular structure without it and he would revert into a radioactive cloud of plasma, possibly dying in the process without some other form of containment.



  • Containment Suit: He has immense size and strength as well as the ability to control the density of his body granted by his containment suit. He in given invulnerability by the suit but its not totally indestructible.

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Final Fantasy

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The main female protagonist of Final Fantasy Adventure is given any name of the player’s choice, but is called Fuji in the English manual of the game. She is a non-playable character that accompanies the hero on four separate occasions throughout the game. She is the last descendant of the Mana People, who created the Tree of Mana that gives life to the world.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

At the beginning of the game, the girl is being escorted to Wendel to be protected from Dark Lord, who is seeking her and her Mana pendant to gain access to the Tree of Mana. The party is attacked by monsters outside of Topple, and her escort, Hasim, is fatally wounded. Hasim’s last words are to the hero, telling him to take the girl to Wendel and find the old Gemma Knight Bogard. Bogard, who lives as a hermit in the mountains, recognizes the girl’s pendant and tells them to find Cibba in Wendel.

On their way to Wendel, the two stop for the night in a mysterious inn called Kett’s. The girl gives the hero her Book of Cure before they fall asleep, but is then captured by the house’s master, the vampire Mr. Lee.

Once the hero rescues the girl, they continue to Wendel and meet Cibba. Cibba summons the spirit of the girl’s mother, who tells her she is of the Mana people, who created the tree and whom the Gemma Knights protect. But then the girl is captured by Dark Lord’s advisor Julius as his army attacks Wendel. The hero eventually catches and boards Julius’ airship. When he can’t free the girl from the inside, he tries to break her out from the outside. But Julius catches them, and the hero is only able to get the pendant before he is knocked off the ship. As the ship takes the girl to Castle Glaive, Amanda steals the pendant from the hero and gives it to Davias in Jadd to try and buy her brother’s freedom. Davias gives the pendant to Julius’ bird Garuda to take to Glaive.

Once the hero makes it back to Glaive, he breaks the girl out of the dungeon. But as the he confronts Dark Lord, Julius, who has the pendant, bewitches the girl into chanting the spell to let them ride up a waterfall to the Mana Temple.

By the time the hero reaches the temple, Julius has gained the power of Mana. His defeat at the hands of the hero destroys the Mana Tree. The spirit of the girl’s mother tells her she must now become the new and last tree, leaving the hero with the lifelong task of guarding the tree as the last of the Gemma Knights.

Attack Abilities and Ask Abilities

Possessing no fighting prowess Fuji wont attack enemies, she will however, when asked, slowly regenerate Sumo's HP through magic.

Other Appearances

Sword of Mana

Artwork of the female protagonist (Fuji) from the GBA remake.

Seiken Densetsu Mobile

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