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Average height

2.5 meters

Hair color

Sandy Brown, Chestnut

Eye color



Thin, extra limb joints

Famous members


The Frozians were bipedal humanoids indigenous to the planet Froz.


Biology and appearance

A Frozian

Frozians evolved on their low-gravity homeworld from a species of prairie lopers who subsisted on the fruit of tall trees. Frozians were furred, mammalian beings with no external ears and large, whiskered muzzles. They had an extra joint in their arms and legs, making their movement unusual to watch for other humanoid races. An average Frozian had a lifespan of approximately a century, although it was common for Frozians living offworld to live until only eighty years old. This was especially true of Frozians living in high-gravity environments, to which they found it difficult to adapt.

Frozians spoke their own language, and though many could also speak Basic, they had a tendency to stutter words or phrases for emphasis.

Society and culture

Frozians were known to be diligent and honest, and those who ventured offworld strove to uphold the laws of whichever culture they integrated themselves. Frozians were generally considered to be strong-willed and would often go out of their way to help others, especially those they perceived as needy. However, following the destruction of their planet's ecosystem, members of the species tended to become depressed when not helping people, and would often ruin the moods of those around them.


During the Galactic Civil War, the natives of Froz were accused of harboring sympathy for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The Galactic Empire chose to make an example of the Frozians, and the sector Moff's Star Destroyers devastated the planet with turbolaser fire, killing a large portion of the population. Further, the assault decimated certain natural flora on Froz, without which Frozians could not reproduce. This meant that the Frozians who survived the attack were the last of the species, and scientists expected the entire race to become extinct within one hundred years.

Frozians in the Galaxy

A Frozian

Following the Imperial attack on their homeworld, many Frozians joined the Alliance, devoting their lives to overthrowing the Empire, while others simply resigned themselves to their fate. The survivors commonly had little contact with one another, instead integrating themselves into other species.

Micamberlecto was a notable Frozian.

Common Frozian names[1]

  • Carlisgontoris
  • Rocatrinicel
  • Scorylance


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Mentioned only)
  • Ambush at Corellia


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