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Cover Art - Alex Mallinson
Frozen Time
Series: Doctor Who -
Big Finish Audio Dramas
Release Number: 98
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Enemy: Ice Warriors
Setting: Earth, Antarctica, 2012
Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Director: Barnaby Edwards
Music and Post Production: Steve Foxon
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Release Date: August 2007
Format: 2 CDs - 4 Episodes
Prod. Code: 7Z/B
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-84435-285-2
Previous Story: The Vanity Box
Following Story: Son of the Dragon


Publisher's Summary

In 1929, Lord Barset's expedition to the Antarctic is lost without trace. Or so it seems…

Nearly a century later, his grandson funds a much-publicized return to the icy wastes. His mission: to discover what happened to the original expedition. But what he finds instead is an enigma – a battered London police box frozen in ice millennia old.

But something else lies in wait in this awful place, something from an era before humankind set foot on the continent's cold soil. A menace frozen in time.

Until now.



  • Lord Barset thinks he is searching for 'lizard men' or Earth Reptiles.
  • But the Antarctic actually holds a Martian prison facility for war criminals.
  • The Doctor mutters names of his previous companions; Mel, Ace and Hex.


  • In addition to the 'CD Extras' there are extra tracks with just the music score (used in the audio) at the end of both CDs.


  • Frozen Time acts as a pseudo-sequel to Endurance, an Audio Visual by Briggs, which featured the original 1929 Lord Barset expedition. The Silurians from Endurance are replaced with the Ice Warriors, however.
  • The Ice Warriors first appeared in DW: The Ice Warriors and first appeared BFA: Red Dawn.
  • The TARDIS is frozen in a similar manner in EDA: Time Zero.
  • With this story taken into account, there are three incarnations of the Doctor visting 2012: the Seventh Doctor here, the Ninth Doctor in Utah, and the Tenth Doctor in London.


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