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From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love
Series: The Sarah Jane Adventures
Series Number: 13
Enemy: Slitheen
Setting: Ealing, London, 2009
Writer: Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman
Director: Joss Agnew
Producer: Brian Minchin
Broadcast: 13th March 2009
Format: 1 x approx. 5 min. mini-adventure
Prod. Code: {{{production code}}}
Previous Story: Enemy of the Bane
Following Story: Prisoner of the Judoon

From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love[1] was a special episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures that was broadcast on 13 March 2009 as part of the 2009 Comic Relief appeal. The title of the episode does not appear on screen; pre-broadcast publicity attributed the title Funny for Money (also the slogan of Comic Relief) to the special, but co-writer Clayton Hickman revealed the episode's true title in a post to the Doctor Who Forum a few days after the broadcast.



While performing a maintenance on Mr Smith, a surprising guest visits Sarah Jane.


Sarah Jane, Luke, Rani and Clyde are running a routine check on Mr Smith, concluding with manual calibration of the energy reversal beam. Before they get the chance to calibrate it however, the entire attic starts shaking and Mr Smith warns them of an unknown force locking in on their location. Just as suddenly as it began, the shaking stops and a small man in a bowler hat teleports into the room.

The man greets them and tells them he is Ambassador Rahnius, sent by the Galactic Alliance to thank them for protecting Earth. With a click of his fingers, he bestows upon them a gift: a set of sparkly red deeley boppers each. Confused, Luke asks what they are and Rahnius cites cultural differences making humans very difficult to buy for. Rahnius begins to make himself comfortable by hanging his hat on the back of the door and taking a seat. Whilst telling a story he proceeds to break wind noisily. This raises Sarah Jane's suspicions as they have encountered an alien race with "gas problems" before: the Slitheen family.

Suddenly, K-9 teleports into the attic and identifies Rahnius as a Slitheen. His cover blown, Rahnius activates a device on his ring that attaches a clamp to K-9 which deactivates him. He then proceeds to unzip his forehead and peels off his skin to reveal his true form, before activating another device that roots Sarah Jane, Luke, Rani and Clyde to the floor through their "Deadly Deeley Boppers".

His enemies now immobilized, Rahnius reveals that he plans to steal K-9. With his extensive knowledge of the past and the future, no bank in space will be safe from them - they'll crunch the credit of the cosmos. With Rahnius distracted by K-9, Luke reminds Sarah Jane of the energy reversal beam, but Sarah Jane reminds Luke in return that it is still un-calibrated and none of them can reach the switch. Clyde tells them to leave it to him as he grabs Rahnius' hat off the door.

Sarah Jane gets Rahnius' attention back, telling him she still has her Sonic lipstick. She signals to Clyde who throws the hat which hits the calibration switch. Mr Smith channels the energy reversal beam through the sonic lipstick meaning Rahnius is now stuck to the floor and everyone else can move again. Sarah Jane tells Mr Smith to send Rahnius back where he came from, along with K-9's clamp.

Sarah Jane claims that it was the weirdest five minutes of her life. K-9 agrees, a red nose adorning his face.


Production Crew

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  • Rahnius claims to have been on the 211th hole when he was summoned for the mission by the Galactic Alliance.

Story Notes

  • This episode marks the first time one of the Doctor Who spinoffs has been featured in a mini-episode and is the first "mainstream Whoniverse" Comic Relief mini-episode (the previous production, The Curse of Fatal Death, was a spoof and not considered part of mainstream continuity).
  • Running at just over 5 minutes, it was the shortest mini-episode produced as of its broadcast and, thus, the shortest episode to date ever produced for the Doctor Who television franchise. It was later surpassed by the three-minute Doctor Who mini-episode Tonight's the Night, however the later production is not considered in any way canonical, wheras the SJA mini-episode can be considered thus. In December 2009 a made-for-Internet short story WC: A Ghost Story for Christmas, running 3.5 minutes, took the record of shortest legitimate Who-franchise story ever filmed. However, From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love can correctly be called the shortest canonical Who-franchise story ever broadcast on television.
  • The title of the mini-episode does not actually appear on screen, making this only the third Doctor Who franchise episode in history to not display a story title (following the Doctor Who TV movie and the 2005 Doctor Who Children in Need Special mini-episode).
  • The title is a play on From Russia with Love, the title of a James Bond novel and movie.
  • This was K-9's only appearance in a Series 2-era production, as he does not appear in any of the regular season episodes.


The episode was watched by approximately 8.3 million viewers according to unofficial over-night ratings.


Filming Locations

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • "The Slitheen" are referred to as a race whereas they are actually a family within the Raxacoricofallapatorian race.
  • Rahnius plans to steal K-9 Mark IV for its extensive knowledge of the past and future. This model has only been activated since early 2007 so will not have experienced all that much. It is possible that this model has retained its memories of K-9 Mark III and possibly even those of Marks II and I before it.  K-9 Mark I (at least) having been gifted to The Doctor (with Leela) by Professor Marius of "The Invisible Enemy"  It is also possible that K9 has interfaced with Mr. Smith or the Doctor's TARDIS at some point. Another possibility is that Rahnius was mistaken in believing this model would contain such data. This K9 has been shown to have significant knowledge previously, including the TARDIS base code numerals (DW: Journey's End).
  • Just before donning the red nose, K-9 is heard laughing. Is the tin dog capable of displaying such emotion? Although never before heard laughing, K-9 has been heard sounding indignant, smug, angry, and in other emotional states in stories dating back to his debut in The Invisible Enemy. Sarah Jane or one of the kids might have also adjusted his programming.
  • How did K-9 get his red nose? It was a Comic Relief Special, it was almost inevitable they'd work a red nose in somehow; ditto the funny hats given to the other characters. Exactly how it got there is a question left unanswered from an in-universe perspective. It is, however, very similar in appearance to the red deely-boppers that were previously materialised onto the humans in the room. It's not unreasonable to assume that the nose was also meant to be of similar origin.
  • The Slitheen in this episode has gas exchange problems but they managed to fix it in The Lost Boy. (The Slitheen in The Lost Boy are using a new type of "slimline" suit, which does a better job of dealing with the gas exchange. This Slitheen in no way appears to be wearing a slimline suit. There is no guarantee that the technology would be distributed throughout the family.)
  • How could a Slitheen have trouble remembering the name of his planet? He was pretending to be not a Slitheen.


  • Presuming Ambassador Rahnius was a real person, this is the first time in the series that a Raxacoricofallapatorian is seen wearing the skin suit of a non-human.
  • There are a handful of references to The Two Ronnies - a long-running TV series that Ronnie Corbett co-hosted - including Rahnius saying that his nickname, "Rani", and Rani herself makes them "The Two Ranis", that whilst he was in the Galactic Canteen there were fork 'andles and when Rahnius is finally teleported away, Sarah Jane says "And it's good night from him," which was Ronnie Barker's catchphrase. Equally, Corbett's monologue, a running feature in The Two Ronnies, is referenced through the speech pattern and mannerisms of Rahnius when he is sitting, much like he did in the aforementioned show.
  • "Two Ranis" can also be a reference to The Rani, showing that the fact she shares her name with Rani Chandra is not significant because there are a lot of Ranis. One of the murder victims in Torchwood premiere "Everything Changes" was a Rani Gosch.
  • With the exception of K-9, for no apparent (in-universe) reason donning a Comic Relief red nose, there is nothing in this mini-episode to suggest it cannot occur in mainstream continuity, unlike the franchise's previous Comic Relief production, The Curse of Fatal Death, which was a spoof.


  • The presence of Rani places From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love as occurring at some point after SJA: The Day of the Clown.

DVD, Video and Other releases

  • The entire Comic Relief appeal appeared, segmented, on iPlayer within a few hours of broadcast, including this mini-episode.
  • The mini-episode is included in the Series 2 DVD box set as a "bonus footage prize" for correctly answering five consecutive questions in a quiz. Along with the rest of Series 2, this was the first time the mini-episode was officially made available to North American viewers, as the Comic Relief special was never broadcast outside the UK.

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