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Frog spawn is a members-only food item that heals a random number of Hitpoints when eaten[1]. Eating it also yields the message: "You eat the frogspawn. Yuck." Note that "frogspawn" is written as a single word here.

Members can catch frog spawn with a small fishing net in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves and in the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon. They require level 33 Fishing, and gain 75 experience points when they do so[2].

Members may also obtain frog spawn by looting a gourm' impling jar after catching a gourmet impling. This impling may be in the wild or in the Impetuous Impulses minigame.

Frog spawn may also be a drop from a frog in the Jade vine maze.

You can feed your pet cat with it.

They are also used in Crafting potions, (level 42 Herblore required) along with a Wergali herb.

A Frog spawn can heal anywhere between 3 Hitpoints to 6 Hitpoints.

Here is a table showing the odds of healing.

Heal Amount Odd of receiving
3 12.19%
4 34.00%
5 28.95%
6 31.90%


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