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Frog Song being cast on Cloud Strife.

Frog Song, also known as Pond Chorus, is a Blue magic spell that corresponds to Toad.



Final Fantasy IV

In the DS version, Edward can learn Frog Song at a certain level. It can also be used through the Sing Decant Ability as long as the character has it equipped and is at the necessary level.

Pond Chorus being cast in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy V

Pond Chorus, originally known as Frog Song and Toad Song, is a Blue Magic spell cast and learned from Toad type enemies.

Final Fantasy VII

Frog Song is an Enemy Skill learned from the enemies Touch Me, Toxic Frog, and Christopher. In addition to turning one enemy into a Frog, it also puts it to Sleep for a cost of 5 MP.

Due to an error in either the coding or the writing, the spell's description claims it affects all enemies, while it only affects one.

Final Fantasy XI

Frog Song is an enemy ability that is not learnable by Blue Mages. It can be used only by Poroggo and inflicts a Costume status effect, turning the player into a frog, as well as charming them. Some Notorious Monster versions have an upgraded version called Frog Chorus that applies to a group of players.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Animists can learn Frogsong, which inflicts Frog. Lamias can use Poison Frog which inflicts Poison as well as Frog.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Animists and Lamias retain their Toad-status moves, though the former's move is known as Toad Song.

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