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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

A frog was a member of an order of tailless amphibian with numerous species found on Earth, or still more species on other worlds with similar traits. The Wollowan were considered frog-like. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

When Leonard McCoy was nine, he had a pet frog on Earth. (TOS novel: The Better Man)


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From Muppet Wiki

A frog has appeared as a minor character in a number of segments and songs on Sesame Street over the years.

In "We Are All Earthlings," he is performed by Jerry Nelson.

He appears in an Ernie and Bert Sketch performed by Joey Mazzarino, speaking only in "nee-deep"s. He also appears as Kermit's cousin, the Caribbean Amphibian (performed by Kevin Clash).

See also

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

A Toad artwork from Final Fantasy VII.

Toad (トード Tōdo), also known as Frog, is a recurring spell which inflicts the Toad status effect.



Final Fantasy II

The spell Toad is a Black Magic spell which transforms one or all enemies into toads. It can also change allies back into their original form. The success rate increases with the level of the spell. Any character can learn Toad by having them use the Toad Tome (called the Toad Scroll in the Origins release).

In Origins, Dawn of Souls, and 20th Anniversary editions, the Minigame on the ice-sled can be rigged by mastering the Toad spell (getting it to level 16).

Toad Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Toad when used outside of battle. Casts Toad VIII on all enemies when used in battle.
Buy In N/A
Find In Fynn Castle
Won From Captain, Mini Satana, Purobolos, Sorcerer
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy III

Toad is a Level 2 White Magic spell that can both inflict and remove the Toad status. Bought in Gysahl for 1,000 gil or can be obtained for free from the Gulgans in Gulgan Gulch. In order to traverse certain dungeons, the story requires players to be in Toad status. In the NES version of the game, Toad is useful as an Instant Death spell.

Final Fantasy IV

Cecil as a Toad.

Toad is a Black Magic spell that Rydia learns at level 13 and Porom learns at level 22. It costs 7 MP in all non-DS versions, and 10 MP in the DS version.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Toad returns as a Black Magic spell that Fusoya, Biggs, and Rydia all initially start with, while Palom learns it at level 22. It costs 7 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy V

Toad is a level 2 Black Magic spell that can be bought in Phantom Village for 300 Gil, or found in Istory. It costs 8 MP to cast, and can be used by both Black Mages and Red Mages.

Final Fantasy VII

Toad is the last spell on the Transform' materia, and costs 14 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Inflicts or removes the Toad status. Can be caused by the Black Mage's spell that costs 12 MP, has a speed of 25, and costs 500 JP to learn. The following below are other abilities that cause the Toad status:

Job Abilities

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Alchemist spell Toad, the Animist skill Frog Song both inflict the Frog status.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Alchemist's Toad spell, the Animist's renamed Toadsong, and the Trickster's Suggestion ability all inflict the Toad status on a target.


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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

The Frog

Species: Animal
Profession: image:-icon.png
Level(s): 7

The Frog

The Frog is a very wise amphibian who could be described as an oracle. Periodically, ArenaNet staff members use him as a way to speak to the community. Sometimes they release tidbits of information about future updates of the game. He even replies when being addressed (provided an ArenaNet developer is "logged in" as The Frog). The Frog most often appears in the International District in Kamadan.

The Frog's words, often in rather cryptic riddles, appear in golden font in the public channel.

Who Owns The Frog: Control of The Frog has been a hot topic of speculation by players, as none of ANet's employees have ever confirmed who summons The Frog or whether it can appear without a supervising player. These are the known facts:

  • When Gaile Gray was Community Relations Manager (CRM), she often appeared when The Frog did;
  • In a well-known dual appearance, Gray appeared to upset The Frog by referring to it as Toadbreath, and subsequently sent her response aimed at placating The Frog from The Frog's avatar (instead of her own);
  • The Frog made appearances at times when Gray did not.
  • Liana Briarwater has been seen speaking as The Frog during several appearances, using her own avatar (and the standard purple text used by game staff);

Miniature Frog:

  • There are three versions of The Frog miniature, all named the same, but with different appearances. There is a normal Frog, a Halloween Frog and Wintersday Frog. All are one-of-a-kind and are not available to players. They were given to Gaile Gray by the Developer team as departure gifts when she stepped down as community relations manager, and each of them contains a unique second line of yellow text, saying "With you always, he is."

Ambient frog locations

Frogs can be found as ambient animals in a number of places around Kryta.

Persistent Presence

Special Appearances

Camouflaged in Lion's Gate.
Swimming in Sanctum Cay.
The color of the ◄ ► encasing a group of minis indicates their text color.
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From Lostpedia

The tree frog angers Sawyer, who believes it is mocking him

A frog was featured in "One of Them".



On the Island

Sawyer claimed to have heard a frog whose croak was so loud it prevented him from sleeping and drove him on a quest for vengeance. ("One of Them")

It is unknown if Sawyer actually heard the frog or not, as Jin was passing by at the time and made no indication that he could hear it. ("One of Them")

[We hear the sound of a frog and see Sawyer trying to sleep in his tent. He gets up, frustrated by the sound of the frog.]
SAWYER: This is unbelievable. [Jin happens by] Hey! Hey, you hear that thing? You hear that frog -- that frog? You want to help me find it?
[Jin gives him a dirty look, and walks away.]
SAWYER: What, we ain't friends anymore?

On his mission to seek revenge against his tormentor, Sawyer encountered Hurley who had important knowledge of the frog's whereabouts. ("One of Them")

SAWYER [hearing the frog]: Son of a bitch.
[Sawyer looks around for the frog while putting his hand on the gun in his waistband.]
HURLEY: Dude, it's just a tree frog.
SAWYER: Have you seen it?
SAWYER: Tell you what -- you help me find that thing, you can keep right on ranch dipping. We got a deal?

While still looking for the frog, in a rare moment of emotional vulnerability, Sawyer reaches out to Hurley for help. ("One of Them")

SAWYER: Hurley, wait, wait. Hey, Hurley wait. Look, man, I'm sorry, alright. This frog is killing me. You've got to help me out, please.

Eventually, they found the frog and Hurley pleaded with Sawyer to spare its life. Instead, Sawyer crushed the frog to death in his hand. ("One of Them")

HURLEY: I have an idea. Why don't I take him -- far from here -- 2 beaches away? Then maybe he'll find a Mrs. Tree Frog. That way he won't keep you up anymore, and everyone's happy.
SAWYER: Yeah, that's one idea. Here's another.
[Sawyer squishes the frog in his hand.]

Sawyer then joked about eating the frog with ranch, a cruel reference to Hurley's stash of food seen earlier in the episode. ("One of Them")

SAWYER: I hear with a little ranch they taste just like chicken.
[Sawyer hands the frog to Hurley.]



  • Frogs are commonly used in scientific research, from basic anatomical studies via dissection to complex genome mapping.
  • The frog was a symbol of fertility to the ancient Egyptians. In Egyptian mythology, there is a frog-headed goddess named Heqet, meaning "frog". In addition to fertility, she was also closely associated with resurrection. Rebirth, both the literal and figurative sense, is a major theme of Lost.

Production notes

  • Although the characters refer to the frog as a "tree frog", which are members of the Hylidae family, the actual species of the frog is Dendrobates auratus, which is a member of the Dendrobatidae family (i.e., poison dart frogs). They are native to Central America but were introduced to Hawaii, where Lost is filmed, as means of controlling the mosquito population.

Literary techniques

  • Sawyer's killing of the tree frog contrasts with his earlier encounter with the wild boar. After he caught up to the boar that had been tormenting him, he unexpectedly spared its life, contrary to his original plan. ("Outlaws") (Juxtaposition)

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
  1. Do not answer the questions here.
  2. Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.
More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Frog/Theories
  • Was the frog intentionally tormenting Sawyer?
  • How could Sawyer, while on the beach, hear the frog in the jungle?

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help

Frog (Earth-8545)
Real Name






First appearance

Exiles #21
(March, 2003)



Frog is a member of the Avengers, and helped in the Exiles' assault on the Vi-Locks' base, Mainframe.

Powers and Abilities


Apparently all the Powers and Abilities of Mortimer Toynbee (Earth-616)#Powers.


It would seem that Frog is Earth-8545's version of Toad.


  • Appearances of Frog (Earth-8545)
  • Character Gallery: Frog (Earth-8545)
  • Images that feature Frog (Earth-8545)
  • Fan-Art Gallery: Frog (Earth-8545)
  • Quotations by Frog (Earth-8545)

Discover and Discuss

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about the monster found in the Jade vine maze. For other uses, see Frog (disambiguation).

A Frog is a level 66 monster found in the Jade vine maze from the Back to my Roots quest. The frog is quite a big creature but does not look like a level 66 monster, so one should not be fooled when one sees it. Lower levelled players should not underestimate these monsters.


100% Drop

Other drops

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about Frogs of Belsavis. For more uses of Frog, see Frog (disambiguation).

Frogs were amphibious animals that rained from the skies on Belsavis, a cold planet that had three moons, canyons, and electrical storms.


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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Japanese (kanji and furigana)




Appears in (sets)
Appears in (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX


Frogs are a series of cards identified by having "Frog" (ガエル) in their name. "Frog the Jam" is excluded since it is not a genuine "Frog" monster. They are all WATER Aqua-Type monsters, making them the first Archetype of WATER attribute and Aqua-Type. They debuted in the Cybernetic Revolution pack. Princess Rose uses this archetype in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Anime.

Though weak, Frog cards can unleash devastating effects that include rapid summoning, the option to increase their ATK or protect themselves from destruction, or wiping out all cards the opponent controls. Many Frog cards are very low in level, which makes them benefit from "Wetlands" as well as cards such as "Gravity Bind".

Another card that is helpful in a Frog deck is "One for One" from the Raging Battle set, which will allow you to get "Substitoad" onto the field faster, so you're not wasting a Normal Summon or Set to get "Substitoad" out.

With the addition of Light of Destruction and from then on, Frogs are even more powerful with "Froggy Forcefield" to counter attacks, "Substitoad" to get out more Frog monsters and prevent them from being destroyed in battle, "Unifrog" able to make direct attacks, and "Wetlands" powering up most Frogs a considerable amount. Others include Dupe Frog, Flip Flop Frog and Swap Frog.

The set also has the spell card: Moray of Greed this lets you draw three cards by sending two water monsters from your hand to your deck.

"Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord" is the perfect protection for this archetype.


Playing Style

Frog decks uses the Field Spell Wetlands that will increase the ATK of all level 2 or lower Water Aqua monsters by 1200. You can use T.A.D.P.O.L.E. (Which will also give you 2 more) or stalling Frog cards like Substitoad along with Dupe Frog or Flip Flop Frog and Treeborn Frog to defend in order to build up combos. For example, T.A.D.P.O.L.E.s can power up your Beelze Frogs to 2100 ATK, a pretty high attack for a level three monster. Since Frogs are all low- level, you can use cards that benefit from this, like Pride of the Weak or Graceful Revival. Also Mermaid Archer is good with frogs due to that all frogs except for Des Frog are level 3 or lower. Star Boy is critical if you want to power up your frogs in a flash; even by itself, with the Wetlands support and its own ability, it becomes a 2250 ATK beatstick. Big Wave Small Wave can be useful for bringing out Des Frog from your hand. Water Hazard is another powerful Spell that can allows you to Special Summon frogs from your hand.

Frog OTK Decks

Froggy Fusion

A possible OTK is to Tribute Summon Des Frog when at least 2 T.A.D.P.O.L.E.s are in your graveyard, then use Des Croaking to destroy all cards on your opponent's side of the field and the attack for 5700 damage with the 3 Des Frogs. It is very possible to OTK this way, especially if you have at least two Beelze Frogs on the field, which will make a total of 9900 damage. To summon Des Frog you may need to stall, so use Treeborn Frog, Froggy Forcefield, and other good defense and tribute-material cards.

D.3.S. Frog works great with the Quick-Play Spell Card Super Polymerization; Tribute Summon 1 Des Frog and get your other two. Then, use a Des Croaking and attack with the 3 Des Frogs. Finally, use Super Polymerization and attack with D.3.S. Frog for a One Turn Kill

Zombie Frog Mill

This interesting strategy requires Zombie World, one or two Soul-Absorbing Bone Towers, Substitoad and any other monster. Make sure you've got everything on the field, then tribute your random monster with Substitoad. This will summon a Zombie type Frog, activating Soul-Absorbing Bone Towers' effect to mill 2/4/6 or your opponent' cards. Tribute the new Frog with Substitoad and repeat until game!

With one Bone Tower, you will need 17/18 Frogs in your deck, which is easily possible. With two towers, you need about 9 Frogs. Check the List of "Frog" monsters to select up to 25 copies of Frogs. To reduce the number of frogs required, you can use Pot of Avarice to recycle some already sent, while gaining more cards in the hand.

Additional ways to help this idea include using Terraforming and Demise of the Land to help get Zombie World out. One for One can Special Summon Substitoad out of the deck. If you discard Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower for One for One, you can use Book of Life to revive it. If you Special Summon Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, Inferno Reckless Summon can pull the other two from your deck, hand, or graveyard. With a bunch of luck, you can activate this on your first turn if your opponent has a monster in their graveyard and one face-up on the field.

Dragon Frog Exodia

This strategy uses Substitoad, DNA Surgery/D. Tribe & Super Rejuvenation to draw through your entire deck in one turn in order to cause a win condition using the 5 parts of Exodia.

First get the Substitoad & Type change on the field, then after playing Super Rejuvenation tribute enough frogs to draw the rest of your deck during the endphase.

Like most frog combos, use One for One and such to get Substitoad as fast as posible, and from there setup the rest of the 3 card combo. Other cards that could be used are A Cat of Ill Omen to search for the Type Changing traps, as well as Magical Mallet / Hand Destruction to allow controlled drawing through the deck, in order not to lose any parts of Exodia.

Frog Beatdown Decks

Keep in mind that, into a Beatdown deck, Wetlands is much more important than into a OTK deck. Make sure you use 3, and at least one Terraforming. Not drawing Wetlands can be a huge problem.

Using Flip Flop Frog is also crucial, as you can easily clear the field every turn as long as he's not destroyed, and can also be a powerful beatstick with Wetlands.

Ancient Prophecy also added some great new support for low level water monsters including Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord to prevent your frogs from being destroyed by any means. This is particularly useful against Lightning Vortex, Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute. Also, Moray of Greed, while a powerful card, is skippable as it's better to use Pot of Avarice.

Since a combo of 2 Dupe Frogs or a Dupe Frog in defense position and a Substitoad essentially renders your opponents attacks completely useless, your main worry is monster destruction. It is therefore essential to include cards to negate this, such as the aforementioned Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord or Destruction Jammer from the Light of Destruction set.

If you want to incorporate Synchros, Junk Synchron works well as almost all frogs are level 2 or lower, but Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier is one of the best tuners for Frogs. Not only is he the strongest monster affected by Wetlands, he also has a powerful stalling effect. You can easily summon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier using Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier and a Mother Grizzly or two of any level two monster. Junk Warrior is probably the best synchro monster for a Frog deck to to his gaining the attack of every level 2 monster on the field which means Wetlands makes him incredibly strong if you have at least one frog on the field.

Finally, it should be noted that a Frog deck is excellent at quickly filling the field with monsters thanks to its ability to lock down the opponents attacks. This makes it an ideal deck to include some very powerful monsters, as you will be able to easily summon even monsters requiring three tributes.

Another potentially beneficial card would be Divine Dragon Aquabizarre, who can easily replenish your Wetlands supply with a simple Frog tribute.

Recommended Cards




Extra Deck

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