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Also known as:
  • Avan Tarklu
  • Bish
Race: Whifferdill
Home Planet: Xenon
Home Era: 82nd century
Appearances: Full List of Appearances
Actor: Robert Jezek
Not to be confused with John Frobisher.

Frobisher was one of the names of a Whifferdill who traveled with the the Doctor in his sixth and (briefly) seventh incarnations. Like others of his species he was a shapeshifter, but he generally preferred the form of a penguin. He was also good friends with fellow companion, Peri. Her departure from the TARDIS directly led to his own. Outside of his travels with the Doctor, he spent significant time as a private detective, initally under the name Avan Tarklu (a play on the phrase "haven't a clue") and as an apparently Human bartender named Bish. It was in this guise that Frobisher last met the Doctor — then in his eighth body — although neither recognized the other.




Early Life

He was once married to another Whifferdill named Francine. Francine left him for unknown reasons.

Travels with the Doctor

Living as Avan Tarklu, he came across the Doctor when Dogbolter placed a bounty on the Doctor. After infiltrating the Doctor's TARDIS, instead of turning the Doctor in for the money (even though the TARDIS interested Dogbolter more), Tarklu decided that he liked the Doctor and helped him to escape yet still get the bounty money which they split evenly. (DWM: The Shape Shifter)

He then joined the Doctor on his journeys. He assumed the name of Frobisher because he felt that it sounded British and thought that the Doctor would like that. At this point he also settled on the form of a penguin. He saved the Doctor from drowning in the sea by hoisting him onto a rock. (DWM: Voyager)

The Doctor eventually picked up Peri again after she had taken a break from him. (DWM: Time Bomb) From then on all three would travel together, though Frobisher would take breaks too. During one, he took on a case to investigate Arthur Gringax. (BFA: The Maltese Penguin)

After she had left the TARDIS, Frobisher and the Doctor would visit Peri Brown's descendants several times. (DWM:The Age of Chaos)

Following an adventure involving the Ice Warriors with the the Doctor, Frobisher decided to stay on the luxury planet A-Lux. (DWM: A Cold Day in Hell)

Life after the Doctor

Frobisher ran a bar later, having morphed into the form of a human. He met the the Doctor there but did not recognise him as he had regenerated since they both last met. He talked with the Doctor trying to find out why he looked so sad. When a robot called Zalda entered the bar, threatening to blow herself up, the Doctor convinced her out of it. Frobisher then called for drinks on the house. When everyone had left the bar apart from his wife Caralla who worked there had left, he morphed back into his penguin form. (DWM: Where Nobody Knows Your Name)

An image of Frobisher appears on one of the Knowsall screen displaying the Doctor's memories. (DWM: Thinktwice)

Other information


Frobisher's originally appeared as a pale yellow humanoid, three to four feet in height, with an egg-shaped featureless head, wearing spectacles. Inside the Doctor's TARDIS, he somehow managed to change into the time rotor of the TARDIS console. After Francine left him he adopted the form of a penguin as she had been fond of that shape. He did this to remember her. In order to pretend to have captured the Doctor, he assumed with shape, and later that of W.C. Fields. Traveling with the Doctor, Frobisher later adopted the shape of a penguin almost all of the time. (DWM: The Shape Shifter)

He temporarily took on the form of the Doctor once more in order to investigate a murder because, as he explained, "A penguin detective would be shocking."(BFA: The Maltese Penguin) On two occasions he morphed to extend his arms to perform strong punches. (DWM: The Shape Shifter/Frobisher's Story). Frobisher later developed Mono-Morphia, this prevented him from shape-changing for some time. (DWM: Genesis!)

He temporarily turned into a muscular barbarian-style Near-Human on the primitive planet Actinon. (DWM: War-Game)

Frobisher later morphed into the form of a big cat to combat a Kymbra Chimera. He then changed into a dinosaur. (DWM: Changes).

Frobisher stretched his penguin form to one similar to a hang-glider. He used this form to save Jamie McCrimmon. (DWM: The World Shapers) He used a similar form to rescue Professor Strut. (DWM: The Gift)

Relationship with Iris Wildthyme

The renegade Time Lady (who had a habit of claiming that various of the Doctor's adventures had happened to her, not him) once said that she traveled with a mouthy shape-shifter companion who liked to stay in the shape of a penguin. (EDA: The Scarlet Empress)


Frobisher is similar to the Doctor in the respect he make light of threatening situations, he also tends to make jokes at these and other inappropriate times. Despite this he becomes loyal and trustworthy to the Doctor. He has good knowledge of mechanics and other technological aspects.

Key Life Events

Behind the Scenes

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ST Expanded

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Frobisher was a male black and white cat that was owned by Captain Hilary Preston in the 2370s.

Frobisher was a spoiled creature who would often be found asleep on the couch nearest the door to Preston's ready room aboard the USS Tucker. Frobisher had took on a legendary status with the Tucker's crew and became regarded as an unofficial ship's mascot.

Captain Preston also found Frobisher to be an excellent asset in judging the character of a new visitor to her ship. If Frobisher hissed at any visitor, Preston knew she had to be cautious and would often develop a dislike for that person. When Captain Christopher Mackenzie of the USS Daedalus paid a visit to Preston's ready room in mid-2376, Frobisher hissed at him and scratched his leg. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Krotek Nor")

Frobisher was named after Frobisher, a shape-changing Whifferdill who prefers the form of a Penguin, and appeared in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strips in the 1980s.

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