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A Friend Card is a gameplay feature in the Communications Mode of Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Each card has a ghost player that reflects the card-bearer's own style of play. These ghost players can be battled and viewed even while in the Offline Lobby. They can also drop equipment and allows the player to Battlegen the accessories they are wearing, though this capability has to be bought in the PP Catalog. Players can also battlegen one color gem, which is shown under the listed play time of the Friend Card, over at the bottom right corner.

Friend Rewards are rewards that you acquire when someone you have exchanged Friend Cards with, has battled your ghost. These rewards can increase the maximum limit by purchasing the Friend Reward Boost in the PP Catalog.

Locked Cards are cards that cannot be deleted even if you reach the maximum number of Friend Cards, though Locked Cards have a maximum as well. To lock Friend Cards, simply select the Friend Card and choose the "Card Data: Locked" option, to unlock do the same except by choosing "Card Data: Unlocked".

The maximum number of Friend Cards is 46, of which up to 30 can be locked.



  • My Card: The Friend Card you give to others. It is always located at the bottom of the lobby.
  • Friend: Cards exchanged with the people you battle online.
  • Visitor: Cards held by the people you battled online. When you meet someone who bears the Visitor Card that you already have, these turn into Friend Cards.
  • Special: Cards gained through special circumstances, such as Mognet, Passwords, etc.

Friend Card Settings

To change or edit your Friend Card, go to Communications Mode and choose "Friend Card Settings". The icon you can choose is dependent on what icons you already have. The message that you can display has a limit of 75 characters, with each line holding 25. The ghost player you put in your Friend Card, as well as the character's Rank and Type changes depending on your in-game performance, you can also set what Equipment Set the character is going to use.

Special Cards


Moogle Cards

Name Acquired Ghost Character Behavior Rare Equipment/Accessory
Stiltzkin: 1 Through Mognet Exdeath (Lv. 45) Calm White Gem, White Drop
Stiltzkin: 2 Through Mognet Onion Knight (Lv. 45) Vicious Cyan Gem, Cyan Drop
Stiltzkin: 3 Through Mognet Cecil (Lv. 38) Survivor Blue Gem, Blue Drop
Stiltzkin: 4 Through Mognet Bartz (Lv. 31) Vicious Purple Gem, Purple Drop
Stiltzkin: 5 Through Mognet Golbez (Lv. 38) Survivor Green Gem, Green Drop, Cursed Blade
Stiltzkin: 6 Through Mognet Garland (Lv. 24) Valiant Yellow Gem, Yellow Drop
Stiltzkin: 7 Through Mognet Warrior of Light (Lv. 24) Tactician Orange Gem, Orange Drop
Stiltzkin: 8 Through Mognet Cloud of Darkness (Lv. 24) Cautious Red Gem, Red Drop

Password Cards

Name NA Password JP Password EU Password Ghost Character Behavior Rare Equipment/Accessory
Behemoth 827669534 PASS3SU433KA 951317857 The Emperor (Lv. 74) Tactician Cyan Gem, Wyvern Egg, Blade of the Damned
Yuffie 8672142937 PASS3CH3GC45 480037742 Cloud (Lv. 45) Vicious White Gem, Snowboard
Shantotto 4797837576 469J3ELEVENWS 449561760 Shantotto (Lv. 31) Tactician Blue Gem, Automaton Parts
Ahriman 1191170358 MAPE5REPE4T5 265961476 Cloud of Darkness (Lv. 52) Tactician Purple Gem, Gnomish Bread
Auron 1298228499 AK6ATR7ECD8N 3370559603 Jecht (Lv. 100) Valiant Blue Gem, Al Bhed Primer
Wakka 49326576 WRKA3KUMKRA 352988563 Tidus (Lv. 100) Cautious Blue Gem, Sphere
Vivi 3784227940 VTS3RAPLVKE3 702718560 Kuja (Lv. 100) Calm White Gem, Strategy Guide
Siegfried 20151231 FGR3ET5KKJC 2549612772 Kefka (Lv. 100) Tactician Cyan Gem, Tintinnabulum
Omega 49326576 6C6M6E6G6A6 168219487 Exdeath (Lv. 100) Cautious Purple Gem, Omega Badge
Fusoya 29432971 SF5AUS5WUJ39Y 29712943 Golbez (Lv. 100) Cautious Yellow Gem, Whisperweed
Ninja 2748173856 H4NA53NJRE9 4649011483 Onion Knight (Lv. 100) Valiant Green Gem, Noah's Lute
Matoya 3939258263 M8ATK2TCPAYA 184916360 Warrior of Light (Lv. 100) Survivor Purple Gem, Crystal Eye
Seifer 6764925796 SME4SA39SFAH 2647632918 Ultimecia (Lv. 100) Survivor Green Gem, GF Eden
Minwu 2015944102 MR3ZNNGXU72P 3737946622 Firion (Lv. 100) Vicious Yellow Gem, Wild Rose, Fire Book
Cait Sith 5237017057 P2KET4DTCW6 6043817259 Sephiroth (Lv. 66) Valiant Orange Gem, Shinra Card Key
Red Wing Ace 228451809 6A3K2A538TS 402756270 Cecil (Lv. 94) Calm Red Gem, Carnelian Signet
Gilgamesh 33906088 GU3RK3UG4AMP 2209321074 Bartz(Lv. 100) Calm Yellow Gem, Dragon Seal
Steiner 473897101 A3NASX6UXT7 956327204 Zidane(Lv. 100) Calm Green Gem, Chocograph, Excalibur II
Ultros 2193355016 8TA9CQQTAC 284892375 Terra(Lv. 100) Cautious Red Gem, Delicious Fish
Basch 7140337848 LAXBU6GRA4U 895419387 Gabranth(Lv. 100) Survivor Orange Gem, Nethicite
DeathMachine 651738986 CH4D9EN3A3TE3 947432766 Garland (Lv. 52) Vicious Cyan Gem, Warp Cube
Laguna 25315075 RJAGH5UE6NA7 551219378 Squall(Lv. 24) Vicious White Gem, Occult Fan, Machine Gun

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