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The entrance to the dungeon.

The Fremennik Slayer Dungeon is a dungeon located east of Rellekka, featuring monsters that can only be killed by those skilled in the Slayer skill. The monsters get progressively harder as the player goes deeper into the dungeon. It was released during the Slayer Skill update on 26 January 2005.



There are several ways to reach the dungeon:

  1. Players can set out from Rellekka and head east past the Golden Apple Tree.
  2. Players can get there via the Fairy rings. (Code: A-J-R). This is also a fast way to bank in Zanaris.
  3. The Eagle transport system gets the player a bit to the north of the dungeon.
  4. Players can travel south from the entrance to the underground city of Keldagrim.
  5. Players may use the Slayer ring teleport
  6. Players may use Teleport to House (if their house is in Rellekka)
  7. Players may use the portals inside one of the chambers on the lower floor of the Desert Slayer Dungeon (assuming that they have fought at least one of the bosses)
  8. Players with the Lunar Spellbook may use the Moonclan Teleport to teleport to Lunar Isle. Once on the island, the player (not in possession of the Seal of Passage) may then talk to anyone on the island to be teleported to Rellekka.
  9. Players may use enchanted Lyre to teleport south of the entrance to Fremennik provincen and then walk the rest of the way.


A map of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.


Note: Everything but the Kurask is unaggressive. Cannons cannot be used in this dungeon because the air in the tunnel is too humid.

This dungeon contains several slayer monsters, each with its own chamber.

  1. The first chamber contains eight Cave Crawlers (level 10 Slayer is required to kill them). This chamber also contains an Agility shortcut which, at level 81 Agility, can be used to enter the Pyrefiend area.
  2. The second chamber contains seven Rockslugs - level 20 Slayer and a Bag of salt are required to kill them.
  3. The third chamber contains seven Cockatrice. They require level 25 Slayer and a Mirror shield - without one, the player's stats (including Hitpoints) will be dangerously reduced. Furthermore, they commonly drop level 2 Clue Scrolls.
An Aquanite.
  1. The fourth chamber contains thirteen Pyrefiends which can be killed at level 30 Slayer. They attack with a magic-based melee attack; therefore, wearing dragonhide or other high magic defence armour would be wise. The Agility shortcut here requires level 81 Agility, and leads back to the first chamber. Like Cockatrice, these also drop level 2 Clue Scrolls.
  2. The fifth chamber contains eight Basilisks which require level 40 Slayer and a Mirror shield to kill. There is a small safe spot against the east wall, directly to the south of the rocks. From there, a player can safely attack any Basilisk to the north. Engaging with a southern Basilisk will allow them to reach the player. With level 62 Agility the player can use the agility shortcut to enter the Turoth (seventh) chamber. Also, upon entering this chamber, the music will change from The Slayer to Masquerade.
  3. The sixth chamber contains ten Jellies, which require level 52 Slayer to kill. As with Pyrefiends, their attack is magic-based melee, so wearing dragonhide is strongly recommended. All monsters beyond and including these can drop level 3 Clue Scrolls.
  4. The seventh chamber contains twelve Turoths, requiring level 55 Slayer to kill. They are immune to all attacks not dealt via a Leaf bladed spear, a Leaf-bladed sword, Broad arrows, Broad-tipped bolts or the Magic Dart spell. The Agility shortcut requires level 62 Agility and leads back to the Basilisk (fifth) chamber. There are no safespots; however, if using the spell magic dart here and they are attacked, they will not come up to you like most monsters. You can keep killing them and they will just wander around normally. It is recommended that you attack them from a distance when using Slayer Dart.
  5. The eighth chamber contains five Kurask. They require 70 Slayer to kill. Like Turoths, they are immune to all damage not dealt via a Leaf bladed spear, a Leaf-bladed sword, Broad arrows, Broad-tipped bolts, or the Magic Dart spell. These are the only aggressive monsters in this dungeon.
  6. The ninth and final chamber contains a number of Aquanites. They require level 78 Slayer to kill, and have the ability to turn off a player's protection prayer. They can drop an Amulet of ranging. Aquanites are not aggressive.

Most of the monsters in this dungeon each drop a part of the white/gold mystic robes set.


  • When examining the cave entrance from the outside, the game text reads, "Wow - it's a guinea pig! No, hang on, it's a cave."
  • The layout of the dungeon is backwards. One enters by walking east but then to progress through the caves, the player must go west.
  • You can see a portion of The Kendal's cave from the north side of the Cockatrice area.

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