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Freeze and Melt
Members No
Sound Yes
Requirements 2008 Christmas event
A player performing the Freeze emote.

The Freeze and Melt emote was released during the 2008 Christmas event and given out during the 2009 Christmas event. The emote is unlocked after talking to Jack Frost during the 2008 Christmas event and after talking to Santa Claus during the 2009 Christmas event. During the 2008 Christmas event, Jack Frost casts an attack similar to a water bolt, that forced the player to use the Freeze emote, unlocking the emote to use at your will. During the 2009 Christmas event, it is unlocked by talking to Santa Claus after he gets out of his cage. If it follows the tradition of all other holiday event emotes, you can unlock it by completing the Christmas event every year. You also unlock the Snowman Dance emote in conjunction with the Freeze emote.

Listen to audio.
Freeze and Melt (link)
Freeze and Melt emote sound effect


A player half frozen.
A completely frozen player.
A player in the monk's cage after being affected by the glitch.
  • There is a glitch where if a player tries to perform the Freeze emote near the end of the Zombie Hand emote (when the claw begins to swipe backwards), the player will remain standing while the block of ice forms, does its normal motion, and finally disappears.
  • There is a glitch that you could set a trap while performing the Freeze emote.
  • On the first day of release there was a glitch that you would see others perform freeze and melt without freezing.
  • There was a glitch that when you performed the emote the ice would extend up and out of view for the middle part of the emote.
  • If a player eats while performing the emote, the emote will continue to play, while the player stands still.
  • Talking to an NPC or following another player while performing the emote, will cause the player to turn around, including the ice.
  • The emote can be performed while under attack, but the emote will stop half way, and remove itself.
  • If the emote is performed while running, the player will stop running, and after the emote, continue running.
  • Entering the portal at clan wars, just after performing the emote, will cause the player to appear in the room, continuing to do the emote, instead of changing back.
  • Just after using a summoning scroll (After the flames have appeared), using the Freeze and melt emote, will cause your player to do the emote, but without the ice.
  • While safe ranging, using the emote just AFTER you have shot your arrow/bolt will cause the ice to animate, but you still stand and attack.
  • When you have done the Give Thanks emote and use the ice emote right after, the player will stand still but the ice will animate.
  • If you start the emote and throw a snowball in the middle of it, the emote will perform while you do the snowball-throw action.
  • At any time during the animation, you can study the lectern in a player owned house and the player will use it but the ice will remain.
  • If you go to a crowded area such as the Grand Exchange, it's possible to do the emote without the ice. This glitch can only be seen by others.
  • Using the Freeze emote in the Brimhaven Agility Arena, just before using any obstacle, will usually result in the player either doing the obstacle with the ice animating, or the player running fast over the obstacle.
  • In the Stealing Creation lobby, the player does the emote, but without the ice.
  • Go to Varrock Castle then climb the main staircase. Do the emote. Then, at the same time climb down the stairs(emote then climb). You will appear inside the Zamorak monk cage. This also works with Trick, Explore and Safety First. This glitch has not exactly been fixed, but for at least Safety First, when you appear in the cage, your character is then quickly teleported to the front of the stairs.
  • Not always everything is in the block of ice.
  • There was a glitch where if you use the emote then immediately after teleport with a spirit tree, you will stand up and do the spirit tree teleport with a block of ice at your feet. When you arrive at your destination, you will be underground, and finish the emote in the new location. *FIXED*
  • if a player performs this emote while running or walking, the ice animation will trigger, but the player will stand still without freezing or melting.
  • There is a glitch that when you do the Give Thanks emote, right after you change from turkey to human, while still in the emote click the freeze emote and you will be standing there with ice coming from the ground, melting and popping back up.
  • If a player were to use this emote then click on something they would appear as a patch of ice moving.
  • There was a fixed glitch that if you preformed the Freeze emote and quickly spun your candy cane from the 2009 Christmas event, you would spin your candy cane while standing and the emote would keep preforming. This worked for about a week after the 2009 Christmas event was released.
  • If a player proformes the emote while running the playere will not the freeze and melt with the ice
    A cape sticking out of the ice.
  • if you run and do the emote while still running then the player will stand still as but the emote will still activate
  • If a player uses the Penance master horn half way through the emote, it will make the ice disappear once the emote is finished the symbol(s) will appear.


  • This is one of six emotes with audio, along with the "Beckon" emote when used with a piece of the Builder's costume, Skillcape, Trick,Dramatic Point and Air Guitar.
  • The emote was originally called "Freeze" instead of "Freeze and Melt".
  • In the emote interface it is just called "Freeze".
  • A player can log out while doing the emote. Some players tend to make their logouts more exciting by doing the emote and then logging out when they are a puddle. Many players call this an 'epic logout'.
  • A player can equip or unequip items while performing the emote. Right after clicking the emote, quickly switch to a different outfit. It will look like the player magically switched outfits.
  • If a player is wearing a cape and you look at the back of the player while the emote is still running,you can see the cape outside of the ice.
  • If a player stood beside any staircase, performed the emote and clicked on 'climb up' or 'climb down' stairs anytime during the emote, the player would immediately appear on the floor he wished to go.
  • If a player walks while doing the "Freeze and Melt", the player will stand while the emote animates.
  • If a player is wearing a Helm of Neitiznot or Dharok's Platebody while performing the emote, the spikes on the shoulder of the Dharok's Platebdoy and left wing of the Helm of Neitiznot will stick out.
  • There is currently a glitch that has not yet been fixed; run somewhere far and perform the emote. Your player does not go down with the ice.

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