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"You'd best be frozen!"
Final Fantasy VI

Freeze is a recurring status effect from the series, usually associated with the Ice element. It can halt enemies from taking action, usually by afflicting them with Stop. Despite their similarities, there is no version of the Freeze spell that inflicts the Freeze status.



Celes frozen in Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy VI

Freeze is a status ailment similar to Stop. The character is encased in ice and cannot take any action at all. Normal spells and items cannot remove Freeze status, and it can only be cured by hitting the frozen character with some sort of Fire-type spell or attack.

Game Element Type Effect
Cold Dust Enemy Attack Inflicts Freeze.
Northern Cross Enemy Attack Inflicts Freeze on the party.

Final Fantasy IX

A Frozen character is encased in ice and will immediately be KOed if hit with a physical attack. The affected character will thaw out in time, and will be cured if a Fire-elemental spell is cast on him or her.

Game Element Type Effect
Frost Blue Magic Inflicts Freeze.
Cold Breath Enemy Attack Inflicts Freeze.
Devil's Candle Enemy Attack Inflicts Ice-elemental damage and Freeze.
Ice Brand Weapon Has Freeze as an Add-Status.
Ice Lance Weapon Has Freeze as an Add-Status.
Body Temp Auto-Ability Prevents Freeze and Heat.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Freeze is a status effect that makes it so that on your next turn the person effected by Freeze takes double damage from blue zones.

Cards that cause Freeze

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