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Freeze as it appears in Final Fantasy VII.

Freeze is a recurring Black Magic spell in the series. It is often the strongest Ice-elemental spell available in the games it appears in, and is acquired late in the game. Despite their similarities, there is no version of the Freeze spell that inflicts the Freeze status.




Final Fantasy V

In the Advance release, the Necromancer Job can learn Deep Freeze as a Dark Art. It does Ice damage to a single enemy and inflicts Stop for the cost of 38 MP.

Final Fantasy VI

Freeze is used by the Ice Dragon in the Advance remake when fought again in the Dragons' Den. It inflicts Stop on one party member.

Final Fantasy VII

Freeze is the first spell available on the Contain Materia. It inflicts heavy Ice damage and Stop on the enemy for the cost of 82 MP.

Final Fantasy XI

Freeze is a form of Ancient Magic of the Ice element. It is available only to Black Mages. As with all Ancient magic, it takes an extremely large amount of MP to case, takes a long time to cast, and does a massive amount of damage. Freeze then inflicts a weakness versus Fire on the target for a short period of time. There is also another form called Freeze II, which is available only via Merit points.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Freeze is the final form of Shantotto's Spirit Magic: Ice, and is cast when her Brave is above 6,000. It summons a large shard of ice above the opponent that slams them downwards.


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