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Current theories suggest that Freeport was founded on the remnants of a small Tier'Dal outpost at one end of the continent of Old Antonica. That outpost supposedly grew in size enough to become a small village named Weille. According to those same theories, Weille eventually came to be called Landing after Aataltaal encouraged it to grow and prosper. It was likely not until the Age of Turmoil that the city began to be known as Freeport.

The city is made up of a number of "villages" where various different races live; Big Bend, where Ogres and Trolls reside; Stonestair Byway, where you can find Erudites and Kerrans; Temple Street, littered with Gnomes and Ratonga; Beggar's Court is where Humans and Half Elves live; Longshadow Alley where only Dark Elves live; and finally, Scale Yard for Barbarians and Iksar.

Freeport - The Heart of Darkness
Map of Freeport


City Zones


Adjacent Zones



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Up to date as of February 01, 2010

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map marker: Freeport
leaders: O'Reilly
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Freeport, a town in the state of Illinois, was largely destroyed during the Great War. In 2197, raiders from a medium-sized encampment on the outskirts of Freeport kidnapped Charon. Charon is the Elder of the tribal village of Brahmin Wood, which recently allied with the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel. Cypher, a raider who was in fact the Brotherhood's informant, revealed where Charon was kept. A squad of Brotherhood initiates who have previously freed Brahmin Wood of raiders manage to rescue Charon, killing many unsuspecting raiders (including the camp leader, O'Reilly) in the process. Another prisioner, Ripley, from Great Bend, was also saved.


Mission walkthrough

chapter: 1
location: Freeport
given by: General Simon Barnaky
main objectives: Free Charon and escort him to safety.
optional objectives: Meet the informant.
Free Ripley.
previous: Brahmin Wood
next: Rock Falls

It would be wise to approach the mission objectives in Freeport as a stealth mission. Prioritize on having members that have a high Sneak skill rating for the best results. Do your best to observe any guards on patrol, and accomplish the smaller mission goals while under cover. Discovery by patrolling guards or allowing fleeing enemies to trigger the bullhorn alarm system at any point will lead to a complicated and overwhelming fight from multiple well-armed enemies.

Go south, and meet with the informant (a red-garbed raider) after you have safely and successfully cleared both sides of the dried river. This means that no further risk will endanger the informant while your squad members accomplish their tasks. Once the informant resumes his cover and leaves the meeting site, proceed to sneak to the nearby bullhorn and break it. Of course, it is advised to eliminate any patrolling guards and sentries in the process while maintaining cover.

Go all the way back to the starting position on the mission map. Destroy the alcohol still to the east, across the dried riverbed - this awards a significant amount of experience, and will maintain cover as long as the explosive oil drums are not targeted. Note that only a female character can easily fit through the ruined walls on the right side of the still. This will be useful to eliminate the raider stationed behind the sandbags with a well placed shotgun blast. From there, continue east.

Be cautious. It is strongly not advised to be haphazardly aggressive so that the other raiders will most likely still be sleeping, and unable to overwhelm your squad members with their superior numbers and weaponry. In the very northeastern area, send forward the team member with the best Sneak skill rating to break the other bullhorn nearby while maintaining cover. Now your member(s) may proceed to go from tent to tent with your weapons and eliminate all threats accordingly with little resistance. Talk with Charon just once. Talk to him again once all raiders have been eliminated.

Side quests

  • Free the other prisoner (Ripley): If you let her go, it raises your karma. Later, if you find her again, she will give you a bonus item. If you do not release her but still find her, you get a promotion from the Brotherhood as they can interrogate her.


  • Ripley can be later found dead on the first street in Great Bend having some books with her.
  • Sometimes during this level Charon when trying to escape and he may get stuck facing a wall.


There is a raider sleeping in the house near exit grid, you can try to pick the lock and kill the sleeping raider. Then have a good sniper placed behind sandbags in that house stealthed and in crouch. So now you did secure the alarm trigger just outside your vantage point. Setting an aggressive stance will cause that when those two patrolling raiders will approach the trigger, they will be shot. This way it is possible to prevent them activating the alarm setting all camp up. However, it isnt easy...

Appearances in games

Freeport appears only in Fallout Tactics

Fallout Tactics missions

This article uses material from the "Freeport" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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