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"Unspecialized fighters who can equip any armor or weapon"

The Freelancer, also known as Bare in the Anthology release, and Normal in the RPGe SNES translation, is the default job from Final Fantasy V that has no defining characteristics. It is the default class that the party starts with.


The main cast in their normal clothes.

The Freelancer job is just the characters in their regular clothing. Bartz wears a blue tunic with white sleeves and leggings and a pair of boots. Lenna wears an orange dress. Faris wears a blue tunic with a green mantle. Galuf wears long green coat and tan pants. Krile wears a blue dress.


  • Job Command - None
  • Innate Abilities - Every innate ability from every job you've mastered, except the Berserker's Berserk and Necromancer's Undead.
  • Equipment - Possible to equip everything.

What makes the Freelancer class special is the fact that it has every innate ability from every job you've mastered, as well as the stat bonuses, but not penalties (such as the boosted magic of a mage with none of the reduced strength). So while it starts off very weak at first, at the end of the game, you'll probably want to change your entire party back to the Freelancer job just before fighting Exdeath. Also, the Freelancer job class has the ability to equip everything in the game, making all the "Equip X" abilities rather useless. Finally, the Freelancer class has two ability slots instead of one.


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