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This is a subquest of Recipe for Disaster.

Official quest description: Evil Dave needs some kind of spicy stew. You will need Evil Dave's help for this one. He lives in his mother's basement in Edgeville...
Release date: 15 March 2006 (Update)
Start: Inspect Evil Dave.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium-Long
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
  • Wily cat, cat, kitten, or lazy cat. (Overgrown cats don't work as they do not hunt rats; also, a kitten is not recommended because the chance of them catching a rat is a low 5 percent compared to 80 percent for a normal cat.)
  • At least 9 bowls of stew. (Bring more to be on the safe side; maximum you will need is 12.)
Monsters to kill: None



Evil Dave's Dungeon.
Evil Dave
Inspect Evil Dave in the banquet hall in Lumbridge Castle. Gypsy Aris tells you to make a stew to free Evil Dave. She says that to learn the recipe you must find someone who has tasted the stew. She suggests you speak with Evil Dave, who lives in Edgeville, with his mother, in her basement.

Go to Edgeville. The house west of the bank is Evil Dave's mother's house. Talk to Doris, and ask her either question. Then, open the trapdoor and climb down. You will see that Evil Dave has gotten into summoning demons now. However, they are Hellrats, the weakest form of demon ever.

Speak with Evil Dave, and ask him what did he eat at the secret council meeting. He'll ask you why, and you tell him he's got to tell you because the magic requires it (it's the 4th option). He'll tell you "It was, like, this totally evil stew!" like the one his mother makes.

Climb the cellar stairs, and talk with Doris (Dave's mother) again. She will tell you Dave's Hellrats stole all of the spices. Climb back down the stairs, and with your cat, catch Hellrats. (After 7 to 10 catches, it will turn into a hellcat or hellkitten. It serves the same purpose as a regular cat, however. To change it back, talk to Doris or give it a bucket of milk.)

The hellrats drop ashes and a random spice. Collect a couple of four-dose shakers of each of the four spices. Much like you can combine potions, you can use 1-, 2-, or 3-dose shakers on each other to make a 4-dose spice shaker. Your cat may need to catch 25 or so hellrats to have enough of each spice (catching hellrats does, however, count toward obtaining a Cat training medal). Assuming you make no mistakes, collecting five doses of each spice will be enough, even if your stew requires three of every spice.

Now, get ready to use the spices to make your stew.



You have three ways to make the spicy stew:

First: Try 2 doses of red spice, 3 doses of yellow spice, 2 doses of orange spice, and 3 doses of brown spice.


2 doses of red spice, 3 doses of yellow spice, 1 dose of orange spice, and 3 doses of brown spice,


3 doses of red spice, 2 doeses of yellow spice, 2 doeses of orange spice, and 2 doses of brown spice


3 doses of red spice, 2 doses of yellow spice, 1 dose of orange spice, and 3 doses of brown spice.


1 dose of red spice, 2 doses of yellow spice, 2 doses of orange spice, and 1 dose of brown spice.

Some people might find they need 3 of each colour of spice!

Note: These strategies will not work for everyone.

Second: Go to QuestHelp on the RuneScape Web page (RuneScape homepage > Game Guide > QuestHelp) and unlock the spoiler, giving you exactly how many spices you need.

Note: to unlock all of the spices you need exactly on QuestHelp, it will cost you 3 quest points.

Third: Figure it out yourself.

  • This method is sort of like a game of Mastermind. The best strategy is to have lots of stew in your inventory (9 is the maximum you will need, barring mistakes). Have your cat catch hellrats to get spices. Spices can be red, yellow, brown, or orange, and may have from 1 to 4 doses per shaker caught. The perfect stew will have between 1 and 3 doses of each of the four spice colours.
Your cat has become a hellcat!
  • Figure out each colour separately. Use red as an example: Add one dose of red spice to your stew, and then ask Dave to eat it. If he says that one spice is right, stop and move on to the next colour. You know that you need 1 dose of red spice. If he says that no spices are right, add 2 doses of red spice to your next stew. If 2 doses are correct, stop and move on to the next colour. If no spices are right, the answer must be 3 doses. Do not try out 3 spices, because using this method, you now know red must be three. Move on to another colour—starting with a single dose of that colour—and repeat this process through all four colours.
  • Obtaining all the spices that you need may take up to two or even three hours!
  • If you get hopelessly stuck, you can go to the Runescape Main page, Quest Help, and get the spoiler for 3 quest points in total. It gives you the amount of spices you need to put into the stew.
  • If you run out of stew, use the canoes to travel to Lumbridge to make more or head east a small distance to the Grand Exchange and buy stew from players. However, you will not use more than two stews per colour using this strategy; thus, the maximum you will have to use is eight stews (plus the last one, which will be perfect).
  • After you figure how much of each colour to put in the stew, use that much of each colour on one stew. This will be the "totally evil!" stew.

Ask Dave to taste it. (Don't worry: If it's right, he won't eat the whole thing.)

Head back to Lumbridge Castle, and give the perfect stew to his earlier frozen self to protect him and to complete this subquest.


Recipe for Disaster (Evil Dave) Reward


  • If you ask her after inspecting Dave, Gypsy Aris will explain why Evil Dave is a member of the secret council: "The council is meant to include one dark wizard, but obviously the other members did not want to include anyone who was a real threat."
  • When you unlock the spoiler on QuestHelp, it will say that either Saradomin is helping an adventurer or Zamorak is helping with an evil stew, and you are thankful for whoever is telling you.

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