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Tomb of Freedon Nadd
General information

(Onderon locaton) 4,000 BBY[3]


(Dxun location) Arca Jeth[5]

"These smaller coffins must belong to Queen Amanoa and King Ommin, the dark-side rulers of Onderon! They are of no interest to me. That large one! That must be…"
"The Tomb of Freedon Nadd—my tomb!'"
―Exar Kun and Freedon Nadd's spirit Listen 

The Tomb of Freedon Nadd was the final resting place of Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd. The tomb was originally buried beneath the royal palace of Onderon's capital city Iziz and only contained Freedon Nadd's sarcophagus, which over time had become potent reservoir of dark side energy. Following the final defeat of the Freedon Nadd's worshipers in 3,998 BBY, Jedi Master Arca Jeth provisioned the construction of a new tomb on the nearby jungle moon Dxun to house Nadd's remains in an attempt to rid the planet of the taint of the dark side. Alongside the Dark Lord's sarcophagus were those of Onderon's recently deceased rulers, Queen Amanoa and her husband King Ommin.

In 3,997 BBY, Freedon Nadd's tomb was visited by the Dark Jedi Exar Kun, who penetrated its nearly-indestructible Mandalorian iron exterior in search of forbidden Sith secrets. The mausoleum remained unvisited for nearly the next forty years. The tomb was an influential location in 3,951 BBY during the Dark Wars, where a number of Sith forces were defeated by companions of the Jedi Exile. It was later found and explored by Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane, who discovered Freedon Nadd's Holocron inside.




Onderon tomb

"Those cursed Jedi will never find me here, heheheh…buried within the depths of the palace, with the Tomb of Freedon Nadd."
―Amanoa — (audio)Listen (file info)

The tomb of Freedon Nadd was originally located in an underground cave, deep in the catacombs under Queen Amanoa's Royal Palace of Iziz, Onderon's capital city. The cave was cold and dark, and only accessible by tunnels that Galia confessed to having no knowledge of. It radiated with the power of Sith magic. The original tomb only consisted of the Dark Lord's massive sarcophagus, which in turn housed his biological remains. The sarcophagus was made of heavy stone, and also covered with a heavy slab of stone. In the cave, Amanoa had the coffin propped up by unknown means. In reverence or worship, she would throw herself on the coffin or at its feet, while calling on the power of Freedon Nadd.[1]

The Tomb of Freedon Nadd.

Dxun tomb

"There. Is that the place you spoke of?"
"Yes! On the far side of that moon…that's where that accursed Jedi Master hid the tomb of Freedon Nadd.
―Exar Kun, and Nebo — (audio)Listen (file info)

Following the Freedon Nadd Uprising in 3,998 BBY, his tomb was moved to the nearby moon of Dxun by Arca Jeth immediately after the uprising was quelled. The new building was constructed of Mandalorian iron, making it nigh-impenetrable. The tomb also contained the sarcophagi of King Ommin and Queen Amanoa, which were much smaller in size and dark side potency than Nadd's own coffin. Over time the surrounding area became saturated with the dark side, so much so that vegetation ceased to grow and only vile creatures ventured close. These creatures were the native wildlife of Dxun, vicious predators who devoured anything in their path. Like its former location, the interior was cold and dark, attributed to the strong dark side power of Freedon Nadd's spirit.[5]


Beast Wars

"Freedon Nadd. for years I worshiped your name. For a lifetime I served the memory of your dark power. Now, in the name of my husband King Ommin, in the name of his ancestor Freedon Nadd, I call down the power of the dark side upon these foes!'"
―Queen Amanoa, invoking the power of Freedon Nadd — (audio)Listen (file info)
Amanoa, at the foot of Nadd's coffin.

In 4,000 BBY, when the forces of Iziz went to war against the combined might of the Jedi and Modon Kira's Beast Riders, Amanoa quietly sneaked away under her palace to Nadd's tomb, and drew fully on the power of the dark side focused in his remains. Chanting his name, Amanoa invoked Nadd's spirit and used its power to cause panic and terror amongst the armies of Beast Riders. However, when confronted by the light of Master Arca Jeth, the shadow of Nadd's spirit was driven from the tomb. Amanoa died, the shadow having been driven from her as well.[1]

To purge the dark side from Onderon permanently, Arca planned to relocate the sarcophagus along with Amanoa's coffin to Onderon's nearby moon, Dxun. He surmised that the moon's natural fauna would be more than sufficient in deterring any would-be grave robbers. But before the sarcophagi could be moved, they were stolen by the Dark Jedi Warb Null and his army of Naddists, who surprised the Jedi from below with a massive tunnel-boring war machine and confiscated the coffins, retreating with them into the tunnels underground. Master Arca and Ulic Qel-Droma, led by Queen Galia, followed the Naddists underground where they discovered Warb Null and King Ommin, who was alive and, much to their horror, in league with Freedon Nadd's spirit. Though Ommin was able to subdue and capture Arca with his Force lightning, the Jedi Master was eventually rescued by a team of Jedi Knights. Ommin was killed, and Nadd's spirit was finally removed from Onderon. Arca took the sarcophagi of King Ommin, Queen Amanoa, and Freedon Nadd, and finally moved them to Dxun. Building an actual mausoleum of Mandalorian iron, Arca sealed the tomb and placed it in a remote area of Dxun, to be hopefully left undisturbed.[2]

Post-Naddist Uprising

"Freedon Nadd was seduced by the dark side. He apprenticed himself to a Dark Lord of the Sith. After his death, his tomb became a focus of dark side energy, and so his power passed from generation to generation."
―Arca Jeth — (audio)Listen (file info)

In 3,997 BBY, it was discovered by Exar Kun who managed to break in after finally penetrating the wall with his lightsaber. Upon entering he was confronted by Freedon Nadd's ghost, who directed him to the scrolls hidden under his bones. The scrolls pointed Exar Kun to Korriban, where he would be reunited with Nadd, apprenticed to him and acquire tremendous Sith powers. After the second death of Freedon Nadd, his spirit was banished to Chaos, and the tomb would remain undisturbed for little more than thirty years.[1][4]

The Tomb of Freedon Nadd during the Second Battle of Onderon.

In 3,951 BBY it was critical to the outcome of the Second Battle of Onderon. While the Jedi Exile had to bolster the Royalists on Onderon, she put one of her companions in charge of an expedition to stop a sect of Sith loyal to Darth Nihilus. The Sith presence was tracked by Mandalorians under Kelborn, as Mandalore the Preserver was journeying with the Exile in a quest to reunite the scattered clans. The Jedi Master Kreia recognized a greater threat in what seemed to be merely a staging base, and counseled action against it. Three of the Exile's companions eradicated the Sith from the tomb of Freedon Nadd while a squadron of Mandalorian warriors led by Xarga took control of the base. Freedon Nadd's lightsaber was removed from his sarcophagus after the ritual the Sith were performing in the crypt was stopped and the threat to Onderon and the Republic was vanquished.[8]

About three thousand years later, Darth Bane traveled to Freedon Nadd's tomb in search of potential secrets for creating holocrons. Entering the tomb, Bane was displeased to learn that someone had been there before him, though he did not know how long ago. Disillusioned at first, he thought that his trip had been for nothing, until he happened upon an undisturbed chamber, sealed with thick slab of Mandalorian iron. At first Bane was not able to enter the room, but then he used the Dark Side to throw the door across the room. Then, he saw that the room held its own holocron. Bane soon learned that the holocron was not the only thing housed in that room. The secret chamber was infested with orbalisks, tiny crustacean-like creatures that feed on the power of the dark side. When Bane tried to remove the holocron, two of the orbalisks attached themselves to him, one to his chest and the other on his back. Lord Bane remained in the tomb for four days while he delved into its crystal lattices, after which he left the tomb and Dxun with the holocron as well.[6]

Behind the scenes

The tomb of Freedon Nadd was first introduced in the Dark Lords of the Sith story arc of the Tales of the Jedi series of comic books, published by Dark Horse Comics. The burial site would later be given a full treatment in the computer and video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, which serves as a key plot element within the game's storyline.

Facing the Sith Master and his two Dark Jedi, the Exile's companion in charge of the mission is recognized as Force-sensitive, and is offered the chance to embrace the dark side and the power that they were harnessing to control the beasts on Onderon and Dxun.[8]

If the leader of the expedition has training in the ways of the Force, he or she has a chance to acquire new powers in the tomb, drawing upon a pair of dark side energy nexuses that could be found in the tomb. The first nexus offers the power of Slow, while the second can grant the power of Affliction, provided neither power has yet been chosen by that character during level-up. Alternately, if the character chooses to control their emotions and successfully resists, a temporary bonus to strength and constitution stats can be earned.[8]


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