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Free Labor

Decide Marie's and The Pitt's fate
location: The Pitt
given by: Krenshaw
reward: 150 XP
Ashur's Power Armor
Booster Shot
Access to the Ammo Press
previous: Unsafe Working Conditions
related: Into the Pitt
Toys for Tots
base id: xx00108d
Free Labor

requirements: Complete Free Labor
gamerscore: 40
trophy type: Gold

Free Labor is a Fallout 3 quest and achievement that is added to the game in The Pitt add-on.




Retrieve your gear

As soon as you complete the three rounds in The Hole (see its page for detailed info on each round), Krenshaw arrives to tell you that you are free and that Ashur wishes to talk to you in Uptown. Then you are able to retrieve your equipment from the footlocker in the middle of the room and head to Ashur.

Speak to Ashur in Haven

  • This area has some significant plot-critical bugs associated with it, especially on the 360 version. Check the bugs section down below, and save the game before entering the Haven building.

Once there, Ashur asks you to kill Wernher because he's been rallying the slaves and a riot would result in meaningless death. If you pass a Speech challenge you can tell Ashur that you never met Wernher, or that you didn't like his looks. He will tell you about the cure and even ask you to speak with his wife to know more. Simply speaking honestly will also yield this result. After that you must decide either join him or refuse his offer. Here you can either decide to go and kill Wernher, kill Ashur or wait until he is called away and investigate Haven for the cure.


Siding with Ashur

Take care of Wernher

If you choose to leave the "cure" or kill Wernher (both have no effect on Karma if done correctly), slaves will be rioting all through The Pitt. Killing them will cause Karma loss, but they are easily avoided as most are equipped with Auto Axes or Steel Saws.

Wernher may be located by talking to Midea or reading any number of the notes located in her quarters (the Child at Heart perk gets her to admit the kidnapping was Wernher's idea and that she didn't think about what freedom would take). He is found in his hideout, accessed through a door in the Steelyard which was previously inaccessible. You can either ask Wernher to leave forever by passing a Speech check, using the Black Widow perk or killing him for no Karma loss if Wernher shoots first. If a Speech check is used to persuade Wernher to flee, the key to The Pitt Underground will be on the table with various scientific instruments. Because you have sided with Ashur the floodlight control computer in the underground will be gone and will lead to a deadend, as this is also what opens the door that leads to the Haven courtyard.


For a reward you gain access to the Ammo Press and are given a quest to collect and return Teddy Bears to Sandra. Also gives you access to continue collecting Steel Ingots for Everett, and the perk Booster Shot, which increases rad resistance by 10%. In addition you will still be able to use the merchants.

Siding with Wernher

Bring the cure to Wernher

To side with Wernher, you need to either kill Ashur directly or wait until he is called away and steal the cure. Either way, you will be attacked by Ashur's wife and the Raiders. After making your way out of Haven, you will then find a fight between slaves and raiders. Make your way back to Midea's Quarters, where she will ask you to show her the cure, revealing she knew it was a baby all along. She will give you a note telling you that Wernher has everything arranged and is waiting for you in his hideout inside the Steelyard. After you talk with him and hand over Marie, he will tell you that you must find the "Floodlight Control" and shut down the floodlights which are preventing the Trogs from attacking Uptown.

Shut off Uptown's floodlights

After you are done talking to Wernher, he will give you a Stealth Boy. If you have the Black Widow perk it is possible to get a few Stimpaks or ammo from Wernher. Leave Wernher's Hideout and go to the Underground entrance located at the opposite side of the tracks from the Supply Plant. Enter via a manhole at the very end of the train tracks, similar to the one in Paradise Falls (if you took the secret way when rescuing the children). Once inside there's around two dozen Trogs to fight, along with a Protectron which can be activated to help kill them.

Make your way to a terminal where you can shut off the floodlights. When you finish, exit near the entrance to the Haven's yard.

Deal with Ashur

Here you will be confronted by Lord Ashur and Sandra (if she survived her initial encounter with the player), who will quickly become hostile and attack you. You can kill Ashur and loot his body (he drops his unique Power Armor as well as the key to the Pitt Underground) or leave him to his fate: if you avoid fighting Ashur, a horde of Trogs will swarm the Haven courtyard and engage Ashur and any of his surviving Pitt Raiders in combat.

Siding First with Wernher then with Ashur

You can steal the baby without harming Sandra, kill the raiders, talk to Wernher and balk at the second part of his plan and decide to return the baby to Ashur. You must pass a speech check or you will have to kill Wernher. Ashur is upset, but ultimately accepts what happened. You have an option to ask him to free the slaves but there is no way to get him to agree.


If you decide to kill Ashur and return to Midea's house, you will find Wernher outside. He tells you that he will be reorganizing the city and that you should spread the word out of The Pitt in order to get more workers down in the Mill. He also tells you that you earned your share of the Ammo Press, and that if you want you can gather Steel Ingots and give them to the foreman in exchange for gear (a continuation of the Mill Worker quest), and the perk Booster Shot, which increases rad resistance.

As a reward, you gain access to the Ammo Press and are given a quest to collect and return Teddy Bears to Midea.

Since Ashur is dead, Wernher may make you the new leader of The Pitt. If he does, he will begin to call you boss. On selecting certain dialogue options with Wernher, he may not make you the new boss, his dialogue implying instead that he is the new boss of the Pitt. To ensure Wernher makes you the new leader, select the dialogue option "That leaves me as the new Lord of The Pitt."


  • If you need more space for your equipment after getting everything you want in The Pitt, just leave it in the footlocker until you drop some stuff off at your house or apartment. Your items that got taken from you will stay in the footlocker until you take them no matter how long the wait.
  • It's highly recommended to study the Uptown walkable ways BEFORE talking to Ashur. The place is practically a maze, and if you don't know what way you should go, you may take longer, and it will be a real mess between slaves and raiders. Using a Stealth Boy may help you to get through, or remember to bring Chinese stealth armor with you if you completed the "Operation Anchorage" DLC.
  • If you put on Ashur's armor, Wernher will comment on it the next time the two of you talk.
  • If the progression of the quest involves helping Ashur, the Computer that controls the Uptown Flood Lights will be removed from the Pitt Underground.
  • Completing Brand's Snitch quest does not affect which ending you can choose they both still work out the same.
  • The Mister Sandman perk can come in handy for clearing out raiders you find sleeping before the riot starts.
  • For some odd reason, even if you free the slaves, the slave NPCs' dialogue does not change, and act as if they were still under oppression by the raiders and still going to die soon or something.
  • After you turn off the flood lights as long as there are no enemies in range of you it is possible to fast travel to down town, and not have to worry about finding your way back especially if you're low on health and have no healing items.
  • When you kill Ashur and finish the Free Labor quest, the door to the Haven will be locked and no way to open it. (Confirmed)
  • It seems that there is only a very slim chance to pass the speech check with Ashur about not meeting Wernher, even with 100 speech skill (PC, 360 Confirmed).
  • After talking to Ashur and deciding on either taking the "cure" or not and have started but not completed "Big
    Trouble in Big Town" and If you still having Red and Shorty following you around before you enter they will apear in The Pitt with you at this. (Unkown if you don't have your gear or if you fail the speech check for not knowing Wernher or choosing another answer.)


  • If you enter Haven proper, triggering the dialogue between Krenshaw and Ashur (during which you cannot interact with either), and return to the Entry Hall before talking to Ashur, he cannot be talked to or pickpocketed when you return, and Krenshaw will never leave. Ashur will instead continue looking at Krenshaw as though the (now finished) dialogue is going on, with his legs twitching. This means you cannot take the baby, or hack the turret control computer. After attacking Ashur or Sandra you can kidnap the baby and the plot continues normally with the slaves' revolt (confirmed all platforms). If you run into this bug try the following in the console resetquest 0200108dsetstage 0200108d 10. This will reset the quest . If the previous ID cannot be found try 0100108d (confirmed PC fix).
  • Wernher may also randomly become hostile if you exit the Mill to return to the market to complete the quest. If you fight him he simply goes unconscious then regains full health and attacks you again. Instead run past him into Midea's room (sometimes he'll follow you in though) and then wait and go out again - by that time he should have killed all the Pitt bosses in the market and calmed down. (confirmed Xbox 360)
  • After leaving the Haven, during the raiders vs slaves event, bodies of fallen NPCs will randomly disappear. (confirmed Xbox 360, PS3)
  • In the north/east corner of The Pitt underground area after you walk down the ramp , where the frag mines, cones and toilet are, the game will occasionally lock up requiring you to restart the console. (confirmed Xbox 360)
  • If you have not previously killed Ashur after leaving the underground area he is waiting for you outside, After he attacks you, sometimes the game will lock up requiring you to restart the console. (confirmed Xbox 360)
  • If before going to Haven and talking to Ashur, you fast travel to the Train Yard, Wernher will be at the gate that leads to the bridge and his dialog will be as if you sided with Ashur. He will then go hostile. If you kill him the quest will tell you to return to Ashur. (confirmed Xbox 360)
  • Game can freeze often during Free Labor. Normally fixed by reboot or reload. (confirmed PS3)
  • After leaving haven, the entire uptown may be affected by a graphical glitch making it very hard to see anything unless the player faces east. (confirmed PS3 and xbox 360)
  • Not only Ashur, but Wernher and Midea also ignore the player in certain cases during the last part of the main questline. The biggest issue appears to be if the player refuses to take the baby after speaking with Ashur. In this case the quest is only completable by either murdering Wernher (not option to engage in dialogue) OR take the baby and fight the raiders and Ashur's wife Sandra. (confirmed PC)
  • When speaking with Wernher after kidnapping Maria, male PC may have a Black Widow dialog option to gain supplies for the following stage of the quest line if he has the Lady Killer perk.
  • Slaves turn invisible after coming out of Haven, having sided with Ashur,
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