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Frank Cole was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. His first posting was as the Flight controller of the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A). (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Frank Cole was born in the city of New Berlin on Luna, Earth's moon. Cole was not sure about what he wanted to do. His parents had both served in Starfleet but by the time he was born both had left Starfleet for civilian careers. They did not pressure him to join and left it up to him. He finally made a decision to join after a recruiter came to his high school and gave information on Starfleet and its mission. Cole felt that Starfleet had what he wanted in his life, adventure and a purpose.

Starfleet Academy

Cole joined the Academy in 2369 and choose the command branch, with a speciality in flight operations. He performed well in his course and this allowed him some leverage on where he would be sent on his first assignment. Cole turned down some more prominent positions to join the crew of the USS Swiftfire-A, including a position on one of the new Sovereign-class starships the USS Honorius. ("Change in Command")

He missed the ship's first mission as he was away from Earth celebrating his recent graduation from the Academy. ("Deployment")

Service on the Swiftfire-A

During the first few months of the Swiftfire's cruise Cole was very nervous about his performance on his first tour. This was eased by Lieutenant Karak, the Operations Manager. The experienced officer was station next to him on the bridge. Karak's Vulcan calmness helped settle him into his role as the primaryflight controller. Cole confidence gradually grew as time wore on.

Cole had an indifferent start to his life on the ship. During a simulated war game between the Starfleet Marines and the crew of the ship he accidentally nearly shot Captain Jonathan Masters when he was surprised by the appearance of attacking Marines. This event caused him some concern but the rest of the crew, including the captain, found this humorous. It earned him the nickname, "Jim" - which stands for Glad-You-Missed (G-Y-M = JIM). ("Deployment")

While on leave from the Swiftfire in mid-2374, Cole told the story to his friends while they were out on the town. This brought much amusement to his peers and he even admitted it was funny. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Cole did suffer a hit to his confidence after nearly been killed by Jem'Hadar who had boarded the ship in 2374. It is never easy for a young officer to face his mortality. Despite been under fire before it is a much different experience to face an adversary face to face in personal combat. It was a emotionally and mentally scarring event for Cole but with the help of the Ship's counsellor, Lieutenant Aimee Wessling, he faced his fears and learnt not to let them get the better of them. ("Q, Time and Again", "Change in Command")

Cole's piloting skills were put to the test when the Swiftfire was stranded behind enemy lines. With a severely damaged ship he managed to keep it fighting against the odds before it was rescued by Starfleet reinforcements. He was awarded a special commendation, the Helmsman's Award of Merit, for his conduct in this case. ("Change in Command", "For the Federation")

Ensign Cole also performed exceptionally against the Vendoth in the Badlands, one of the most trying environments for a ship's pilot to operate in. Also during the invasion of Chin'toka he showed great maturity during the intense battle and skill in his efforts to guide the ship through the Cardassian Orbital weapon platforms. ("The True", "Into the Fire")

The mission to Echla was the first first contact mission Cole had been part of. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

When the Vendoth attacked Earth in 2376 Cole had been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. ("United We Stand")


His new confidence in his work has also spread to his private life. With a bit of help from Commander Core Cole approached a fellow shipmate, Ensign Autumn Bailey, one of the ship's science officers from stellar cartography. The two soon formed a closer relationship and began dating. ("Regression", "No Rest for the Wicked", "Section 214C")

He has formed close friendships with Lieutenant Terri Letac and Karak. His friendship with Karak comes from the two officers working closely together and this is despite the fact Karak is around a hundred years older then Cole. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

His friendship with Letac is due to their similar ages and their junior ranks. He also formed a friendship with Lieutenant Wessling when she was transferred onboard. His friendship with the two young lieutenants goes as far as that he is comfortable going on double dates with them and Bailey. ("Section 214C")

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