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Francisca is a recurring weapon in the series. It is often a mid to high-ranked axe, but bears no special abilities other than its decently high Attack power. It is a common axe that is found throughout the Ivalice series.



Final Fantasy XI

The Fransisca is a high-level axe that increases ranged Attack/Accuracy, making it popular for Rangers. It is dropped by the crab NM "Aquarius."

Final Fantasy XII

Francisca is a high-ranked axe that requires 30 LP and the Axes & Hammers 4 license to wield. It costs 11,500 gil to buy, and provides 89 Attack and 9 Evade.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Francisca is the second strongest axe in the game, being bested by Golden Axe. It provides 24 Attack, and can be bought for 10 in Multiplayer Mode. It appears only in the War of the Lions version.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Francisca is a mid-ranked axe that provides 42 Attack, and teaches the War Cry ability for 300 AP to Vikings.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Francisca is a level 43 axe that provides +33 Attack and -2 Defense.

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