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Fran works for the crew of "The Alphabet Roadshow," a travelling reality series hosted by David Letterguy as seen in Sesame Street episode 4125. Her jobs include cueing the audience applause from a cassette player, and operating the slate clapperboard at the beginning of each take, which is filmed by Frankie.

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Fallout Tactics characters project
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race: Human
affiliation: Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel
role: Recruit
rank: Senior Knight
appearances: Fallout Tactics
SPECIAL: 5 ST, 7 PE, 5 EN, 4 CH, 6 IN, 9 AG, 5 LK
tag skills: Melee Weapons, Sneak, Lockpick
traits: Small Frame, Finesse
perks: Silent Death, Action Boy (2), Ghost, Light Step
level: 14
actor: None
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Fran is a recruit in Fallout Tactics.

Fran has learnt many things, living in the shadow of her brother, an Elder within the Brotherhood. She has learnt the value of discretion. She has learnt how grace can triumph over brawn. She has learnt that a swift stab in the back with a sharp knife solves most problems.


Fran appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Recruits of Fallout Tactics

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Final Fantasy

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From Final Fantasy Wiki

Japanese Name Fran
Kana フラン
Romaji Furan
Voice actor(s)
Rika Fukami
Voice actor(s)
Nicole Fantl
Age Unknown, at least 50
Height 187 cm (6' 1.5")
Race Viera
Home Eruyt Village
Quickenings Feral Strike
Whip Kick
Revenant Wings Job class Hunter
Revenant Wings
Gaze of the Void
Final Fantasy XII Character
"I have discarded Wood and village. I won my freedom. Yet my past had been cut away forever. No longer can my ears hear the Green Word. This…solitude, you want, Mjrn?"

Fran is a playable character in Final Fantasy XII. She is a Viera and is Balthier's partner aboard his airship, the Strahl. Fran is the only non-Hume character in the main cast. Her title is "Master of Weapons", as Viera are known for their extraordinary craftsmanship, grace, and intellect. Fran herself is also a skilled mechanic, being in charge of maintaining the Strahl.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Final Fantasy XII

Jote, Mjrn and Fran.

Fran has the most mysterious life out of all the characters in Final Fantasy XII. Being a Viera, she is reserved amongst people of other races, although not as much as others of her kind. All that is known is that she left Eruyt Village over 50 years ago to see Ivalice, so she has seen much of the world in this time. It is later revealed that Fran has two sisters: Jote and Mjrn. It is hinted that they are blood sisters, as Fran tells Mjrn that only one sister remains to her before Fran leaves the woods. It appears that Jote is the eldest of the three, whilst Mjrn is youngest, based on their behavior and positions in Eruyt Village.

Considering Fran's age, Fran could have met Balthier during any time in his life. It is never hinted about how long they have known each other, or if Fran even knows about Balthier's past. However, while they keep their relationship professional, there are times when it is hinted it could be more than that, especially in the sequel, where she states that Balthier's methods of wooing her were different from Tomaj's of flowers and gifts.

Fran's concept art.

Fran is first seen when Vaan is about to steal the Goddess' Magicite in the Royal Palace of Rabanastre. Balthier accompanies her while she is driving a hoverbike, which eventually crashes during their escape due to the Goddess' Magicite draining the bike's engines.

Like all Viera, Fran is sensitive to the anomaly known as mist. More than simply "sensing" it, she can feel it like a physical object. When the party was held by Judge Ghis, the mist from the Dawn Shard – the piece of nethicite Ashe received after the events in the Tomb of Raithwall – overwhelmed Fran with a burning sensation, causing her to go into a frenzy and attack all enemies with her bare hands. This never happens again, but whenever the party enters an area thick in mist, they always make sure to ask Fran if she's okay.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Fran as she appears in Revenant Wings.
"Mysterious and quiet, as viera are wont to be. Fran shares a bond of unshakeable trust with her fellow sky pirate and partner, Balthier."
FFXII: Revenant Wings' instruction booklet

Fran returns in Revenant Wings along with Balthier. She is more of a secondary character this time, mainly focusing on archery. Her skills vary, including different status inflicting ones to some white magic related spells like Dispelga. Her quickening Gaze of the Void removes all buffs on all enemies. It can be obtained by defeating Exodus.


Fran has low Magic and HP, her Vitality is the second-lowest after Basch, and her Strength is the second-lowest after Penelo. However, her MP is high, even though it is the lowest of the three female party members. Fran's beginning Licenses are also fairly close to several Quickening Licenses, which can boost her MP even more. Fran begins with the Licenses "Bows 1", "Bows 2", "Shields 1", "Light Armor 1", "Light Armor 2", "Heavy Armor 1", "White Magick 1", "Black Magick 1" and "Steal". She is equipped with a Shortbow, Onion Arrows, Headgear, and Chromed Leathers.

Final Fantasy XII

Level HP MP Strength Magic Vitality Speed
2 85-89 25-27 23 18 20 23
10 256-288 38-49 27 22 23 24
20 594-685 60-88 32 26 26 25
30 1029-1199 83-127 37 30 30 27
40 1440-1684 110-177 42 34 33 28
50 2097-2464 134-218 47 39 36 30
60 2677-3151 156-257 52 43 40 31
70 3005-3538 172-284 57 47 43 32
80 3385-3985 189-312 62 51 46 34
90 3902-4598 200-328 67 55 50 35
99 4486-5290 205-333 71 59 53 36

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Level Ability Description
- Blinding Arrow Inflict Blind on one foe.
- Sleep Arrow Inflict Sleep on one foe.
35 Silencing Arrow Inflict Silence on one foe.
37 Confusion Arrow Inflict Confusion on one foe.
41 Dispelga Remove buffs from all foes in range.
45 Barrage Deal ranged damage to one foe with successive shots.
50 Ward of the Wood Restore HP and remove debuffs from all allies in range.


Nicole Fantl as Fran
Image:FranVoice 1.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

In the English release of Final Fantasy XII, Fran is voiced by Nicole Fantl. In the Japanese release she is voiced by Rika Fukami, who also provided the voice of Sailor Venus in the Sailor Moon series.

Other Appearances

Itadaki Street Portable

Fran appears as a playable character in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable.


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Star Wars Fanon

Up to date as of February 04, 2010

The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

Fran was an Advanced Purge Trooper stationed aboard the Sarlacc Project's anchor station. Due to a computer virus, the droid had a female personality and believed itsdelf to be an Ensterite nanny. It regarded its Stormtrooper companions as its charge and protected them from any intruders. The droid spoke with a distinctive nasal twang.

Behind the scenes

While this droid did appear in the original Dawn of Defiance content, it was not given an individual personality nor designation. The further character details were developed as a joke off of the character of Fran Fine.


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