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Series: Torchwood - TV Stories
Series Number: Series 2
Story Number: 25
Enemy: Captain John Hart
Parasitic tumour
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: Jonathan Fox Bassett
Broadcast: 21st March 2008
Previous Story: Adrift
Following Story: Exit Wounds
"Déjà vu. Or did I say that already?"
John Hart



A booby-trapped building explodes and knocks the Torchwood team unconscious. As each team member's life flashes before their eyes, there are a series of flashbacks for all of the main characters (except Gwen); Captain Jack was initiated into a shocked Victorian Torchwood in 1899; Toshiko went on a daring mission to trade alien technology for her mother's life; Ianto wooed Jack with coffee and a flair for alien-catching; and Owen lost his normal life to an alien inside his fiancée's brain.

Ianto telling Jack he wants a job in Torchwood 21 months ago


The Torchwood team, minus Gwen, investigate a derelict building and are caught up in a trap as it explodes. The quartet experience flashbacks about their origins with the alien-fighting organisation.


Captain Jack Harkness (1,392 deaths earlier)

Captain Jack is picked up by the all-female Torchwood in Victorian times once they become aware of his immortality. They torture him in order to extract information about the Doctor, to no avail, but soon decide to enlist him as an agent. After many decades pass Jack discovers that one of his colleagues has murdered everyone else in the Hub because of his fear of the new Millennium and the horrors it may hold.

Toshiko Sato (5 years earlier)  

Toshiko joins Torchwood after Jack finds her in a top secret prison because she leaked information from her Ministry Of Defence job to a vicious gang holding her mother captive. Jack is impressed by her ability to assemble a sonic modulator despite flawed instructions and ensures she is released and given a pardon once she accepts the Torchwood job.

Ianto Jones (21 months earlier)

Ianto harasses Jack for a job following the demise of Torchwood One, where he initially worked. Helping Jack fight off a Weevil and repeatedly praising his coat doesn't work at first, but the pair successfully capture a pterodactyl together - with the help of some chocolate - and Ianto is enlisted.

Owen Harper (4 years earlier)  

Owen encounters Jack when he bursts into a hospital room during brain surgery on Owen's ailing fiancée Katie. He removes an alien from her brain and knocks out all the witnesses, including Owen. Katie immediately dies and Owen wakes up to discover a massive cover up. He encounters Jack when visiting Katie's grave and, after a fight, agrees to join Torchwood as a medic.

Back in the present, Gwen and Rhys help to pull everyone from the debris in the building. However, Jack receives a hologram message from Captain John in which he claims responsibility for the bombs and claims to have taken Jack's brother Gray captive.


Production crew

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  • It was Ianto who found the Torchwood Pteranodon with a rift monitor.
  • Jack died 1,392 times between meeting Torchwood and the explosion at the beginning of the episode, and at least 14 more times prior to the first Torchwood encounter. (This number will skyrocket astronomically during the events of the next episode, however.)
  • Jack took control of Torchwood 3 at the turn of the 21st century, after spending a hundred years with the organization.

Story Notes

  • The Doctor is named explicitly for the first time in the series.
  • Alex's last words to Jack are a variation of the "the 21st century is when everything changes..." monologue from the start of every Torchwood episode. Jack also uttered the phrase to the Doctor in Last of the Time Lords.


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Filming Locations

  • Caerwent Millitary Training Area

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • Jack is "killed" by the blast, Ianto gets at least a hand injury and head wound, and Tosh breaks her arm and some ribs, yet Owen - arguably the most fragile of the group and unable to heal - somehow manages to escape completely unscathed. Martha had said in an earlier episode that Owen can't bruise, and as was revealed by him cutting his hand open in Dead Man Walking, he doesn't bleed either. If one considers this and the fact that he can't feel pain and was wearing clothes that covered most of his body, he could have suffered considerable physical trauma and he and the viewer would not be aware of it. Also, it might just be a storytelling device -- irony. Also, the explosion was down to chance. Chance doesn't decide which person is most 'fragile.' Another thing is that he may be wearing some form of protection underneath his clothing in order to protect himself more than normal.
  • The depiction of UNIT as a rather malevolent organization that keeps human prisoners in stark conditions (including filthy cells with no beds) with no rights is at odds with the depiction of the organization in the 1968-89 episodes, as well as the later The Sontaran Strategem/The Poison Sky. Jack covers this by referring to the then-current (political/security) climate; UNIT's behaviour parallels real-world criticisms of the United States and others in the War on Terror era. Also, UNIT was never thoroughly profiled; it may have had a dark side, much as Torchwood did. This is also implied in dialogue when Martha Jones tells the Doctor she wants to change the organization from the inside out in The Sontaran Strategem. Also it is not known who is in charge of UNIT at this point in time as the relationship of former UNIT head Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart -- a more benevolent character -- have not been fully established; note, for example, UNIT's involvement with the world-destroying Osterhagen Key in Journey's End.
  • The killing of the Torchwood 3 team on Dec. 31, 1999 take place on the same day as the Eighth Doctor fought the Master in San Francisco, an incident punctuated by news coverage of unusual weather and other odd events. (DW: Doctor Who: the Movie) Yet there's no mention of this at Torchwood, an organization that should know. Time zones: midnight in the UK occurred many hours before midnight in San Francisco, and most of the odd weather and other events surrounding the Master's scheme did not manifest until only a few hours prior to the New Year in San Francisco. It's possible Torchwood would have been made aware of the events "off screen", though Jack would likely have been preoccupied with the murder of his team. Also, Torchwood One is still active at this point and would more likely have handled this issue. Plus Torchwood works for the British Empire and therefore would not go to America, unlike UNIT. At around the time Torchwood Three's members are killed, the Eighth Doctor would have only been meeting Grace Holloway for the first time, long before any major events transpired. The most that Torchwood would know at this point is that a man with two hearts had died in San Francisco, if that had even been reported.
  • The team think about how they came to join Torchwood while they are trapped. But how could Jack think back when he is apparently killed by the blast? Torchwood talks a lot about what happens after death; this could be one of the theories. It also could be that he has come back to life, but he has lost consciousness. In addition, it has not yet been established exactly what happens to Jack in the time between "death" and "resurrection". It's possible he's not fully dead, and therefore is capable of having some sort of dream. (It's simply a story-telling device. There's no confirmation that just because we are seeing these events on screen, they are each personally reflecting at that time as to how they joined Torchwood.)
  • When Jack enters the Hub, the Doctor's hand can be seen. How did Jack already have possession of the hand prior to the events of The Christmas Invasion? If I am right in assuming you mean in the flashback, Jack does not have the Doctor's hand. What is actually seen are two of the same type of chamber holding different things - when Gwen first joins Torchwood, she sees three of the chambers on the table. Euguene also comments on the face/head of a monster that sits behind the Doctor's hand, they are still present in series 2 after Jack has returned to the Hub without the doctor's hand.
  • Jack mentions meteors killing the dinosaurs. Earthshock seems to state that it was actually a spaceship. Jack probably didn't know this, he may not be 100 per cent accurate on actual Earth History bearing in kind he come from the distant future and that a spaceship wouldn't be on record as causing dinosaurs to become extinct.
  • Tosh's handcuffs disappear without explanation when she's first put in her cell. She may be good at picking locks and getting them off.


  • A Blowfish appears in a flashback; one last appeared in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. As it happens, while the Blowfish in this episode is murdered by a Torchwood agent while Jack watches, in the previous appearance it is Jack shown shooting one (although in defence of others, not as murder).
  • Captain John Hart is behind the bomb attack, he last appeared in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.
  • Gray is seen in a hologram, he was last seen (in a flashback as a child) in Adam.
  • The tarot card reading girl appears in a flashback, she was last seen in Dead Man Walking, except in the modern day. Here she predicts that "two turns of the century" will pass before Jack finally meets up with the Doctor again, an event that occurs in DW: Utopia. The nature of this girl, including why she appears in two different time periods, has yet to be revealed. One of her tarot cards includes an image of Jack.
  • When Jack begins to work with Torchwood, they know of the Doctor based on events in DW: Tooth and Claw.
  • The flashbacks showing Torchwood in the period 1890s-2000 depict its cold, manipulative ways as seen in DW: Army of Ghosts, et al. Jack mentions on several occasions how he wants to turn it into an organization that helps people; it is suggested that the cold-blooded killing of the blowfish by an early Torchwood operative might have been one of the inspirations for this.
  • Jack, upon meeting Ianto for the second time, references his girlfriend, Lisa Hallet; to which Ianto replies deceased.
  • UNIT is referenced, although it is depicted as a somewhat malevolent organization, in contrast to previous depictions in Doctor Who. Jack suggests it may be due to the current political climate of the day; a reference to the internment camp at Guantanimo Bay in DW: The Sontaran Strategem and a reference to a war in Iraq in TW: To the Last Man suggest an event or events similar to 9/11 and War on Terror occur in the Doctor Who/Torchwood universe.
  • The killing of the blowfish alien parallels Jack's killing of a similar creature in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (although in the latter case it wasn't cold-blooded).
  • The events surrounding Alex's killing of the Torchwood 3 team are current with the events surrounding the "birth" of the Eighth Doctor and his battle with the Master as seen in the 1996 telefilm.
  • Jack indicates that he was on Earth following the asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs. Unknown to Jack, however, the impact was actually caused by a freighter in a failed attempt by the Cybermen to change Earth history (DW: Earthshock)
  • First appearance of UNIT soldiers or a UNIT facility in the series. In fact, since UNIT's involvement in DW: Aliens of London/World War Three and The Christmas Invasion was in the background (mostly confined to verbal references), this is actually the first major appearance of the organization since 1989's Battlefield, as it predates the organization's return in The Sontaran Strategem.
  • Alex says "The 21st century Jack, everythings gonna change", this is a reference to the start of aliens getting involved in human life. The Torchwood premiere TW:Everything Changes is depiction to this factor when Captain Jack says "The 21st century is where everything changes, and you've got to be ready ".

DVD releases

  • This story, along with the rest of Torchwood Series 2, has been released in a complete series boxset.

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This article is about an item used in the minigame, Stealing Creation that are called "fragments" when collecting them. For the quest item obtained during Slug Menace, see Fragment. For the item used to reduce an Avatar's level in the minigame Soul Wars, see Soul Fragment.

Sacred clay is an item used in the Stealing Creation minigame. It comes in 5 different classes, labeled 1-5. It can only be used in the minigame, as it is the core material used to create all other items. The mystics in the respective bases bring back some of the Sacred clay and related items to Gielinor and exchange some of these items for rewards points earned by playing the minigame. The items brought back include armour and weapons as well as volatile and morphic tools.


Classes of clay

Icon Class Level Weight Examine
File:Clay class 1.png 1 1 0.1 Very low quality sacred clay.
File:Clay class 2.png 2 20 0.2 Low quality sacred clay
File:Saced_clay_3.PNG 3 40 0.3 Medium quality sacred clay.
File:Clay class 4.png 4 60 0.4 High quality sacred clay.
File:Clay 5.png 5 80 0.5 Very high quality sacred clay.

Gathering clay

It takes absolutely no skill levels to gather class 1 sacred clay. However, for each additional class, 20 skill levels in the appropriate skill are needed.

Clay is obtained from few sources which can be exploited with the help of different skills, and to gather it more effectively players may use tools related to each skill:

Using the clay

Main article: Creation kiln

This clay can be used with a creation kiln to craft items such as armour and pickaxes for use in the game, facilitating the gathering of better, higher class clay.


  • Gathering clay - 15 per class
  • Processing clay - 15 per class
  • Depositing clay - 15 per class

See also

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