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The Four Fiends are a group of recurring elemental monsters that appear as counterbalances to the elemental crystals.



Final Fantasy

Main article: Four Fiends (Final Fantasy)

The Four Fiends of the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind are all demons that serve the evil Chaos. Each are defeated by the Warriors of Light, only to be fought again in the final dungeon, the Chaos Shrine, before the final battle with Chaos. In the GBA version, the Four Fiends of Final Fantasy IV can be fought in the extra Soul of Chaos dungeon, Hellfire Chasm.


Final Fantasy IV

Cecil encounters the Four Fiends in the SNES version of the game.
Main article: Archfiends

The Four Archfiends or Four Fiends of the Elements play a major role in this game, as they act as checks on Golbez's power in the eyes of Zemus, and vice-versa. They are Scarmiglione of Earth, Cagnazzo of Water, Barbariccia of the Wind, and Rubicante of Fire. Cecil's group has to fight each one once, and then he must fight all four together near the end of the game inside the Giant of Babil. They can also be fought as a single entity called Geryon in the DS remake.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Four Archfiends of Final Fantasy IV return in the sequel, as do the original Four Fiends from the original Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy IX

The Four Fiends of the Elements are the Chaos Guardians of Terra, and are very similar to the Four Fiends found in the original Final Fantasy. They are found in each of the four shrines around Gaia. They are named Tiamat, Maliris, Kraken, and Lich. They also make an appearance as bosses in Memoria and enemies on the Crystal World.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Main article: Vile Four

The Vile Four are the servants of the Dark King and attack the resting place of the Crystals to drain their energy. They are named Flamerus Rex, Ice Golem, Dualhead Hydra, and Pazuzu. Although they are called the Vile Four in the original English version, the Japanese version calls them the Shitennō ("Four Heavenly Kings"), which is the same as the Japanese name of the Final Fantasy IV Archfiends.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Both the Four Fiends from the original game and the Archfiends from Final Fantasy IV appear in Dissidia as summons. The Four Fiends all have effects involving timers, and their effects occur when these reach zero, while the Archfiends' effects involve the opponent's summon, and they will act when the opponent summons his summon. Both groups share effects, which are Bravery value exchange, Bravery value reset, triple current Bravery and fix Bravery value.

The Four Fiends are also shown in portraits in the corners of the Chaos Shrine arena. The Archfiends have an equipment set named for them that gives the "Elemental Archfiend" combination.

Garland's four HP Attacks (Earthquake, Blaze, Tsunami and Cyclone), as well as the forms his sword takes, are based on the Four Fiends. The bonus sample voices that the player can unlock for Garland in the PP Catalog are of him speaking the names of the Four Fiends.

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