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In their free time, the inhabitants of Vault 101 engage in various activities.



In Vault 101, the tenth birthday is a milestone event for a young adult's life. This birthday marks the time when a resident leaves childhood and starts their life as a young adult in the Vault society. The birthday person is expected to contribute by working for the society which nourished them when they were a child. At the party, the birthday person is presented with a Pip-Boy 3000 by the Overseer.

At one of his birthdays in the 2260's, Wally Mack's father requested that the robot Andy perform magic tricks. After the magic tricks, the party removes to the Atrium where a game of Hunt the Mutant is played.

On July 13, 2268, the Lone Wanderer celebrates their tenth birthday in the Cafeteria. James, the father of the Lone Wanderer, hosts the party and Amata Almodovar, a friend of the Lone Wanderer, decorates the Cafeteria. The Cafeteria is decorated with balloons and a banner. At the party, there is a birthday cake and gifts for the Lone Wanderer. Overseer Alphonse Almodovar presents the Lone Wanderer with a Pip-Boy 3000A. If you sneak and follow the overseer when he leaves the cafe, and are succesfully hidden when he meets Officer Kendall upstairs, you will hear a rather insulting dialogue between the two. The overseer tells Kendall that the only reason he bothered to come to the party is because "Amata is friends with the brat (you)." Following tradition, on the next day, the Lone Wanderer receives his/her first work assignments.

Cake Bake-Off

The "Cake Bake-Off" is a competitive event. In this event, contestants bake cakes which are judged according to a select criteria. The winner is given a worthy prize. In some communities, this is an annual event. One such community is Vault 101.

On July 13, 2268, a notice on the bulletin board in the Cafeteria announces the annual cake bake-off. This year, the judges will only accept bundt cakes.

Founder's Day

The "Founder's Day" is a holiday on the Vault 101 calendar. This holiday commemorates the Overseer who founded and governed the Vault in the late 21st century. Two centuries later, Beatrice Armstrong, a Vault resident, honors the Founder by dedicating one of her older poems to him. Beatrice can't write a new poem as she had trouble finding a rhyming word with Overseer.

Hunt the Mutant

"Hunt the Mutant" is a child's game played in Vault 101. A player is selected as the Mutant and hides while other players hunt for them. When the player is found, the game restarts with another player as the Mutant.

At one of Wally Mack's birthday parties in the 2260's, this game is played in the Atrium. Wally later mentions this game at the Lone Wanderer's tenth birthday party on July 13, 2268. By mentioning this game, Wally is unfavorably comparing his party to the Lone Wanderer's party.


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This article is about the Republic holiday. You may be looking for the Hologram Fun World holiday.

Founder's Day was a holiday in the Galactic Republic, presumably to celebrate the Republic's establishment. Its celebration included reciting the Founder's Day Allegiance.

It was presumably also celebrated during the reign of Empire.


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