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A Forum Moderator posting on the official RuneScape forums.

A Forum Moderator is a player selected by Jagex to enforce the RuneScape Forums' rules. They have the power on the forums to lock & unlock threads, edit thread titles, hide/unhide threads & posts, move threads from one subforum to another, and finally they can temporarily ban users from the forums. Currently there are 283 of them [1].

Forum Moderators have a green background and green crown File:Fmod crown.png beside their name when they post on the forums. They have no powers in-game and do not receive any further benefits. Other types of moderators include Player Moderators and Jagex Moderators.


What is a Forum Moderator?

What is a Forum Moderator?

Q. What is a Forum Moderator?

A. A Forum Moderator is a player who has been hand-picked by Jagex staff to assist them on the Forums. They post on the message boards just like any other forum user, except that they have the added responsibility of using a set of tools to remove any inappropriate content that they happen to come across.

Their duties include:

  • Educating players about the Forum Code of Conduct.
  • Protecting players from inappropriate content.
  • Ensuring that all threads are in the correct Forum.
  • Advising players how to get the best out of the RuneScape Forums and Game.
  • Communicating regularly with Jagex Moderators and one another to ensure consistency.
  • Setting a positive example to other forum users through their posts.


  • Forum Mods have their own private forums for moderating related discussions.
  • Forum Mods can lock threads.
  • Forum Mods can hide threads.
  • Forum Mods can move threads.
  • Forum Mods can hide posts.
  • Forum Mods can edit titles.
  • Forum Mods can issue 24 hour forum mutes.
  • Forum Mods have ways of contacting Jmods.
  • Forum Mods can bypass the 2000 post limit if they need to moderate a thread.
  • Forum Mods have regular surgeries with Jmods.
  • Forum Mods forum mutes are reviewed by a Jmod.
  • Forum Mods can also say they have guidelines and procedures for what they do, but they can't mention the exact guidelines/procedures.


  • Recently, Forum Moderators have been issuing Forum 'mutes' instead of Forum 'bans.' Thus, the word 'mute' has replaced 'ban' because it sounds less intimidating.
  • When the official version of the forums were released, there were 40 active Player Moderators.
  • Forum Moderators were originally known as Player Moderators because current Player Moderators had not been created yet.
  • Forum Moderators do not have their green crown shown next to their username when they talk in game.
  • Free-to-play players can become Forum Moderators if they can post on the RuneScape Forums.

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