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Cover Artist - Simon Holub
Series: Doctor Who -
Big Finish Audio Dramas
Release Number: 115
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companions: Ace
Enemy: Neutralisation Robots
Mrs. Crisp
The Forge
Nobody No-One
Setting: Earth, Egypt
Earth, London, 1945
Earth, Antarctica
Writer: Mark Morris
Nick Scovell
Mark Michalowski
Steven Hall
Director: Ken Bentley
Music and Post Production: Richard Fox & Lauren Yason (False Gods and Order of Simplicity), Matthew Cochrane (Casualties of War), Steve Foxon (The War Lord)
Publisher: Big Finish
Release Date: November 2008
Format: 4 Individual Episodes on 2 CDs
Prod. Code: 7W/H
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-84435-324-8
Previous Story: Brotherhood of the Daleks
Following Story: The Raincloud Man


Publisher's Summary

Four, self-contained, 25-minute episodes, featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex.

1. False Gods by Mark Morris

In the blistering heat of the Egyptian desert Howard Carter and his team search for the lost tomb of Userhat, a servant of the god Amun. What they discover sheds new light on the history of the world as we know it.

2. Order of Simplicity by Nick Scovell

Dr. Verryman has devoted his life to the advancement of knowledge. When his experiments on a remote planet threaten the entire human race only the Doctor can help - if he puts his mind to it.

3. Casualties of War by Mark Michalowski

Opportunity knocks in postwar London. But when a tea leaf steals from the wrong woman it becomes a race against time to discover the truth. Only some truths are best left untold.

4. The Word Lord by Steven Hall

In a top secret military bunker deep beneath the Antarctic ice a mysterious death threatens peace negotiations and could spell disaster for the inhabitants of Earth. Can the Doctor cross the t's and dot the i's? Or will his efforts get lost in translation?


False Gods

Order of Simplicity

Casualties of War

The Word Lord


  • Jane is a Time Lord, a student.
  • Jane says the punishment for interference is vaporisation.
  • Claire Spencer has met the Doctor before, in her past but his future.
  • A Professor Caldera is mentioned by the Doctor and Dr Verryman.
  • The Doctor mentions (and describes) The Forge.


  • Star Wars and David Attenborough seem to still be famous in the 2020s.
  • McDonald's Happy Meals seems to still made in the 2020s.
  • Stephen Hawking is still known about in the 31st century. However, Dr. Verryman may think Ace is refering to another person called Stephen Hawking.
  • Hex is good at making tea, and doesn't like basements.
  • As the title suggests, this audio drama is made to celebrate Doctor Who's 45th birthday.

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • Hex doesen't know about VE Day, but he surely must, as he would have learnt about it in school in 2005. Perhaps Hex wasn't lying when he said he must've been off sick.
  • Jane is famillar with the word TARDIS, instead of the proper Gallifreyan name for time machines (T.T Machines, which simpily means Time Machine). Perhaps she learnt the word TARDIS from one of the Doctor's relatives.



Forty Five occurs after: The Dark Husband

Forty Five occurs before: The Magic Mousetrap

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  • Big Finish Forty Five page

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